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Masks with vitamin B6: pyridoxine as a pledge of beauty and health

Vitamin B6, pyridoxine or is thethe biologically active substance, which is necessary for the beauty and health of hair. His lack of in the body are often manifested loss of strands of slow growth and the appearance of seborrhea. If these facts are already taking place, an urgent need to enrich pyridoxine to bring curls in order. There are several methods of its application in the home environment, most often used for hair vitamin B6 as reinforcing agents, activator and their growth dandruff medication.


  • 1 Effect of vitamin B6 in the hair
  • 2 Signs of a lack of pyridoxine
  • 3 Reception pyridoxine inside
  • 4 masks with vitamin B6

Effect of vitamin B6 in the hair

The general pharmacological effects of pyridoxine -normalization of metabolism at the cellular level, which is in violation of the problems start with the health of the scalp. As a result of the correct application of vitamin B6 hair efficiency of these measures will be visible to the naked eye:

  • dry strands get the necessary nutrition as pyridoxine helps cells retain precious moisture inside;
  • hair will grow faster;
  • itchy scalp disappear as vitamin B6 has excellent soothing properties;
  • locks will be durable and strong, no longer fall;
  • dandruff disappears;
  • affecting the fat metabolism in the cells, pyridoxine helps to get rid of greasy hair greasy shine;
  • due to the normalization of metabolism, improves the power of roots, which will transform the appearance curls - they will become smooth, soft, voluminous and shiny.

These properties are also useful domesticMask with Vitamin B6 hair prepared from pharmaceutical preparations in the form of pyridoxine ampoules or tablets. Therefore, they are most often used to speed up hair growth, to strengthen them, against dandruff, for nutrition and regular maintenance of all types of locks. Before use, it is desirable to ensure that the body is indeed not enough pyridoxine, because an overdose is fraught with no less serious consequences.

Signs of a lack of pyridoxine

The fact that the hair suffer from a lack of vitamin B6, may indicate the following symptoms:

  • strands become dry, as a tow, and brittle;
  • the tips are cut;
  • increasing the number of dandruff;
  • scalp itches and itches;
  • hair stops growing;
  • whole strands remain on the comb and in the bath, on the cushions and seats.

That hair is the first signal of a lack ofvitamin B6 in the body. If you do not take any measures in the near future will have to be treated for dermatitis, seek funds from Zayed corners of the mouth and drink valerian, because pyridoxine flaw affects the nervous system. It is therefore important time to begin to nourish your hair from the inside and outside of vitamin B6.

Admission into the pyridoxine

Before cooking homemasks with vitamin B6 for the hair, it is worth to take care of the delivery of pyridoxine inside the body. You can do this in several ways. Firstly, it is necessary to enrich the diet products that contain the maximum amount of pyridoxine. It:

  • yeast;
  • meat: pork, chicken;
  • meat offal: liver, kidneys;
  • fish: mackerel, tuna, sardines;
  • grain: the bran, wheat germ, buckwheat, brown grain, millet;
  • vegetables: potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beans, horseradish, pumpkin, peppers, spinach, avocado;
  • berries: sea buckthorn;
  • nuts: walnuts, pine, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds;
  • syrup;
  • garlic;
  • fruits: bananas, pomegranates;
  • yolk;
  • seafood;
  • cottage cheese, milk.

these foods should be consumed daily forbeauty and health of hair, so as vitamin B6 is output during 7-9 hours from the body without being accumulated. Therefore, it is important to keep its reserves. If hair loss is too intense or dandruff number increases with each passing day, it is better to appeal to trichologist who can appoint reception pharmacy drug inside. When these problems can be assigned:

  • injection (pyridoxine hydrochloride) for 10 days (for one day);
  • tablets for 14 days (day 2).

Any of these dosage forms shouldtaken only in accordance with the doctor's prescription, and strictly according to instructions. Simultaneously, the feed can be further hair masks using liquid ampoules of pyridoxine. Such a complex effect is to give the finest results.

Masks with vitamin B6

The vials were called pyridoxine hydrochlorideThey are inexpensive, sold freely available in pharmacies and can be the basis for the treatment of domestic masks for hair, strengthening roots and accelerate their growth.

Apply vitamin cocktails of this typeIt recommended on dirty, dry head. Do not forget to hide the mask under a plastic cap and turban of a warm towel. Rinse-off products using restorative shampoo and any decoction of herbs (nettle, chamomile, burdock, birch, mint and others.). If the problem with hair loss is very serious, the mask can be done in a day. In other cases - not more than 2 times per week. The course of treatment should be at least 15 procedures, a prophylactic course - about 10 masks.

  • oil

In a water bath to bring to the table a warm state 2. l. cosmetic burdock oil. After that, add 1 vial of pyridoxine. Keep your head about two hours.

  • Nutritious

Beat homemade egg, mix it with 1table. l. Almond cosmetic oil. Add to the mix 1 ampoule of vitamins B6 and B12. Almond oil is replaced without loss in this recipe buckthorn or burdock. Keep your head at least an hour.

  • vitamin

In a water bath heat the 1 table. l. fresh honey. Mix together 1 ampoule of vitamins B6, B12, A and E, add them to the honey. Then pour in a mixture of 1 table. l. vegetable oil and fresh juice from the lemon. Vegetable oil is replaced at the request of olive, almond, castor or burdock.

Pyridoxine useful for hair and scalp -Currently, medicine is saved from a large number of problems that are not able to handle the remaining funds. Properly using it, you can become the owner of shiny, shiny, strong locks, stop hair loss, to accelerate growth and get rid of dandruff.