Hair care

Masks for damaged hair

Hair are constantly in stressful situations: subjected to temperature changes, when we go from a warm room into the cold, and ultraviolet radiation; deteriorate under the influence of a polluted atmosphere and modern shampoos with an excess of synthetic and "chemistry"; suffer from a lack of nutrients with poor nutrition, and so on. d. All these factors have a harmful effect on the root follicles and strands themselves.

The problem arises restore curls and afterregular dyeing, chemical and other zavivok hairdressing procedures that affect the scalp. However, in this case, you can do without the help of professionals: it is enough to learn how to apply natural mask for damaged hair at home.


  • 1 The effectiveness of masks for damaged hair
  • 2 Terms of Use
  • 3 Recipes for damaged hair masks

The effectiveness of masks for damaged hair

Homemade, natural regeneration of damagedhair masks posechёnnyh solve the problem, brittle, istonchёnnyh strands. They need home treatment, during which you can get the results will please you. Properly prepared and competently use a mask for damaged hair is very effective:

  • hair will be much less likely to split;
  • process loss in clumps of strands will stop, and then completely stop, because their roots are strengthened;
  • locks will be shiny, smooth, like silk;
  • starts increased growth of hair that will grow quickly spit;
  • strand density and gain additional volume;
  • exterior locks will cause the admiration of others, so they will look beautiful and healthy.

These results may not please those whodesperate to find a suitable means for damaged hair, so the mask in this situation - the best option. To effect was maximum, must be able to correctly apply them.

Terms of use

Since any restoring maskdamaged hair has not only cosmetic, as the therapeutic effect, it is necessary to be able to use them correctly in practice, otherwise you can not get results at all. Especially because they contain natural products, which often are potent allergens. Extreme caution in hair restoration - a guarantee of the effectiveness of domestic masks.

  1. Pre-apply a small amount of the mask composition to the skin of the wrist to reveal the presence of allergic reactions.
  2. Apply restorative mask is recommended to clean, washed hair.
  3. It is necessary not only to treat the strands themselves, but also to rub a lot of healing to the scalp.
  4. It is advisable to make insulation for the mask in the form of cellophane (plastic film) and towels - the heat will be a catalyst for the revitalization of many processes at the cellular level.
  5. Depending on the ingredients, the mask can be kept on the head for half an hour, but you can - and a couple of hours if used for damaged hair oil - burdock, castor, olive.
  6. For rinsing, use herbal teas. There are a number of herbs that have excellent regenerative properties - nettle, chamomile, burdock root, oak bark, birch leaves, succession, marigold flowers and many others. Per liter of purified water you can spend 1 or 2 cups of broth healing. Lemon and vinegar to the rinse damaged hair is better not to use.
  7. It makes no sense to do restorative mask twice a week.
  8. Preventive or cure for damaged hair should be carried out using the same mask for a month, then it is advisable to take a break from the same period (month).

The applied in accordance with these rulesmasks for damaged hair will be as efficient as possible. Otherwise the quality can not be 100% guaranteed. In many ways, the result will depend on what kind of a recipe is selected, as they are all greatly differ in their composition.

Recipes masks for damaged hair

Home-made mask to restore damagedHair should be selected according to the type of your curls. This is to avoid side effects when a fat or dry strands amplified by the action of incorrectly selected components. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to this point when selecting a desired recipe.

  • 1. Vitamins - for all hair types

Mix fresh yogurt (half a cup), warm olive oil (two of Art. Tablespoons), warmed castor oil (one of Art. Spoon), liquid vitamins B1, B6, B12 (one ampoule).

  • 2. Hydrating - dry

Mix warmed in a water bath castor oil (one of Art. Tablespoon) with two raw egg yolks.

  • 3. On the grass - for colored

Mix chopped herbs (in any form -fresh or dried), sage, plantain, nettle and oregano (one item. spoonful), added 100 grams of stale rye bread, pour the mixture with boiling water (a glass). Leave the lid in a dark place.

  • 4. Kefir - for weakened

Mix fresh yogurt (one cup) with warm olive oil (two Art. Tablespoons), add 3 drops of rosemary and lavender esters.

  • 5. avocado - for normal

Mix mashed avokadnoe (two of Art. Tablespoons), warm olive oil (the same amount), heated to a liquid state and the warm honey (one of Art. Spoon).

  • 6. Egg and honey - for all

Mix raw egg yolk, lemon juice (one of Art. Spoon), liquid honey in a warm state (one tsp. Tablespoon).

  • 7. cosmetic clay - for fat

Mix the powder of white clay (15 g), a little warm milk (50 ml) of sea buckthorn berry puree (two of Art. Tablespoons).

  • 8. Lemon - for blondes

Mix heated in a water bath-house castor oil and burdock (two of Art. Tablespoons), freshly squeezed lemon juice (two teaspoons. Spoons).

  • 9. Cognac - for brunettes

Mix the cognac (two of Art. Tablespoons), two raw eggs, natural already used (the drinking) coffee (one of Art. Spoon).

Now that you know how to restore damagedhair using ordinary home hair masks. Look for a suitable recipe, the correct use and enjoy the beautiful, magnificent views of its curls, trying to protect them from further damage.