Hair care

Few Hair: what to do?

Modern living conditions require womengrooming and even glossy beauty, but close cooperation chemical and cosmetic industries is often harmful, not only for women's appearance, but also for its health. From school girls wash the head of sodium lauryl sulfate, doing perms, permanently dyed in different colors, like African braids and other trends superfashionable modern hairdressing art.

And for 30 years, and some of this beforeage limit, show that insignificant little hair left on his head: what to do, how to save the surviving rare, thin strands and avoid wearing wigs at such a young age? The earlier start to solve this problem, the more there are chances to restore hair growth. Even better - not to bring up such a hairstyle sorry state if it is not a hereditary factor.


  • 1 Why so little hair?
  • 2 Caring for thin hair
  • 3 Little Hair? Make a mask!

Why so little hair?

If the hair on his head a little and no beautytools and procedures can not give them the right amount, it is recommended to begin immediately to find out the cause of this phenomenon. Only the complete elimination of provoking factor can return your hair to its former splendor. Analyze your lifestyle, state of health and level of hair care - and the reason is certainly pop up. It can be:

  • problems with hormone production thyroidIf simultaneously with the thinning strands have marked weight gain, heart palpitations, loss of sensitivity to hot or cold, an urgent need to be checked by an endocrinologist;
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome the female body leads to chronic hormonal imbalance that causes hair abundant vegetation on the body, face, and on his head they become noticeably thinner and thinning;
  • alopecia areata - A disorder of the immune system, which mistakenly begins to attack and destroy healthy follicles instead of the patients;
  • birth - The strongest stress for the female body, provoking a rapid hair loss, which with proper care, you can stop on their own;
  • taking certain medicinal drugs leads to the fact that the head hair remains negligible, - a pill, blood thinners, treating high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, antidepressants;
  • extreme diet with large (more than 5 kg per month) weight loss;
  • some types of hairstyles: Tight braids and ponytails;
  • cancer: Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer treatment leads to the fact that the hair falls down to complete baldness;
  • improper care hair;
  • hereditary factor;
  • physical and emotional stress.

Sometimes the cause of a rare, istonchёnnyh hair canbe several factors: in this case, will have to fix everything. Once you finally understand why the hair on his head was so small, you need to proceed to the complex of measures for their rehabilitation. Proper care, taking into account the reasons for this lack of will to deal with the problem.

Caring for thin hair

Online today you can find a lot of recommendations,what if a little hair, but they should be treated very carefully. If you solve this problem are advised by a build-up of strands or highlighting, the article should be set aside. Yes, create hair volume Naroscheny impression light strands after highlighting visually make the hairstyle more lush, but the effects of these treatments for health curls most deplorable, and they later would lead to an even greater rarity of hair on your head. Proper solution to the problem - the correct and careful care.

  1. If it is possible, limit the effects on the body factor, provoking rare your hair: Go to the more sparing diet, to treat endocrine and immune diseases, protect yourself from stressful situations, stop taking the powerful of drugs, etc...
  2. maximally Protect your curls from contact with chemical or synthetic means. Shampoos and hair masks can be made athome from natural products. Discard the hairdressing treatments with powerful solutions (himzavivka, painting, laminating, highlighting, carving and many others).
  3. eat rightVegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, milk, fish, meat- That's the foundation of your diet, but not carbonated and alcoholic drinks a bit of sugar with fast fudami, pickled, fatty, fried and spicy snacks.
  4. Breathe fresh air and exercise - Is the foundation of competent care for hair, as in the body everything is interconnected.
  5. If little hair, do not torment them tight braids and barrettes: give them maximum freedom, Trimmed, as is often successful haircut hairstyle makes more bulk.
  6. Wet hair never comb or dry hair dryer.

If you regularly and systematically try to performAll these recommendations, rare hair problem can be solved quickly and without harm to health. If the starting point of such care should be the elimination of the causes of this cosmetic defect, but one of the key steps is the preparation and use of domestic masks, if a little hair.

Few hair? Make a mask!

In rare, liquid hair homemade maskit is recommended to do twice in the week, before heading into the shower or bath. their exposure time should not exceed half an hour is required on top of the insulation masks plastic bag / cap shower and a bath, quite warm towel.

  • Yeast yolk + milk +

1 table. lodges. dry yeast pour the same amount of milk, add egg yolk.

  • Burr oil

100 ml (for medium hair) pharmacy burdock oil to warm up for a couple, rub into the roots. You can leave on all night.

  • Almond oil + milk

100 ml cosmetic almond butter to melt on the pair, add 50 ml of warm milk.

  • Honey + milk

Melted steamed honey mixed with warm milk at a ratio of 1:10. You can use the resulting honey lotion for hair rinsing.

  • Yolk + lemon + oil + carrot juice

Mix egg yolk, 2 table. lodges. lemon juice 2 table. lodges. warm vegetable oil unrefined, 5 table. lodges. fresh carrot juice.

  • Bread + milk + lemon

50 g pulp rye bread soften in 100 ml of warm milk, add 1 table. l. lemon juice.

  • Yolk + olive oil + castor oil

Mix olive and castor oils (table 2. Lie.), Warmed on a pair of not more than 40 ° C, add the egg yolk.

  • The yolk + yogurt + mustard

Mustard powder (20 g), pour warm yogurt (50 ml), thoroughly knead, add a raw egg yolk.

The problem is rare, istonchёnnyh hair todayday is very crucial. It can not be hushed up and pretend that all is well. The sooner you begin to address this issue, the more you have a chance to heal the scalp, transformed in appearance (hairstyle give the volume) and internally (to get rid of diseases that could lead to it). No need to despair if you have little hair: what to do, prompt trichologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists and those who used to be able to get rid of this problem forever. To investigate the cause, eliminate them, being treated, and let your curls shine luxury and volume.