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Lunar calendar for April 2016, when cutting hair

Some believe that the hair on the head is not justgrow for beauty, but also are the link between man and the cosmos. Like it or not really, everyone decides for himself. But it is known that the lunar calendar when cutting the hair is useful.

To calculate when to cut their hair inApril 2016 to the lunar calendar, you will need to apply to the phases of the moon. If you choose the right phase of the moon for a hike to your favorite stylist, you get to step up the growth of the hair and make them more beautiful.

Haircuts Lunar suitable for both men and women. Only men are often, by contrast, choose the phase of the moon, with a hike to the hairdresser after which hair grows slower.

There are days!

Regardless of the month, with a hair cuttingThis year should be performed, when the Moon will visit these zodiac signs, which refer to the Fire or Earth. If the Moon in the Water sign, you do not need to go to the hairdresser, otherwise the hair will grow slowly. When our satellite in the sky is growing, it is possible to carry out various treatments.

In the days of any eclipse in question and the Sun, or aboutMoon, you need to get a hairdresser side. But a good day for manipulation of hair is Monday. If a haircut on Thursday, it will be possible to establish a relationship of trust and good with people. Mowing on Friday activates the feminine.

Phases of the Moon and haircuts date:

• Waxing Crescent. 1-3 April, 19-30 April;

• Full Moon will be April 4 (at 15.15 Moscow time);

• Waning moon. 5-17 April;

• The New Moon will be on April 18 (at 5.16 Moscow time);

• Lunar eclipse in April will also be. It will begin April 4, 2016 at 12.01;

• Sun Eclipses in April will not be;

When is the best haircut in April 2016 to days (Lunar, is the number of months of the serial number):

1. The day is perfect for cuts, but only for short hair, you can trim the ends and get a haircut.

2. The satellite is in the sign of Capricorn, the day neutral for haircuts. You can get a haircut for men.

3. It is better to get a hairdresser side.

4. The day of the lunar eclipse, which is absolutely not suitable for manipulation of hair. In particular, and for men.

5. You can wash your hair, hold the Wellness. Haircut do.

6. The day is not suitable for use with the hair, in particular of the need to avoid curling.

7. Improper day.

8. Neutral lunar day. If necessary, you can trim the ends, make a mask for strengthening roots.

9. From the haircut should be postponed.

10. New Moon, which is suitable for experimenting with hair, but for haircuts.

11. Now is the auspicious day, so it is better to pre-recorded in the barber shop. Hair can be cut and painted to conduct other procedures to strengthen them.

12. A great day for haircuts and any hairdressing procedures.

13. Day refers to a neutral days. Stritch is possible, but not to change radically its image.

14. Moon day, which can be called favorable for any work.

15. The day to work with hair fits perfectly.

16. It is best not to go to the hairdresser and try not to touch your hair.

17. Day for bad haircuts.

18. The most auspicious day in the month of April for haircuts. The moon is in Leo, who graciously refers to any experiments.

19. Neutral day.

20. Favourable day, especially for the staining.

21. Haircuts and perms to this day you can do, everything will be favorable.

22. Neutral time.

23. Good day.

24. Good day.

25. Neutral day.

26. In the full moon day happens, therefore, it is better to bypass the party and the barber shop did not even try to do hair styling or at home.

27. Bad day.

28. Improper quite day.

29. Good night.

30. To the beautiful ladies day will be unfavorable, but men can safely go to the hairdresser.

If you choose, when to cut their hair inApril 2016 Lunar men, then to reduce the rate of hair growth is necessary to choose the days are not conducive to growth intensify. With hair nothing bad will happen, they will simply grow more slowly. Women, of course, need to pay attention on auspicious days1, 11 and 12 April, on April 14-15, 18,20-21 number, and 23-24, the number 29.