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Mask for fine hair: No need to panic

Many women are quite sure that thin,devoid of volume hair, their award-winning nature. They are trying to hide this fact in different ways: sleep on the curlers, make a perm, extensions, curls burning tongs, thereby thinned patients even more strands. In fact, it is rarely defined hereditary factor. A variety of factors lead to the fact that the majority of women - thin hair: what to do in this situation, must know everyone who is struggling with this deficiency. Everything is solved and removable even at home.


  • 1 Causes of fine hair and their elimination
  • 2 Use for fine hair masks
  • 3 Recipes for thin hair masks

Causes of fine hair and their elimination

If you have thin sparse hair, and you do not want totolerate this, try first of all to identify what factors might trigger thinning. If you manage to identify them, you will need to do their elimination. There is no reason - there is no investigation. So you'll get back your tresses volume and density.

  • heredity: Proper, regular care of such hair can greatly improve their condition;
  • frequent use of hairdryers, irons, ironing: Use these tools only in the most urgent situations, when without them you can not do. In an extreme case, for a wave to leave only foam curlers;
  • high temperatures: Do not wash or rinse hair with hot water- Use for this purpose only warm, limit the dose of ultraviolet (wear a wide-brimmed hat before going out in the heat), reduce trips to the solarium;
  • improper care: To choose the appropriate type of your curls line tools (for istonchёnnyh, brittle, damaged, rare, split) and do regular mask for fine hair - at least 2 times a week;
  • frequent treatments at the hairdresser: Permanent staining, regular himzavivka, screening, highlighting, lamination: Try for at least half a year to go to the salon only to trim split ends;
  • hyponutrition: It is necessary to reconsider its daily menu, establish a drinking mode, limit salty, fatty, fried foods and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables;
  • serious illness: For secure good pass extraordinarymedical examination, thin hair is often a symptom of disease of the nervous system or the stomach - after treatment curls regain density and volume;
  • bad habitsIf unable to quit smoking completely, you need to at least limit the number of cigarettes smoked per day;
  • avitaminosis: Every day to eat fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, do vitamin mask for thin weakened hair and drink a course of multivitamins;
  • nervous system problems: Avoid constant stress, emotions, nervosa, sign up to the psychologist, pass course of treatment with antidepressants.

These factors not only attenuate the strands: they lead to hair loss, and sparse, thin hair permanently lose volume. Once determined the cause, it should be purposefully and methodically eliminated. It will take some time, but it's worth it. In parallel with these activities can provide volume to fine hair with the help of cosmetic masks, which are quickly and easily prepared at home.

Use for fine hair masks

Any homemade mask for fine hair, youwill pick up, will work to restore the damaged, istonchёnnoy structure of each hair and strengthen the roots to the strands do not fall out. The result of regular use of such masks - the thick, voluminous curls. In order to get the maximum benefit of these funds, you need to learn how to use them at home. Now you will do for yourself to act in the role of the barber.

  1. As ingredients for masks look very fresh, ripe, home-made products whenever possible.
  2. Without a doubt, use honey, olive oil and other oils, fatty dairy products, egg yolk. Recipes, which have lemon, mustard, pepper, cinnamon, alcohol and other harsh ingredients bypass the party.
  3. All the ingredients mix in a blender to obtain the desired weight and consistency without lumps.
  4. Cooked mask check on the inside of the hand (the wrist) or the ear, to find out in advance, do not respond if your skin to some component of the allergic response.
  5. Previously head better wash, dry naturally, but leave strands of slightly moist.
  6. The prepared mixture with fingertipsrubbed into the roots of the hair and scalp. After this self-massage can be applied to the mask on the entire length of the strands, combing their rare scallop. The tips are also processed lifesaver.
  7. Hair fixed in a ball and hide a plastic bag. It can be replaced with plastic cap for a bath. Top head wraps a towel.
  8. In order not to damage the delicate hair, do not overdo the mask: 20-30 minutes for the procedure would be sufficient.
  9. If a part of masks for fine hair havecosmetic oils, they whipped on the head with a shampoo with a minimum of moisture and then rinsed under running warm water flow. All remaining funds must be easily washed off.
  10. Do not rub your hair with a towel: a little pat and leave them to dry naturally, without resorting to hair dryer.
  11. For the treatment of thin hair such masks should be done at least twice a week, but more often - also to anything.
  12. 10-15 procedures is desirable to make a break for 1-2 months.

Here's how to use the mask correctly forthin weakened hair: it affects their performance. The rules are simple, but do not ignore them, but otherwise means may be useless or cause any difficulties.

Recipes for thin hair masks

Other ingredients may be quite the sameact, therefore, may have to try more than one mask for fine hair, before being found on one and only. Learn the recipes, choose, try, experiment and enjoy the results.

  • Moisture Mask for thin dry hair

4 table. lodges. burdock oil mixed with 2 egg yolks.

  • for oily dry hair mask

4 table. lodges. cosmetic jojoba oil mixed with 2 eggs, add a few drops of essential oil of geranium.

  • Repairing Mask for thin brittle hair

Grind oatmeal into flour. Table 3. tablespoons crushed oatmeal mix with 3 table. lodges. warm olive oil, add 1 vial of liquid retinol (vitamin A).

  • Nourishing mask for fine hair

4 table. lodges. warm linseed oil mixed with 2 table. lodges. liquid honey, add the egg.

  • Repairing Mask for thin split ends

Table 3. boxes of liquid honey mixed with egg, add 2 table. lodges. aloe juice 4 drops of essential oil of rosemary and saffron.

  • Night mask for very fine hair

Homemade yogurt with high fat content to the hair overnight.

The best mask for fine hair that whichwill allow you in a short time to gain volume and density of curls, while bringing in the order of their appearance. Try to keep it to their way of life and no longer allow the thinning of their precious locks.