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Mask for hair growth with mustard: recipes for beauty

Mustard maskYou can help mask for hair growthmustard, and how to prepare it to find This natural remedy as mustard will help you to eliminate such problems as hair loss, except that it will make them more shiny and strong. You have problems with hair growth, or just want to have obedient and well-groomed hair?

Since ancient times it is known that the mustardused in hair care, so that your hair will get a natural shine, great strength, no longer fall out, grow faster, become strong and healthy.

In cosmetology mustard powder overmany tens of years is used as the main ingredient for making masks. Thanks to the beneficial properties of this plant, which are inherent to the plant, to the bulb of the hair is enhanced blood flow, resulting in stimulated hair growth, as well as regulated by the sebaceous glands. Women who used masks made with the addition of mustard, noted the efficiency of their use - improved hair condition, accelerated their growth, There is a natural shine.

Mask for hair growth with mustard - are preparing themselves

Despite the large number of useful propertiespowder of this plant should be very careful when using it, because if used improperly, masks, you can dry up the scalp, which is why dandruff occurs, and the hair becomes brittle.

If you have sensitive skin of the head, thenBe very careful with the use of masks. To do this, hold a special test before actually applying the mask, mix the mustard powder with water and apply the resulting mass in the skin of his hand. If you feel a slight burning sensation, then it is a normal reaction, if this area is strongly reddened and itchy, then you need to refrain from the use of such a mask.

  • Mask for hair growth with mustard and sugar.

This mask is prepared very easily and quickly,thanks to it you will strengthen your hair and enhance their growth. To make it an effective tool you need a fresh egg yolk, 30 grams of sugar, the same amount of vegetable oil and a small amount of mustard powder.

Spread the mustard powder with water, after which theadd the egg yolk, sugar and oil. Optionally, you can increase the amount of sugar in this recipe, because the more sugar in the mask, the more it will burn the skin of your head. Mask with sugar and mustard strengthens the hair structure, accelerate their growth, making them stronger and more resilient.

mustard mask for hair

  • Mask for hair growth with mustard and dairy products.

The composition of this effective tool include: one spoon of mustard, fresh egg, two tablespoons of yogurt. Mix all these ingredients, then it is necessary to rub this mixture into the skin of his head. His head top cover with foil and then Insulate your head with a towel. Fifteen minutes later, the mask can be washed off with shampoo. To achieve such significant results mask needs to be done several times during the week.

  • Mask with mustard and aloe juice.

Take one teaspoon of dry mustard, mix it withone spoon of cognac, a spoon of fresh aloe juice and a few tablespoons of cream. Add the cooked mixture of a few egg yolks, all mix well and apply on your hair dirty. The mask should be thoroughly rubbed into the skin of his head.

Hair on top cover with foil and then put on top of warming cap. Soak the tool on your hair for 28 minutes and then just rinse.

  • Mask for hair growth with mustard and yeast.

Take one teaspoon of yeast, mix with the same amount of sugar, and spread them in a slightly warmed milk, after which they must be set aside in a warm place for any beginning of fermentation ingredients.

Mask for hair growth with mustardAt the expiration of twenty-five minutes to add to themask one spoon of mustard (mustard powder must first dissolve in water) and the same amount of honey, mix well you need to apply the mixture on all his hair, rubbed into the scalp. This mask is advisable to keep about forty minutes on your hair, then simply wash off with water.

  • Mask with eggs and mustard.

To you was such a useful mask exceptthe above components you need to use yogurt. Mix one egg with two tablespoons of yogurt and a spoon of mustard powder. Apply the tool only on the skin of the head, then carefully nestle his head package made of polyethylene. The mask should act on the skin of your head for twenty-seven minutes. After that, as in all of the above masks, makeup applied, simply rinse with water.

  • Mustard mask for hair growth olive oil.

A few spoonfuls of the powder of this plant, spreadthe same amount of warm water, add one egg yolk egg here, a couple of spoons of sugar and olive oil. Mix all these ingredients and apply the composition to the scalp, distributed throughout your hair. Wrap hair in a bag, and the top wear a warm hat. Leave as such for 27 minutes. Sugar is part of this mask will increase the effect of mustard powder, which is why when applying the mask will be very burn the skin of your head, then you should reduce the amount of sugar in the next time the preparation of such masks.

Mask for hair growth with mustard and other ingredients will pick up a recipe for hair care.