Hair care

Masks of pink clay for unruly hair

Use of cosmetic clay petconditions for hair care today actually and quite fashionable. However, the matter is delicate, because you have to be able to correctly choose the color of the clay to the type of their curls. If you have thin, brittle, split strands that can not withstand attacks from the outside, safely opt for pink cosmetic clay, which is endowed by nature with excellent restoring properties. It is a mixture of red and white cosmetic clay, absorbed all their beneficial properties and is widely used today for the recovery of micro-strands and scalp treatment. Cosmetic pink hair clay differs minimum of contraindications and side effects.


  • Action 1 pink clay to the hair
  • 2 application rules
  • 3 Best Recipes masks

Action pink clay to the hair

All the beneficial properties of pink clay for hairdue to its natural chemical composition that it gives all without the rest to restore the damaged strands structure. That complex effects that this substance has on the hair, affecting various aspects of health of the scalp. Cosmetic clay pink:

  • It has disinfectant properties, which makes it useful for fungal diseases of the scalp (the same seborrhea, dandruff) and inflammation (with acne and irritation);
  • restores and stabilizes the metabolism in the cells which depend on the power and strengthening the roots - so pink clay is actively used and very effective against hair loss;
  • curls under the influence of masks with pink clay obtained extraordinary cheerfulness and energy for a few days: they look after them lavishly - shine, shine beautifully scattered over her shoulders;
  • nourishes the hair all the necessary trace elements (such as silicon);
  • It stops the aging process: activating cells in the production of collagen, making the strand more elastic, improves the color, which becomes bright and saturated;
  • It soothes the scalp, removing from it any kind of irritation and painful rashes, allergies or psoriasis dictated;
  • protects sensitive and delicate strands from external aggressors in the form of ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, heat treatment, hot hairdryer, etc .;
  • It activates hair growth, as it awakens to life stilled the hair follicles;
  • clears clogged sebaceous ducts, thereby normalizing the activity of sebaceous glands, improving the appearance and condition of all hair types;
  • Pink clay is often used for veryEffective peeling masks for scalp as sufficiently solid pieces of silicon in its composition capable of perfectly clean the scalp and do the strand from contamination from any source.

This complex and almost therapeutic effecton locks can have every kind of cosmetic clay. Therefore, it is necessary to make a mask for damaged, weak hair with pink clay. It does not just bring them in proper form outwardly, but inside and heal. The effectiveness of these agents is shown, if not after the first treatment, when used regularly, definitely. To achieve the desired results, you need perseverance, patience and adherence to a set of rules under which prepare hair masks of this unique natural material.

application rules

Cosmetic clay people use for a long time,so over time it was small, but very important secrets on the use of a particular color for the recovery of curls. Today, they are supported by scientific studies and recommendations trichologists, which are often used for the treatment of their patients hair is pink clay. What about it should know those who dare to restore the strands with its help?

  1. Indications for use of pink hair clayare sensitive skin of the head, all her diseases microdamages hair (section, brittle, thinning), their stunted growth, loss of varying intensity until alopecia.
  2. Contraindications: pustular rashes, open sores, recently imposed joints, injuries on the head, as well as the idiosyncrasy of pink clay.
  3. Prepare a mask out of it is very simple: the required number of clay (preferably "by eye") is filled with boiled water at room temperature and stirred until complete dissolution of lumps, until smooth watery consistency that is easy to fall on the strand, and will not get stuck in them.
  4. To enhance a particular property of pink clayor improve the quality of cosmetic masks in general, add to it a variety of ingredients: food products (eggs, honey, yogurt), and cosmetic oils, esters, grass. Pink clay - a versatile product and is easily combined with a variety of ingredients.
  5. Be sure to check how your skin will reacta new cosmetic product: smudge on his wrist, rinse after 20 minutes and the vote result. The absence of any adverse reactions - permission to use the mask directly to the destination.
  6. First of all, the mask with pink clay applied to theclean, slightly damp skin of the head, to the roots of their therapeutic effects spread further. On the hair such means can be applied, and can be limited only compress to the skin of the head - all this is decided on an individual basis.
  7. Wrap up your head plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect. For warming shook more and towel.
  8. Duration mask with pink clay for hair - about 30 minutes.
  9. Rinse with warm water, you can not necessarily with shampoo as pink clay itself has excellent cleansing properties.
  10. The frequency of application - 1 time in 10 days. The course of treatment - 10 masks. The break between them - at least 2 months.

Pink clay - one of the most popularamong other varieties of cosmetic clay. This is because it is very takes care of the most problematic scalp and restores damaged hair such that other cosmetic products simply can not afford. So if you have lost hope to fix their hair, perhaps pink clay will be your real salvation. Be sure to try to prepare and apply the mask with this unique treatment for their hair.

The best recipes of masks

In fact, recipes for hair masks out of clay a lot of pink. The choice will depend on the hair type and problem to be solved.

  • classical

Dilute pink clay boiled water at room temperature to a state of pulp and rub into the hair roots.

  • Anti-stress

Pink clay (one full tablespoon)dissolve in boiled water at room temperature (three tablespoons), add cosmetic jojoba oil, warmed in a water bath (one teaspoon), essential oils of rose, chamomile (to 3 drops of both).

  • For normal hair

Pink clay (one full tablespoon)mixed with white (one teaspoon), diluted in boiled water at room temperature (three or four tablespoons), add pearl powder (one teaspoon incomplete).

  • For dry hair

Pink clay (three tablespoons) to dilute the milk to room temperature (three tablespoons), add liquid, natural, warm, pre-heated for a couple of honey (one teaspoon).

  • peeling mask

Mix pink clay (one full tablespoon) fresh lemon juice (one teaspoon), add the rosemary essential oil (5 drops).

  • For greasy hair

Dilute pink clay (one full tablespoon) in boiled water at room temperature (three tablespoons), add one raw egg whites, whipped into a foam.

  • Mask for hair elasticity

Pink clay (one full tablespoon)dissolve in boiled water at room temperature (three tablespoons). The heated in a water bath-house glycerin (one teaspoon) add essential oils of neroli (one drop), blue chamomile (one drop), sweet orange (two drops). Mix all ingredients.

If a selection of recipes problems have arisen,make no mistake: hair mask of pink clay will provide tresses and scalp care, appropriate care. The more regularly use it, the higher quality and more natural products are included in its composition, the desired result can be achieved in the end.