Hair care

Masks for hair volume: little secrets home cosmetology

Thick, lush, voluminous hair - the dream of anywomen: one you can make a nice haircut, they will look chic in the form of promiscuity. Unfortunately, not all have such a welcome advantage. Someone strands by nature thin and liquid, some tortured own curls Hairdressing procedures are removed from the layer by layer. And some just do not care for them properly. That accounts for the fair half of mankind sleep in curlers, pernicious do perm, spoil locks hairdryers and curling irons. More and more women are wonders how to give your hair volume with minimal disruption to their health and beauty, without the help of professionals.


  • 1 Step 1: We provide the necessary care
  • 2 Step 2: Make a correct folding

Step 1 provides the necessary care

Some very active and zealous for beautyfive times a day fluff hair root hair dryer, curling twist them, but after half an hour from the artificially induced so that the volume does not remain a trace, even if you use the best brand styling mousses and varnishes. By day's end strands are salted, inflicted by means of stick together and become hard. Why, in most cases there is still that way? The case - in the inner health of the hair, which affects their appearance. If the locks from the inside will be strong, strong, protected, they will be able to keep the amount that they give. If they are exhausted and vitamin deficiency suffer from inadequate care, no funds from the most fantastic world producers will not make them really thick and voluminous. How to care for them?

  • Choose a line of cosmetic products

> First of all, all the means that you use should match your hair type. If the shampoo for oily strands wash dry, they will never become voluminous.

> Secondly, the whole line must be from the sameseries, from a single manufacturer. If you use herbal shampoo, then rinse hair balm with collagen, and then apply them on the basis of serum air conditioning, this mix will become a real stress on the strands. Result - thinning, brittleness, premature extinction and loss.

> Third, the shopping center and evenspecialty shop - not a place to purchase quality assets to increase hair volume. Train yourself to think that the only pharmaceutical drugs can help you cope with this problem. They are aimed at deep and not superficial impact.

> Fourth, on the media must mean that they are created just to give hair volume.

  • Regularly make homemade mask

How to spend money at the store, very expensive maskhair, try to cook them at home. All of them are perfectly nourish the strands inside, moisturize, strengthen the roots and promote faster hair growth. Healthy curls - this additional volume and density, which can be held on the strands. For their preparation, use foods (eggs, milk, brandy, honey), cosmetic oil (burdock, castor, almond, jojoba), herbs (calendula, birch, lavender, burdock root, oak bark, hop cones). All of them are stable and give a stunning effect.

  • Healthy food

One of the most frequent causes of thin, lostthe volume of hair - the lack of nutrients. If the situation started, conventional mask will not be enough, because their action is not as deep as required. Condition the hair depends on diet. If you want to achieve the desired volume for your hair, it is necessary to drastically reduce the amount of fast food eaten, smoked, fat, and alcohol drunk. But the need to include in the daily menu of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, protein foods (milk, fish, meat).

  • Personal Styling

Without styling volume even for healthyHair is quite difficult to achieve. Yes, they have to use, no matter how harmful they are. But if curls healthy and well maintained, proper application of the remedies will bring the results with a minimum of losses. The only rule - as much as possible to use them as little as possible. Make curly hair: of course, perming not an option, but it is possible to resort to the occasional foam rollers and Velcro curlers, hair dryers that after treatment will transform your hairstyle in a fluffy and voluminous cloud. Lighten several shades: dark curls rarely look thick and voluminous.

If we take these recommendations into account,try to strictly follow them, can make hair thick and voluminous, without resorting to drastic measures in the form of salon treatments and medications. And the result will be dictated by the healthy condition of the hair from the inside. If you become a hostage situation, when my hair to do a luxury as soon as possible, and there are little tricks to correct the situation.

Step 2. Making the correct folding

To make the volume dim, hanging lifelesslystrands in the home for a short time to help blow. It is visually lifts the hair from the roots, thus creating the effect of splendor and density. However, it should be able to make such a special installation.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo that gives the volume and using the appropriate balm rinse.
  2. On the slightly damp strands - or rather, their basal part, evenly apply a mousse for volume, proportioning: for short need one ball the size of a tangerine, for long - 2 or 3 balls.
  3. Dry hairdryer curls, whose power mustbe no less than 1600 watts. To this end, a head lower down, pull the strands perpendicular to the roots and send warm air in this area. So treat the entire head while the strands do not become completely dry.
  4. Ceramic brush round shape pull the hair ends.
  5. The last stage - the application of the fixing varnish. To him - only two requirements: it must be in the line of professional agents and it should not be much.

If you have mastered these simple, some simple lessons,begin to adhere to these recommendations and set a goal - to give your hair a rich, luxurious volume, to make them as thick, you certainly will succeed. Rare, thin strands - not so intractable a problem as it might seem at first glance.