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Lunar calendar of hairstyles on April 2016

Lunar calendar of hairstyles and hair coloring to April 2016Creation of the first version of the lunar calendarIt goes back far into antiquity. It was formed by the final observations for many years of the Moon, its impact on people and the world around him. Even then, it was known that the Earth's moon is more than one object in the sky unexplored.

In addition, it was recorded a real impact on the lunar phases increase in hair and healthy hair.

What to expect from astrokalendarya?

Presented Lunar Calendar haircut and coloringHair in April 2016, auspicious days, which is made up of a professional astrologer takes into account the entire cycle regularities and properties.

According to stellar magicians in the fourthmonth-April period of unlucky days for haircuts and coloring curls comes at a time of stay of the Moon in Aries, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius. Blessings to wait on stars lunar calendar haircut and coloring hair in April 2016, auspicious days that come at a time of finding an Earth satellite in Aquarius and Cancer, in conjunction with Scorpio, Capricorn and Libra.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles and hair coloring to April 2016

1.04 - the period of the waning moon in Capricorn. The first day of the lunar month - is the beginning of "new life" .Strizhka konchikovstanet care sign harmful and useless habits.

2.04 - waning Moon in Aquarius. The right time to do the new "experiments" with the appearance. Curls will be obedient, and retain their shape for a long time.

3.04 - waning Moon in Aquarius. This day does not promise change.

4.04 - waning Moon in Pisces. In vain to expect a positive outcome from the haircut. It is advisable to spend time on the treatment of the strands and applying masks at home.

5.04 - waning Moon in Pisces. Today is not the right time to work on the hair: the result will be a bad haircut, spoiled the mood and quarrels with the "home".

6.04 - waning Moon in Aries. Not the most auspicious time to give his hair in his hands, even the experienced specialist. In any case, a haircut will fail.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles and hair coloring to April 2016

7.04 - New Moon in Aries. All work on the hair entail loss of the strands, the section ends and painful hair structure. So says a lunar calendar of hairstyles and hair coloring to April 2016.

8.04 - the period of the waxing Moon in Taurus. Together with the haircut will take man's vital force, feeling of irritation appears, apathy and fatigue.

9.04 - waxing Moon in Taurus. Today is not the best day to make a new hairstyle and paint the strands. At the owner of the cash will shag misunderstandings and difficulties in contact with the public.

10.04 - Growing Moon in Gemini. Going to the hairdresser in the salon adversely will affect the condition of hair. Today, possible misunderstandings and bustle with life partner.

11.04 - Growing Moon in Gemini. The right time to realize their own dream come true, to resort to professional assistance. However, it does not "clock" to ponder the perfect hairstyle.

12.04 - phase of the waxing Moon in Cancer. Staining curls in dark tone and haircut will be of interest on the part of "VIPs".

Lunar calendar of hairstyles and hair coloring to April 2016

13.04 - Growing Moon in Cancer. Today, it is safe for the time haircuts with bangs. Ahead are just waiting for change for the better, which was terrible to think about, but I wanted to implement.

14.04 - Growing Moon in Cancer. On this day, along with the dramatic hairstyle changes, especially in the short side and bold shades of coloring in a "good" change is coming.

15.04 - Growing Moon in Leo. Attention should be given to only the tips of the hair, trimming which will solve the problems and disorders associated with health. Radical changes in the appearance better than "to postpone."

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16.04 - Growing Moon in Leo. Going to the hairdresser is better to postpone. Otherwise, a person waiting for the disappointment of unfulfilled plans.

17.04 - the period of the waxing Moon in Virgo will be a bad day for the manipulation of the hair.

18.04 - Growing Moon in Virgo. At first glance, it seems very happy haircut. Furthermore, waiting only regret in laying and hair.

19.04 - Growing Moon in Virgo. Changes in hairstyle today promise negative consequences: on the job waiting for care, and home - difficulties.

20.04 - Growing Moon in Libra. Manipulation carried out in the salon with hair portend positive change: life will sparkle with different colors, the joy will be felt throughout the day.

21.04 - Growing Moon in Libra. On this day in the salon is to conduct a series of procedures. Together with the new image come determination and charisma.

22.04 - Full Moon in Scorpio. Pruning now will return the head of hair beauty, health and splendor. With coloring and perm will elated mood. This promises a lunar calendar haircuts and hair coloring to April 2016.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles and hair coloring to April 2016

23.04 - waning Moon in Scorpio. Udavshayasya haircut would be interested in the opposite sex. Today, there is a chance meet your other half.

24.04 - waning Moon in Scorpio. Pruning now will save a lot of problems: dandruff disappear and truncated ends. Hair returns its former health.

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25.04 - waning Moon in Sagittarius. This neutral time to work with the hair.

26.04 - waning Moon in Sagittarius. Today's visit to the master worsen the condition of hair: appear brittle and difficult to comb strands.

27.04 - waning moon in Capricorn. The ideal time for unusual hairstyles, fashion styling and coloring the entire head and separate the curls into a saturated hue.

28.04 - waning moon in Capricorn. Good cut ends today. They will help to solve the accumulated problems in the soul and troubles.

29.04 - waning Moon in Aquarius. To the hairdresser today is better not to go, or do not pass the experiences and feelings of anxiety. Many are waiting for the radical and "bad" change of life.

30.04 - waning Moon in Aquarius. Luck can scare off, like a bird, if dramatically change the image. Cost give preference haircuts, which was made the day before.