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Masks for hair shine: the best recipes

It looks beautiful when the hair playglare under artificial or sunlight, shine, shine your delight. Always a feeling that these locks is certainly healthy, do not fall and do not suffer from split ends. They look uniform, flat, smooth canvas, it is like a shield to reflect the light rays and glare. Beautiful, fascinating, exciting. However, to achieve this effect is not obtained at all, and then only for one day, after washing the hair or after hairdressing screening procedures or lamination.

To extend the glow stage its strands and not to torment their chemical solutions in hairdressing, you just need to know how to make homemade hair masks shine on special recipes.


  • 1 The effectiveness of masks for hair shine
  • 2 Rules for preparing shiny hair masks
  • 3 Recipes for hair shine masks

The effectiveness of masks for hair shine

The structure of such masks to shine includedfood and cosmetic oils, which simultaneously have two functions - smooth themselves strands and saturated color curls. How does this happen? Why is the regular use of their hair starts to shine and shine? The effect of these home remedies is reduced to the following processes.

  • Since every hair is composed of manydifferent scales, most often they puff up, superimposed on each other, and are uneven. It is clear that they may not reflect the streams of light pouring on them, and thus in a position - and shine either. Active ingredients to shine smooth masks, these scales so that they fit snugly together. The result - not only brilliant, but also perfectly smooth cascade of shining hair.
  • The structure of masks for hair shine containing substances,which actively affect pigmentation, making it much richer. Moreover, this unique property applies to any curls - both painted and traditional. When the color is bright, it perfectly reflects the sun's rays, plays a fantastic highlights - respectively, beautiful hair starts to shine

So "works" every home mask shinehair that can be easily prepared by yourself without spending a lot of time and procedure of funds. The results will not be worse than the salon after lamination / screening, but will save money and be assured of their safety and health of the hair, which is not treated with chemical solutions. In applying such masks are simple: the technology of their preparation is almost no different from hundreds of other household masks.

Terms of preparation for shiny hair masks

Despite the general preparation technologyvirtually all masks, each of them has specific nuances, which enhance its effectiveness. It is no exception and the funds. If you know the tricks of their home use, it is possible to extend the glow of curls for a longer time and make them even more saturated color, and therefore - glowing. We learn how it can be done.

  1. Start with what is right pick up linecleaning products for your hair shine and otherwise mask without such support will be less effective. Shampoos and conditioners (to apply in this case required) must be labeled "to shine", "to shine", "for saturated colors," or "to smooth".
  2. Limit at any time using a hair dryer, curling irons, ironing, forceps and other termoinstrumentami for hair care.
  3. Do not wash your hair with hot water: just warm.
  4. Masks for hair shine whisk mixer or blender.
  5. Cosmetic oil and honey warm the couple.
  6. Test prepared by means of the presence of allergens, brushing the inside of their wrist.
  7. Masks for hair shine is rarely applied to the roots: the processed only strands themselves.
  8. This kind of home screening usually lasts about an hour: some masks sufficient dwell time and can make a half-hour.
  9. It is important to wash off the mask to shineHair: all blonde and fair-haired beauties just need to make sure it is using chamomile broth, all brunettes, brown hair and a dark-haired girl - a decoction of nettle or oak bark.
  10. Excellent will be if, after rinsing the hair dry out in the sun.
  11. The frequency of these procedures depends onas holding a mask effect to shine: a long time - so once a week will be enough to quickly disappear - try to do them more often 2 times a week, or just change the composition to another.

As you can see, nothing complicated in cookingPets mask hair shine there. Adhere to these recommendations, be attentive, give regularity of such procedures - and in a very short time on your hair shining cascade will not be able to tear admiring gaze. Especially carefully select the recipes, which largely depends on the result of the mask for hair shine.

Recipes to shine masks

Not all have such homemade maskeffect - to make hair shiny, shiny. These should include products such as chamomile (for blondes), coffee and nettles (for brunettes), eggs, honey, glycerin, olive oil or any cosmetic oil, gelatin and others. All of them are saturated with color curls and make it smooth - two terms of gloss and shine strands. If any of the mask does not work, be sure to try a few more recipes because in this case everything is very individual: one does not become an effective part - but the other will be most effective.

  • For blondes

60 g of dried chamomile flowers pour 400 ml of boiling water. Under the hood, leave for an hour, drain. Rinse the broth hair, do not rinse, dry naturally.

  • For brunettes

40 grams of natural coffee brew 400 ml of boiling water. An hour later, drain, rinse your hair in the resulting coffee beverage in an hour, you can rinse hair decoction of nettle.

  • Brandy-egg

60 ml of brandy mixed with raw egg, beaten.

  • Since glycerin

The crude yolk, 30 ml of castor oil, 10 ml of vinegar, 10 mg glycerol mix, put on hour.

  • Honey

30 ml honey, 30 ml of olive oil, 30 ml onion juice without meal whip, put on half an hour.

  • oil

Burdock oil 15 ml 15 ml brandy, 30 ml of aloe juice, 15 ml of honey mix, add the oil solution of retinol (vitamin A) 10 ml.

  • gelatine

30 g of gelatin pour 60 ml of cold water and leave for 20 minutes, warmed to dissolve a couple of lumps. Add 15 ml of vegetable oil (crude).

Masks for hair shine, prepared according torecipes at home, obtained a very efficient, effective. The results will be pleased with not only the owner of the cascade of brilliant shining curls, and others, as well as the hair will be to attract not only sunlight but also admiring glances your relatives, friends, acquaintances and even just passers-by.