Hair care

Mask for all hair types: the best recipes


In the treasury of home cosmetology sometimesit is very difficult to find a suitable for your hair type funds. And when the time absolutely no problem at all and it becomes relevant. In order not to make a fuss and do not worry about nothing, always use a universal home mask for all hair types - and dry, and greasy, and normal, and mixed. They have their strengthen, nourish and make more lush and thick, not less effective than all the others, narrowly targeted mask. Try it - and see for yourself.


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Beneficial features

Masks designed for dry hair,moisturize; for fat - take control of the sebaceous glands; normal - feed; mixed - eliminate the fat at the roots and do not allow the tips of the split. Useful properties of universal mask for all hair types with something similar to the masks for normal strands. They solve such problems, which may be exposed to all 4 types of hair:

  • eliminate dandruff;
  • strengthen the roots;
  • stop the loss of any intensity;
  • soothe the itching and irritated scalp;
  • facilitate the flow of seborrhea;
  • control the level of moisture within the strands;
  • normalize the sebaceous glands subcutaneous;
  • nourish the scalp and the hair itself maximum nutrients - vitamins, minerals, tannins, esters, volatile, organic and fatty acids, etc .;.
  • reduced damage, including - posechёnnye tips;
  • heal place scrapping istonchёnnyh strands;
  • curls give luster and shine;
  • make the color more vivid and saturated;
  • accelerate growth;
  • make the hair thick, lush and voluminous.

The combined effects of these masks allowsuse them for any of the known types of hair, so they are called universal. Their effectiveness depends also on the state of locks and individual characteristics of each individual organism. For someone they will act immediately - so that after the first mask will be seen significant changes. Someone will need at least 10-15 treatments to revitalize your dull and lifeless curls this way. Do not take offense to those who, even after all these masks will not feel their performance: most likely, the state of the hair in such a case already requires the intervention of professionals - trichologists, and appropriate treatment. Who is the universal home mask for all hair types? Let us dwell on their compositions.


Nothing exotic to the universal masks not: All products are almost always available at your fingertips, or purchase priced in nearby stores and pharmacies. To prepare home remedies for any type of hair, use products such as:

  • any cosmetic oils (Especially useful for hair are considered to be castor oil, burdock, almond, coconut);
  • whole egg (Preferably homemade);
  • honey (Natural, from the apiary, pre-heated in a water bath to a liquid state, not candied);
  • dairy the average fat content: kefir, yogurt, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream;
  • olive oil - Cold-pressed, natural;
  • baker's or brewer yeast;
  • bread rye, without peel - only crumb;
  • decoctions and infusions of any medicinal herbs - Nettle, chamomile, oak bark, burdock, St. John's wort, calendula, series and others.

Any of these products can form the basis ofUniversal mask for any type of hair, if they are of good quality, fresh and natural. Duration of such masks are usually not limited to: many can even leave for the night. However, the average duration of their action varies from half an hour to 2 hours. Be sure to make the insulation on topmasks using cellophane (ordinary food package) and warm towels. This will enhance and accelerate the action of the active components of any mask. Recipe you will not be deprived of - so choose, cook and enjoy the results.


Any tool you choose should be initially tested on the skin near the earlobe in order to avoid side effects. If you have a lifetime safely eat honey oreggs, it does not mean that when they are applied externally as a cosmetic, they do not cause you allergies. Lubricate the skin prepared mask, wash after 10 minutes for 2-3 hours evaluate the results. No side effects - a solution to the safe use of tools.

  • Egg + olive oil + vitamins

1 raw beaten egg mixed with warm olive oil (1 tablespoon), add 1 ampoule liquid pharmaceutical vitamins retinol and tocopherol.

  • Egg mayonnaise + + honey

1 raw beaten egg mixed with warm honey (2 tablespoons), add mayonnaise (1 tablespoon).

  • Egg + olive oil + honey + onions

1 raw beaten egg mixed with warm honey (2tablespoons), warm olive oil (2 tablespoons), add fresh onion juice (1 tablespoon). When rinsing, use essential oils in order to remove from the hair onion smell.

  • Egg + Aloe Vera + lemon

1 raw beaten egg mixed with lemon juice (1 teaspoon), add chopped pulp of aloe (1 tablespoon).

  • herbs

Grind fresh leaves of dandelion, mountain ash, mint (1 tablespoon), pour hot water (2 tablespoons), whisk until thick, apply on the scalp.

  • Castor oil + cognac

Mix 1 tablespoon of warm castor oil and a good cognac.

  • Vodka + egg

1 raw beaten egg mixed with vodka (1 tablespoon).

  • Cognac + onions + burdock root

Mix 1 tablespoon of brandy, 4 tablespoonsspoon of onion juice, 6 tablespoons of minced burdock root. When rinsing, use any essential oils in order to remove from the hair onion smell.

  • Herbal Tincture

Grind the dried herbs: white clover, chamomile, nasturtium, St. John's wort, nettle, birch. In equal proportions, mix, take to prepare the mask 2 tablespoons of the collection, pour 2 cups of olive oil, close tightly and leave for a week.

Make sure now that you will not needpainstakingly and carefully selected masks recipes exclusively for your hair type. Especially because many general can not independently determine the correct type. With universal home mask for dry hair and oily, mixed and normal can complete care of any type. Safe, effective and guaranteed.