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Masks Anti-Dandruff: Effective ways to make hair more beautiful

Many people do not wear black clothesonly because they are afraid to discover the surrounding dandruff, which pours on the shoulders of white flakes. Many brand-name shampoos, claiming its effectiveness, are often completely useless to combat seborrhea. One has to resort to the help trichologist who prescribe expensive treatments and drugs.

In the treatment takes a lot of time and even more -Finance. Before you go to the doctor, you can try a few popular recipes that get rid of the scourge as soon as possible. Homemade masks for dandruff are easy to prepare and do not require large financial investments. Their effectiveness can be enhanced if you know the causes of the disease and to eliminate them in a timely manner.


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  • 3 Recipes antiseborrheic hair masks

Addressing the causes of dandruff

scalp cells have a short period of life. Regularly (once a month) are updated, and the dead pieces of epithelium peel. Process even if the cells receive adequate nutrition, do not need oxygen and moisture. If these processes are broken, exfoliate dead cells becomes more intense, much more often than once a month. This husk is called dandruff. If you know exactly what triggered this phenomenon and have to address this factor, a rapid recovery is guaranteed. The causes of dandruff can be:

  • skin hypothermia: Always wear during the cold season hat;
  • overheat: Do not abuse the thermal curlers, hairdryers, irons, curling irons and tongs;
  • allergy on the fabric, which is made from the hat: purchase only natural materials, with a minimum of synthetics;
  • weakened immune system or vitamin deficiency: eat more fruits and vegetables, drink regular vitamins, walk in the fresh air;
  • reaction to cosmetics Hair: change the line of detergents for the head (balsam conditioner + shampoo + conditioner), or use some time lacquers, mousses and gels;
  • malnutrition: Eliminate from your diet fast foods, fatty and spicy foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol;
  • malfunction of the stomach: Pass a medical examination for the presence of diseases of the digestive tract;
  • chronic fatigue, Constant stress, depression, avoid nervous tension, avoid negative emotions;
  • hormonal changes (Menopause, puberty, pregnancy,treatment of hormonal preparations): Here take anything useless - can only be limited to masks and to wait, when will end this period.

Try to understand your own body andidentify the factors that have led to the appearance of dandruff. If, along with the use of masks take home their elimination, dandruff can be removed very quickly.

Hair care

If the cause of dandruff and foundtaking all steps to eliminate it, if it is already selected anti-seborrhoeic hair mask is an irresistible desire as soon as possible to get rid of this scourge, not superfluous will trichologists advice.

  1. At the time of illness or use homemade shampoo made from egg yolk, or pharmacy (not store), which is designed specifically to eliminate dandruff.
  2. Try to do without the balm-conditioner and rinse.
  3. Start receiving multivitamin complex.
  4. Replace the old combs and hats new.
  5. Handle comb with boiling water at least once a week. Most wash headgear.
  6. Whatever itch scalp (itching - one of the main symptoms of seborrhea), try not to scratch.
  7. To use the rinse hair cleaned, warm water. Avoid contact of the head with hot air.
  8. If you do not know how to do self-massage of the head, or learn how to sign up for this valuable procedure in the salon.

If none of the actions taken do not bringresults for a certain time, the only thing that remains - a record on reception to trichologist to undergo appropriate treatment. Although still often compliance with these recommendations, coupled with people's means are very effective for the treatment of dandruff.

Recipes antiseborrheic hair masks

Advantages antidandruff masks thathelp cope with the scourge of the usual foods that you can always find at hand. Such a mask is not necessary to distribute the entire length of the strands: it is enough just to rub a lot of the hair roots, since that is where all the main processes occur. It is desirable to create insulation from polyethylene caps and towels. Do twice a week for half an hour.

  • kefir

Homemade, fresh yogurt average fat content slightly warmed in a water bath - mask is ready.

  • olive

100 ml of warm, natural extra virgin olive oil mixed with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

  • Herbal

One tablespoon of medicinal raw materials (dried herbs: nettle, calendula, burdock root, tansy, chamomile, St. John's wort, and others.) Pour 250 ml of boiling water. Infuse for at least an hour.

  • With essential oils

In any mask for the hair, add 4-5 drops of essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, cedar, lavender.

  • Multiple

Mix one tablespoon of mayonnaise, warm honey, aloe juice and olive oil, add egg yolk.

All these masks for dandruff will not only help youget rid of this scourge, but also strengthen the roots, will accelerate hair growth and will contribute to their supplementary feeding. This is a beneficial effect on their appearance. Now you will be able to be impeccable in all: well-groomed, healthy hair, lack of facilities and favorite black dress. We should not forget about preventive measures to prevent dandruff and to try to prevent a new surge of the disease, which is much harder to cope.