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Hair mask dryness and brittleness at home

In conditions of economic crisis expensiveProfessional masks may be many people can not afford, but do not despair. There are a lot of good recipes to healthier hair at home. Some simple and accessible recipes will help you to restore their natural beauty and shine.

For dry hair types need to use masks withmoisturizing and emollient ingredients. For example, with various oils. They may be mixed with other reducing elements, which do not only moisturize the hair and vitaminize. Here are some simple mask for hair from dryness and brittleness in the home can be done to your hair again become smooth and shiny.

Bread mask with flax oil

It is often prepared in Russia peasants to asthey say "spit grew to his waist." In ancient times, a girl with long hair to the waist and below, was considered a good bride, while they themselves long hair was considered a sign of good health. The recipe for this simple peasant masks used in our days.

It is necessary to soak rye bread in water or in acidmilk. Add to this mixture a little linseed oil and apply it to damp hair, rubbing the scalp. Then you need a mask to cover the cap or bag and left on the hair for an hour, and preferably two hours. Rinse first with warm (not hot) water, then shampoo, in which foam can add a few drops of linseed oil (not more than 2-3). The hair will be shinier and more vibrant and beautiful. Repeat if necessary, within a week of application.

Mask with almond butter and honey

Jennifer Lopez always adds a few dropsalmond and peach oil in shampoo foam, but the mask with a few drops of almond oil has a wonderful effect on the hair. Here's how you can cook at home alone.

Take 1 egg yolk egg (or 3quail, a large role is not playing), and stir it in a pan with a tablespoon of liquid honey until smooth. Add to it a little almond oil and put it all on the hair. They should be the average fat content, all the ingredients are well absorbed.

Hold the hair on her a little bit, about 30minutes and rinse with warm water and a mild shampoo, which gives a rich foam. Ideal - baby shampoo containing a minimum of harmful substances. This mask can be done 2 times a week in summer, 1 time since hair is moistened enough. It is especially recommended for owners of light on the nature of hair or red.

Mask with colorless henna, cream and butter and peach damask rose

Very good mask, which is complexIt affects the mixed-type hair, as well as thin and brittle hair. To make it, you need to mix the yolk of an egg with a bag of colorless henna and a few drops of oil and oil peach damask rose. Add the weight of sour cream, mix everything until creamy and apply it on dry or slightly vlazhnovatoy hair. Hold the hour, and with strong hair damage and more. Then rinse dermatological shampoo. Repeat after a week or 5 days. Hair will be very soft, well-groomed and beautiful. Especially if they have been damaged by heat styling or prolonged sun exposure.

Tropical mask with coconut oil, cream and mint oil

Soft and refreshing mask for hot days,which is recommended to do after visiting the beach, tanning or prolonged exposure to the sun. To make it, you need to mix equal parts coconut oil, sour cream or low-fat cream and mint oil to a creamy smooth. Apply to the hair and hold for an hour, then rinse with warm water, as well as a mild shampoo with coconut, which will give your hair the necessary moisture. This mask can be done on a daily basis, if you stay in the southern country, as well as spend a lot of time on the beach. After this procedure, the hair will not lose moisture and make them bright and shiny, even during dry, sunny or very windy weather. They will make beautiful hair and wet, that will prevent them from drying out and sections.

Useful nutritional cooling mask with natural yogurt and olive oil

Its done in Greece to duringstrong sun hair does not lose its attractive appearance and also does not fade in the sun time. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the hair rub a mixture of yogurt with olive oil for hair has become pleasant and beautiful. It must hold for 2 hours under the cap, and then rinse with water and a mild shampoo. It needs to be done to restore the hair every 5 days for a month, then they become soft and beautiful, as well as restore the strength and fragility. You can add to it a little mustard to restore the natural shine of the hair, as well as crumb of white bread. This mask will not only cooling and moisturizing, but also nutritious.

But remember that the causes of hair sections can beassociated with taking certain drugs, hormonal background, and also the state of the digestive system. Hair can become brittle, not only from outside but also from internal causes, therefore, if their condition deteriorated sharply, you need to check your health.

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