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Masks for dry hair: all simply brilliant

If the fat content of hair is most often caused bymalfunction of the sebaceous glands, the reasons for their dry lot. Improper care, an overabundance of ultraviolet, low-quality cosmetics, poor diet, illness, debilitating human inside - all this can provoke a lack of moisture in the structure of curls and the cells of the scalp. Save the situation can be regular moisturizing mask for dry hair, which can be prepared with their own hands, even a teenage girl. This means do not empty your wallet, not frazzled nerves and will not take much of your time. But he leaves behind a pleasant glow of strong, thick, restored and abundantly wet hair. Such miracles can be done at home, without resorting to costly and sometimes so insecure salon procedures.


  • 1 moisturizing masks Products
  • 2 Step by step instructions for the use of masks
  • 3 Review of the best recipes for dry hair masks

Products for moisturizing masks

You need to achieve the desired resultcarefully studied the proposed recipes. The homemade mask for dry hair should include foods fortified with fatty acids. Their task - to make cell membranes more strong that they were detained in the cells moisture. In addition, they perform a protective function - enveloping each hair transparent, oily film, these acids can reflect ultraviolet radiation, prevent penetration of toxins, to save from hypothermia. As a result, the strands are wetted, under effective protection. To all of this happened in a moisturizing mask base should be such products as:

  • whole egg can be used, but it is preferable to intervene in the mask only yolkPreviously separated from the protein, which dry up and without him even more sick strands;
  • natural, the most recent, the liquid as possible honey (It is preheated in a water bath to warm state);
  • dairy products Top how find, the percentage of fat: natural yoghurt, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, whey, kefir, cream, sour cream;
  • Cold-pressed, natural, too little pre-warmed olive oil;
  • extracts of medicinal herbs: Nettle, birch, St. John's wort, a mother and stepmother, hops, linden, chamomile, thyme, peppermint, calendula, aloe, plantain, oregano;
  • fatty cosmetic oils - The most common means for dry hair: Use in jojoba masks, castor oil, burdock, macadamia, grape seed, sea buckthorn, coconut, peach, lemon balm, linen;
  • any mask you can add a little moisturizing essential oils: Palmarosa, orange, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, mandarin orange, chamomile, rosewood.

With these products as basemasks for dry damaged hair become a real salvation. Strands acquired vitality and become more dense and shiny. Since the normalization of metabolic processes within the cells, it affects the appearance of curls. With regular use of these tools can heal split ends they will delaminate half. To all this has become a reality and not another myth, learn how to prepare a mask for dry hair at home.

Step by step instructions for the use of masks

Deprived of water locks are very vulnerable. They eventually become thinner, lose their vitality and energy to break down and flogged. Therefore moisturizers for them operate more and restoring function. This should be taken into account: the mask for brittle dry hair should be as gentle and exclude any aggressive components. Recommendations for the use of such tools will help you avoid unwanted consequences.

  1. All components of the moisturizing mask for dry hairIt recommended whip in a blender so that no telltale lumps that become entangled in the hair and then aggravate the process of washing and combing.
  2. To avoid allergies, check each moisturizing mixture to separate the strands and skin of the ear: the absence of an allergic reaction on the skin - permission to use a mask for its intended purpose.
  3. Means must lie on freshly washed, slightly dosushennye strands.
  4. Preparation of the mixture processed roots strands scalp.
  5. Be sure to carefully comb through the hair, stab them in the top beam.
  6. Wrap up your head plastic bag to create a thermal effect (or wear a hat for a bath) and a bath, thus warm towel.
  7. The half an hour for the action of moisturizing masks will be sufficient.
  8. Such masks are washed off with warm water and shampoo. In no case do not make it under running hot water, which will aggravate the condition of patients strands.
  9. Frequency - twice during the week for 1 month.

If you need a mask for very dry hair, chooseProducts fatter. If the condition is not so curls running and just planned to moisture loss, and you want to insure and select mask to preventative measures, you can use any folk remedy labeled "for dry hair." Recipes are so many, so that problems with the choice will not be.

Review of the best recipes for dry hair masks

Many beauties are wondering what masksfor dry hair is better to choose. Those that are not allergic. And those who, in addition to moisture, will solve a lot of problems even with the scalp: accelerate the growth of hair, stop hair loss, eliminate dandruff. Not once will be found that the only recipe that will save your locks from further drying out and shall give their precious moisture. Look, try and enjoy the results.

  • Nettle + mayonnaise + = yolk mask for dry hair growth

Grind fresh, young nettle (glass)pour hot water, almost boiling water (no more than 2 cups), half an hour to insist, to use the strained infusion. 1 table. lodges. mayonnaise mixed with egg yolk, add nettle infusion.

  • Olive oil + honey = nourishing mask for dry hair

In a water bath to warm up to put the table 6. lodges. olive oil and table 4. lodges. natural honey.

  • Burdock oil + banana + = yolk mask for dry color-treated hair

4 table. lodges. burdock oil to heat in a water bath, mix it with 2 table. lodges. banana puree, add 1 egg yolk.

  • Olive Oil + Honey + = essential oils moisturizing mask for dry hair

Mix 3 table. lodges. olive oil and honey natural, adding retinol (vitamin A) in liquid form (1 ampoule). Before applying the add 2 drops of essential oils of geranium, chamomile, lavender.

  • Peach oil aloe + + = honey mask to restore dry hair

4 table. lodges. cosmetic peach oil slightly warm, add to it, without removing from heat, 1 table. lodges. honey before applying them admixed 1 table. lodges. aloe juice. If you can not get a peach butter, or you have a negative attitude to it for whatever their reasons, replace it with any other: from cosmetic oils always gets the fat mask for dry hair that effectively moisturize and restore them.

  • Kefir Mask for Dry Hair

You can use yogurt, causing his hair topure form, and it is possible to make different variations of masks by changing the ingredients in them, but leaving the yogurt base. Stirred yogurt (Table 4 l..), Oil (preferably olive oil - 2 table lies..), Fresh juice from a lemon (1 table lies..).

Is there a better mask among these recipes fordry hair, which would have transformed the most brittle, istonchёnnye and lifeless locks in an instant? She will be the one that when used regularly, will achieve that you are looking in the mirror, smiled to his own reflection, and it would have remained satisfied, thanks to the beautiful chic cascade, humid, healthy curls.