Hair care

Masks for colored hair: features, rules, recipes

Modern treatments for hair dyeingsuggest a mild effect on the scalp and strands themselves. It is provided with protective substances and vitamins, which paint-enriched cream. Despite all these precautions, permanent hair coloring results in that they fade, become thinner, lose their former strength and shine, become scarce, begin to fall.

In order to somehow extend the life of the new colorhis curls, support them with extra food, it is recommended to use at home a special mask for colored hair. They provide natural curls shine a new color, health, vitality and strengthen from within.


  • 1 Why do we need a mask for colored hair?
  • 2 How to repair colored hair with masks?
  • 3 How to make a mask for hair after coloring?

Why do we need a mask for colored hair?

All for different reasons repaint their hair: someone breaks gray hair, who does not like reddishnesses, someone wanted a bright red, the color rushing to her eyes, someone decided to change the status of the blonde on brunette. By doing this only once, you have to constantly touch up the roots, or to acquire a new color because their home regrown strands attached plaque unkempt and slovenly entire hairstyle. Constant exposure to the paint on the hair - is stressful for them, ending with unpleasant consequences. To neutralize and destroy them - the purpose of home hair masks, which have repeatedly been subjected to intensive staining. Prepared from natural ingredients (food, herbs), they are:

  • prolonging effect in hair pigment foreign substances, whereby color remains bright and saturated during a long enough time;
  • saturated colored curls impact of nutrients, allowing them to not be short of important elements of life;
  • a beneficial effect on the scalp, strengthening the roots, reducing the percentage of lost hair.

As a result of this magical transformationnovopriobretёnny dyed hair color is no longer pours synthetics, and becomes a natural and brilliant. But most importantly - to the curls back their health, they are quickly and fully restored and strengthened after suffering stress. To achieve such excellent results, so miraculous masks need to be able to cook.

How to repair colored hair with masks?

Rules applying to dyed hair masks andprecautions needed to avoid unwanted reactions after home treatments. They can arise because different masks such composition reinforced sufficiently powerful action on the scalp.

  1. One of the most negative consequencespaint - burning, searing hair. Therefore, look for moisturizing masks, which should not be citrus, salt, pepper, mustard and other ingredients that reduce the sebaceous glands of the scalp allocation.
  2. The mask composition components should not be affecting the color of hair, not to spoil their tonality. Such ingredients include hydrogen peroxide, chamomile, glycerin, lemon, cinnamon, honey, yogurt (clarified), as well as coffee, nuts, tea, sage, vinegar, soy sauce (make darker strands).
  3. Eliminate such masks are also essential and cosmetic oilsBecause of their effect on the synthetic pigment ink is sometimes very unpredictable.
  4. Any mixture of test, causing it to land behind the ear: the sensitive, thin skin will show it to have a masked allergens or not.
  5. Apply it recommended on lightly moistened curls from root to tip.
  6. When creating a thermal effect mask will act quickly, so be sure to cover your head with cellophane (plastic cap) and a towel.
  7. The effect of each agent individually, on average - 15 to 45 minutes.
  8. Rinse off with warm water (better than the settled or filtered) or decoction of herbs, which have no coloring effect.
  9. The frequency of application - not more than two times per week.
  10. The mask should be used immediately after preparation, because its shelf life - just a few hours.

Masks for colored hair is guaranteed to delight the result if they are prepared and used with the utmost precision, accurate, strictly according to the recipe and regulations.

How to make a mask for hair after coloring?

Each of the masks for color-treated hair decidessome definite problem that arose with the curls after changing their natural color. Some refreshing new shade effectively, making it brighter. Some recover damaged strands. Some masks roots support complementary feeding, strengthening and enlivening them. Most recipes specify what the function of the mask. Keep this in mind when selecting the right means to you.

  • For hair growth

A piece of stale black bread (50 grams) to soak for half an hour in 250 ml of warm milk or broth plantain. Knead, rub into the roots, spread over the length of the hair, leave for 15-20 minutes.

  • Healing

The colorless henna (25 g) diluted with water to a mushy consistency, add one ampoule of niacin (vitamin B3) and pyridoxine (vitamin B6).

  • Express Mask

Green cosmetic clay diluted with cool water to the desired (creamy) state.

  • For color saturation

50 ml cognac mixed with egg yolk.

  • For a natural shine

The pulp of banana (not overripe) and avocado in a blender to whip (two tablespoons of both).

  • Against split ends

Two tablespoons of crushed dry Hypericum pour a glass of hot water, bring to a boil, cool, drain, mix with raw egg yolk.

Pets mask for colored hair will provideextra care curls emerging from stress, help them recover quickly and saturate them with a new luster and glow. Be sure to use one of these tools to be able to again and again to paint the hair in new colors, without fearing for their health.