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Clarification cinnamon hair at home

Any change in the natural shade of curls,given to man by nature - the process is not harmless to the strands and scalp. Colorant, penetrating deep inside, raises the hair scales and discolor it natural pigment. For hair that's become a real stress, strand after such a procedure often becomes dull, lifeless, too dry, slow-growing, brittle. Maybe even start the process of their heavy loss, so that on the volume and density of hair styles after staining procedures can not speak. Against the background of unfavorable forecasts, modern home cosmetology there has been increased interest in natural coloring agents, who gave the very nature of man. The most popular so far enjoyed homemade cinnamon lightening hair, which promises good results. How effective such a procedure and how it is possible to test yourself?


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Action cinnamon hair

Some sources dare to assert thatprocedure lighten hair strands makes cinnamon lighter directly on the two shades, which often fail to make even the most advertised brand-name inks from the store. Therefore, this statement is quite logical in doubt. However, clarification of hair for a couple of tones still feasible if used cinnamon funds for this purpose for a long time and with enviable regularity. After the first time you should not expect great results: you can only achieve that strand will only slightly lighter than your original color. It will also depend on the individual characteristics: someone melanin (natural pigment coloring) quickly and easily destroyed under the influence of cinnamon, someone will be a long, persistent and hard to resist. You also need to know a little trick for the success of the procedure: cinnamon coloring effect is not completely achievable without honey. Only tandem these two beneficial ingredients can please the beauties who want to become a blonde, with their results. Here's how it works at the cellular level:

  • upon dilution honey distilled water, it begins to work as weak peroxide: a chemical reaction oxygen is liberated, which turns slowly in a natural pigment strands colorless solid;
  • cinnamon This process speeds up, so that the result will be much more pronounced: the strands are substantially lighter in comparison with the original color;
  • can be supplemented with cinnamon lemon to enhance the effect: it also has a powerful lightening effect on the hair;
  • Most of the recipes contain a part of air conditioningWhich is necessary to consolidate the results.

Homemade hair lightening cinnamon and honeyIt explained simply in terms of science: these products are safe, natural, organic peroxide agents. They are only good can be expected, but does not harm: Cinnamon contains a lot of vitamins (carotene, thiamin, retinol, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, tocopherol, folic, ascorbic acid), which significantly improves, but does not spoil the condition of the hair. So this procedure - not a myth, and if you want to safely change the color of their hair, it is worth a try.

Instructions for hair lightening cinnamon

To lightening hair with the help of cinnamon was as effective as possible, it is recommended to act according to the instructions given below, which will help to avoid various kinds of disappointments.

  1. Clarification cinnamon hair is better to produce dark-haired girl: blonde risk to acquire a reddish tint.
  2. The ingredients are mixed in a wooden,ceramic or plastic containers (exclude metal as the oxide and strands give a greenish tint to it a solution). After mixing, the composition is left for an hour.
  3. For dry hair in a recipe is recommended to add a few raw egg yolks.
  4. The prepared mixture is applied first to the skin near the ear, to check whether it would be an allergy.
  5. After this clarifying cinnamon mask is applied to a single strand: it will evaluate its effectiveness.
  6. The head of the procedure must be properly washed with shampoo, hairdryer allowed to dry to wet strands that need to be carefully comb.
  7. With the help of a comb on the locks mixture is applied evenly and abundantly from the roots to the tips (the scalp rub is not necessary).
  8. Stabbed strands on top.
  9. Put on plastic cap: is more intense in heat lightening hair.
  10. In the first half hour, maybe a strong burning sensation, which soon passes.
  11. Minimum cinnamon hair coloring time - three hours maximum - up to eight.
  12. Rinse the coloring composition should be twice with shampoo. Mask wash off much more easily if the recipe initially present air conditioning.
  13. The final rinse is carried out hairchamomile broth (2 table spoons of chamomile flowers pharmacy to 1 cup of boiling water -. then 1 cup of the broth is diluted in a liter of water prepared for rinsing).
  14. The frequency of such procedures is determined individually: once every 2 weeks - the best option for a pronounced enough proof effect. And every time the hair is still lighter.

Now you know how to lighten hair in the cinnamonhome, and will be able to try out the effectiveness of the procedure itself. Make sure that it is safe and quite pleasant procedure. After all, in addition to the desired shade, you can enjoy the newly acquired beauty and health of their curls. In most cases, they become shiny after this unusual coloring, more voluminous and smooth start to grow faster. So choose the right recipe and enjoy the results.

Recipes clarifying cinnamon masks

To lighten the hair with the help of cinnamon, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate mask and apply it according to the above instructions.

  • With olive oil

Cinnamon powder (3 tablespoons) mixed withhoney, diluted beforehand with distilled water at a ratio of two to one (2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon of water), hair conditioner (3 tablespoons), olive oil (3 tablespoons).

  • With lemon

Cinnamon powder (3 tablespoons) mixed with a solution of honey in distilled water (200 ml), moisturizing conditioner for hair (200 ml) of lemon juice without the rind (1 tablespoon).

  • With oil and lemon

Cinnamon powder (3 tablespoons) mixed withsolution of honey in distilled water (3 tablespoons) Hair conditioner (100 ml) lemon juice without the rind (2 tablespoons), olive oil (100 ml).

  • The classic recipe

Cinnamon powder mixed with honey solution in distilled water (all the ingredients to take 3 tablespoons). Heat the mixture in a water bath to a warm state.

Check for yourself whether cinnamon hair lightens: it is easy to make at home using the recipe data. You want to become a blonde, but are afraid of the ruthless actions of paints and store hydrogen peroxide? In this case, consult your treasures of nature and use the coloring effect of cinnamon - this unique spices, which received wide circulation today.