Hair care

Lunar calendar for a haircut: March 2016

So, if you need a hair cut on the lunarCalendar for March 2016 to determine auspicious days is quite simple. Or rather, they do not even need to specifically define, because astrologers had already done everything. It remains to find and secure the information, and then write for a haircut in a good day.

It is believed that the right choice of the day of the lunar calendar haircut provides hair health and strength, Excellent growth. Hair made on this day will last long, and obtained successful.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles on March 2016. Favorable days:

  1. On the first day of the month Meadows is growing,therefore, from haircuts to accurately refuse. They are fraught with small setbacks or even obtain bigger injuries. Dyeing hair is possible, but only with natural dyes.
  2. Suitable for cutting fine, everything will turn out well. Painting on the growing moon this sign is permitted, but only with natural dyes.
  3. A good day.
  4. Adverse day hair cutting will bring headaches. Kras can be only in the dark, using natural ingredients.
  5. Adverse day. Mowing can cause health problems. To get rid of negative energy are permitted hair coloring in a darker shade.
  6. Bad day. Cutting the hair can lead to the fact that a loved one begins to walk. Kras natural colors as possible.
  7. Adverse day, promising headaches when interfering with hair growth.
  8. The day is not suitable mowing result in the loss of money, it's waning moon vase.
  9. Auspicious day.
  10. It is not recommended, not suitable for day and hair coloring.
  11. A great day, a haircut will bring good luck. The success and prosperity. Can be painted in light and red colors that will attract life light people.
  12. A good day for the decision to change its image. Hair can be dyed in any color.
  13. Not recommended for manipulations with the hair, you can gain weight. Kras only can those who wants to return to its natural color.
  14. The moon is waning, which means that day is not auspicious.
  15. It is not necessary to go to the hairdresser, so as not to attract the eye health problems. Better also not be painted.
  16. Excellent day. Despite the fact that the moon continues to decrease, it is in the phase of Aquarius. If you need to find an understanding with others, it is recommended painted in natural color.
  17. Another auspicious day in March. Mowing will bring joy.
  18. To attract the attention of the opposite sex, cut in March to do on that day. From the color should be abandoned, it may cause problems with finances.
  19. You can not cut hairNot to cut off the mind. From coloring is also necessary to abstain.
  20. New moon. Adverse day haircut can shorten life. Allowed natural coloring.
  21. Adverse day. Interference may affect in a negative direction in the relations with others.
  22. The day is not suitable.
  23. Adverse day, otherwise, it will be possible to feel constantly fears that have no foundation. Radical hair coloring is also prohibited, it is better to wait a bit.
  24. Favorable time. Mowing will be a great and positive impact on the financial position. Coloring in bright colors increase the attractiveness.
  25. Unfavorable time for haircuts and coloring.
  26. Excellent day, the hair cutting will bring good luck and health. To radically change the image of the day is also suitable. You can look even more sexy.
  27. The first quarter of the moon, it is better to abandon the hairstyle, not to quarrel with relatives. Kras is also not worth it.
  28. In order to prevent disease in the barber shop is not recorded. In order not to incur failure, it is necessary to abandon painting in bright colors.
  29. Adverse day.
  30. A great day for the haircut, to make life brighter and more interesting. Especially recommended to be painted in golden hues.
  31. Adverse day.

We have spread out the whole March of the lunar calendar. With this information, we can already call your barber to have time to enroll in the most favorable day for haircuts in March 2016. Be always beautiful and attractive!