Hair care

Masks against hair breakage: the use of secrets

What misfortune not only lie in wait for our poorhair everywhere! care products filled with "chemistry", ultraviolet burns, heat treatment in a hot air gun dry, improper diet leads to vitamin deficiency, iron teeth of a comb and tight hairpins tear - as a result of all this is not just the hair starts to split and break. At the tip of the middle, in various places ... The saddest thing is that the missing part is not to restore, and the perfect hairstyle will be gone. If only to make a short cut. Another thing - to try to prevent this disease: a mask for brittle hair, which easily can prepare yourself at home, will be able to stop this process, and to heal the sick strands.


  • 1 Ingredients for masks against hair breakage
  • 2 Preparation and application for brittle hair masks
  • 3 Recipes for brittle hair masks

Ingredients for masks against hair breakage

Not every product can includetherapeutic and preventive mask for damaged, brittle hair. Restores, regenerating properties are just a few products, oil and herbs. If you set out to cure the sick strands or prevent undesirable process of calving, in your purse should always be a list of healthful ingredients. Of these, you will be cooking and homemade mask for brittle hair:

  • bacteria treatment fermented milk products (Curdled milk, whey, buttermilk, yogurt, sour milk) effectively restores damaged hair sites;
  • honey safely and gently heals the problem areas, it is used in the fight against brittle and thinning strands;
  • egg It nourishes the root follicles from which the nutrients penetrate the curls, it may save them from beriberi, which is often caused by brittle hair;
  • actively use in masks cosmetic oils, Virtually all of which have regenerative properties: burdock, almond, castor, olive, orange, etc .;
  • not lag behind them essential oils in this difficult matter: they also have a regenerating effect on damaged tissue; use in medical masks esters chamomile, geranium, rosewood, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lavender, orange, jasmine;
  • most useful in masks for brittle hair are medicinal herbs: Nettle, chamomile, burdock root, mother-and-stepmother, field horsetail, birch.

If your mask for dry hair is brittlebe a mix of these products, the treatment is guaranteed to be successful. The places in which the hair is broken, will be healed and will grow faster. Those hairs that were on the verge of breaking up, recover and remain unharmed. If you take care of the health of their curls and make a mask to prevent, you have nothing to be afraid of breakage and further damage to the hair. To obtain a maximum, it is advisable to follow a few basic rules for the use of such funds.

Preparation and application for brittle hair masks

To mask for fragile split ends is not calledallergic reaction and a number of other side effects, it is necessary to know how to apply them correctly, how to prepare to head this important procedure. Not to be arrogant knew everything, especially if you've never had to deal with domestic masks for hair. Be sure to keep in mind the basic and very important points in their preparation and apply them in practice. Only in this case, you are guaranteed an excellent restoring curls result.

  1. The first of their masks cook strictly by prescription: Experiments are allowed to put only after nabёte hand.
  2. Check the vehicle for the presence of allergens: rub their wrist and monitor the skin's reaction. The absence of itching, redness and other unpleasant sensations - permission to use a mask for its intended purpose.
  3. Curls must be clean, slightly damp.
  4. Massage with fingertips to quickly remedy rubbed into the hair roots and scalp, distributed over the strands, heavily processed ends.
  5. Long curls pinned up or twisted on top.
  6. On top of all of this is covered by a plastic cap (or ordinary plastic wrap), warm towel.
  7. Treatment time - about 30 minutes.
  8. Rinse with water with lemon, vinegar, broth of herbs.
  9. For treatment masks can be made twice a week for prophylaxis - 1 times.
  10. To fully restore brittle hair will need up to 15 treatments.

Prepared in accordance with the dataMask recommendations for very brittle hair will be very useful for those who wish to get rid of this scourge. But here lies the pitfall: if after treatment masks curls again you start to expose their daily stress, everything will return to normal. And there is no guarantee that the masks will save you every time. If you bring the strands until very deplorable state, will not help any cosmetics. Try less overdry them hairdryer, UV, dry air baths and saunas, eat well and use hair care natural remedies.

Recipes for brittle hair masks

Recipes are many, large choice experimentsshall be settled in the framework of a list of products that had been listed above. The recipes are given the approximate proportion of ingredients, focused on the average length of the hair, so adjust these figures independently. Your selected mask for thin brittle hair should you like to have one only for its composition, not to mention the results that it promises you.

  • kefir

Mix yogurt (3 table. L.) With yolk, warm burdock (1 table. L.).

  • Prostokvashnaya

Mix yogurt (cup) with egg, flour (1 table. L.).

  • Honey

Mix 1 tsp. l. warm honey, pre-warmed burdock oil, henna powder, 50 ml of brandy, egg yolk.

  • egg

Mix egg table 1. l. castor oil and burdock oil, 2 table. l. juice squeezed from a lemon.

  • Herbal

Mix 1 table. l. linden flowers and chamomile, nettle leaves, pour hot water (glass), leave for half an hour, strain, add 3 drops of oil of vitamins A and B1.

  • oil

Mix 15 ml of almond oil and 7 ml rosewood ether.

Prepared according to the recipe andrules against brittle hair mask will have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect, restore microdamages, stop the thinning process. These tools need to be sure to use those who expose their tresses permanent coloring, perm regularly makes daily dry strands hairdryer. The consequences of such stress for the hair can be corrected only domestic reducing mask.