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Masks of cocoa: Another way to improve your hair

Cocoa - a delicious and popular beverage, raw materialsto which are the seeds of the tree of chocolate. His children are very fond of, and women's useful to know what a wonderful powder can be used not only for culinary purposes. Cosmetologists say that out of it make excellent tools for hair care. With the proper preparation of the strands become extraordinary beauty, additional volume and vitality. Try homemade hair mask with cocoa: it is a surefire way to tame the most stringent, unruly hair, which is always so much hassle during installation


  • 1 The effectiveness of masks with cocoa
  • 2 Rules of the preparation of cocoa-masks
  • 3 Best Recipes

Efficacy masks cocoa

The use of cocoa - has long been a proven scientific fact, soas a powder that is decomposed into a plurality of components. Once in the cell, they enter into chemical reactions with other substances in our body, thereby affecting the functioning of internal organs and health status. Regular use of masks - a constant influence of the chemical composition of cocoa powder on the scalp skin cells, which are responsible for the beauty and health of hair. This explains the miracles are able to create a mask of cocoa curls.

  • Neurotransmitters It has a calming, restorative and rejuvenating effects, so using these masks can relieve itching, prevent or stop hair loss and make them more flexible and elastic.
  • Antioxidants and flavonoids able to prevent stratification and to stop damage to brittle, split ends.
  • Tannins curls give a pleasant, long-lasting, invigorating aroma, strengthen the roots, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  • colorants responsible for hair pigmentation, are able to doon their darker tone. If you do not want to change the original color of hair, in the mask be sure to add any dairy products (kefir, yogurt, yogurt or milk directly itself).
  • Minerals (Calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium) - most participants exchange processes, which contributes to the roots nutritious food and cell breathing of the scalp.
  • vitamins rescue from avitaminosis dull hair and a large amount of stress.
  • Caffeine and theobromine give a boost of energy for a long time, curls get healthy shine and vitality.

In this case we are talking about cocoa powder,instead of oil, which is also widely used in cosmetics. However, there is much less active compounds, compared with the powder and therefore the effectiveness of oil-based masks inferior home remedies, prepared from the powder.

Terms of the preparation of cocoa-masks

Thus, cocoa cooked, and want to quicklyexperience its wonderful cosmetic properties on their dull, lifeless strands hanging. But before preparing masks should be familiar with the rules of their use to unwanted side-effects did not disappoint.

  1. Cocoa products are often able to cause severeallergy. So what, if any, on the chocolates from cocoa mask for the hair you would not have to experience for yourself. In any case, better to spend a little test and lubricate the skin of the ear of cooked mixture. After the desired time to wash off and track result: lack of skin reactions such as itching and redness - an indication that the mask is safe for your skin and it can be safely used for hair care.
  2. Blonde girls have to be particularlycareful with masks of cocoa powder because of their coloring effect. It is advisable to carry out a test application to a single strand, to see if it is not painted in a darker shade. Or pour the powder is water and a sufficient amount of milk, which will eliminate the coloring effect.
  3. Powder, but water and milk, can be diluted with herbal infusions, tea, yogurt, yogurt and other healthy fluids.
  4. Any liquid before the pour powder into it, you need to warm up a little.
  5. To the mask was no lumps which are then difficult vychёsyvayutsya of hair, the powder must slow trickle to pour the liquid while continuously stirring it.
  6. Cooked means is recommended to put on dirty, wet strands, rubbing the mixture into the roots and the processing ends.
  7. The greenhouse effect in the form of plastic caps and bath towels for such masks required.
  8. Time for action masks dark-haired young ladies - 40-60 minutes for a blond - not more than 15-20.
  9. Masks of cocoa is easily washed from the hair with any shampoo. The water may be replaced by a decoction of medicinal herbs (blondes - chamomile, brunettes and brown-haired - nettle).
  10. Once a week of pleasant procedures would be sufficient. But it is recommended to take a break after a couple of months.

At first glance seemingly simple rules will ensure maximum efficiency from cocoa masks for hair. In this case, the results are guaranteed, which initially all hope.

Best recipes

Difficulties with recipes should arise, since the powder goes well with the most common food products and is suitable for all hair types.

  • kefir

50g cocoa powder, pour the yogurt to a thick consistency.

  • egg

In 50 ml of olive oil to pour 25 grams of cocoa powder. Stir carefully, add 30 ml of liquid honey and 2 beaten eggs.

  • For hair growth

One teaspoon of cocoa pour in 100 ml of yogurt, add a couple of egg yolks.

  • Moisturizing

Pour 50 grams of the cocoa powder into a 200 ml natural yoghurt (without dye), add 30 ml of olive oil and egg yolk.

  • Firming

Pour two tablespoons of cocoa powder in a spoon milk(The fat, there exists a) to mush. Separately, mix the yolk and a teaspoon of brandy. Thereafter, the two masses are mixed with each other.

Choose those recipes, the products in which youThey are always at hand. This will use a mask regularly and at any point you want. Now lifeless, dull, weak hair - not your destiny. With masks of the cocoa they will get the perfect care and nutrition that will make them beautiful and healthy.