Hair care

Look chic without barber

As fewer trips to the barber and look at this great?
I think this question asked many girls. Someone does not have enough time because of work, or a small child, someone is not enough money because of the crisis or big appetites, and someone just too lazy ... But in any case it is not a reason to look messy and ugly. I want to share with you a few secrets, how to keep and maintain your hair in great shape. These tips are also suitable for those who decided to grow hair.

Look chic without barber

First of all, keep in mind that the longer yourshape and appearance remain long and medium length hairstyles graded. Their main advantage is that they are practically not noticeable different length hair, which appears as soon as they regrowth. Moreover, the long and medium length hairstyle usually look good even without laying. Thus, if you are a born lazy or do not have time to do her hair every morning, then do not model short haircuts.

The most optimal (but not the cheapest and not the mostsimple) way - is to find a really good hairdresser. A true professional will assess your hair and face shape - and will pick up and will make you a haircut that she will grow beautifully. However, to find such a specialist is not so easy. Interrogate friends, acquaintances, colleagues or even strangers on the street, hairstyles that you admire - maybe they will give you the coveted telefonchik. If not, it remains only to act by trial and error.

But even if you have your perfecthairdresser (and if not, how much more), you need to know a few simple ways to improve the look of your hair. For example, uneven regrown hair can hide perm. No matter what you choose romantic ringlets or curls carefree - perm hide uneven hairline and give your image coquetry.

Sometimes it helps to refresh the view hairstyle changeparting, for example, try to make it to the other side than you normally wear, or make it a zigzag. It's a while will give volume to your hair, and you - a little new image.

Particular attention should be paid to the health of the hair. Nothing spoils the hair as dry hair and split ends, so take care of protecting your hair from the harmful effects of the sun and hot air during installation. Use special tools for heat styling and solar filters, do not neglect balms and masks.

If the split ends still becomeIt appears, then from them it is necessary to immediately get rid of, otherwise the number will grow much faster. Here again appears the advantage of long and medium length hairstyles: trim the ends they are usually quite easy. However, do not do it yourself, and ask my mother, sister, friend, or go to the nearest barber shop on the way home from work - the task easily and quickly handle any hairdresser. The main thing is not to be drawn to the creativity and experimentation.