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Keratin hair straightening: reviews, photos before and after

Beauty treatments and self-care - a favoritefemale hobby of all time. Which only means unused beautiful lady in ancient times. Sometimes just terrible things. If you come across the text: "This tool has been used since ancient times," - do not rush to use "proven" method. It happened in those days all: and by lead, mercury and stuffed cosmetic preparations ancient beauty.

And in our time - all verified all scientific. We know that it is useful for us to know that we decorate. Well, almost we know. The pursuit of beauty is not a sin something and donate. Let us recall the "permanent", who are addicted to women until recently, in the mid-twentieth century. Oh, its something harmless can not be called. So, before you try to imagine some very modern means of hair, at first it is good to make sure that it is really useful. After all, what is the difference from the beauties of antiquity modern women? However, that experience convinced: Beautiful hair - is healthy hair.

And modern beauticians have developed aa method of improving the hair: the use of a structural protein - keratin. Keratin - the substance of the epithelial tissue is a type of protein has and gives resistance to mechanical stress and full of lots of "cystine". It is an amino acid that tends to make the hair stronger, resilient and strong. Keratin - a biopolymer, the main hair protein builder. Cosmetics based on keratin are like mortar to fill the damaged areas of the hair, reconstituting the natural keratin layer. Contraindications only one keratin those who have hypersensitivity to the substance. Issued serum, shampoos, face masks, balms and lotions that contain keratin. But is all rosy and beautiful? Are these cosmetic products - such a panacea for all the problems with the hair? Unfortunately, the results can be achieved using these drugs for the treatment of dry and normal hair types. The impact on these keratin helps to restore strength, elasticity and beauty of hair. But to use keratin means to care for oily hair is inappropriate. Fat cells do not allow the keratin to penetrate deep into the hair structure and gives a nonsignificant result.

A very common procedure tousing keratin was keratin hair straightening. Here both the utility and safety. Opinions about this very controversial. Some believe that the keratin being a natural protein, which is contained in the hair may not be harmful.

Others fear the negative impactFormaldehyde, which is part of the tools used in keratin hair straightening. Formaldehyde provides deep penetration of the keratin in the hair. This substance is accumulated in the body and is toxic.

Quite a few are aware of the keratin hair straightening, but have no idea what kind of method and how it differs from the usual straightening.

This procedure is sometimes referred to as: treatment with the straightening effect. It is understood that the extension - this is an additional result. And the procedure is designed to improve the hair. A keratin makes the hair more difficult, and they can be straightened. Still not a keratin straightening treatment. After all, hair changed only at a certain time. The impact of the keratin composition is gradually washed away.

Let us examine how the hair is processedkeratin. Hair is purified. Then, the entire length of the keratin composition dispensed. It is recommended not to close to the roots of a centimeter. Dried hair dryer, using a nozzle-brush, but do not wash away the keratin structure. And it completes the process of smoothing the hair special utjuzhkom. The entire procedure lasts three hours. After it is not allowed to wash my hair conventional shampoos, you need to buy a special shampoo and hair mask with a high content of keratin. It is also recommended to gentle treatment of the hair.

Do not use the kill, and rubber bands. Use styling tools, as long as the hair will not be washed. The resulting effect of straightened hair will stay for three months. Although, I must say that the duration of the desired effect is directly dependent on the composition applied to the hair. And, in fact on our hair.

If you want to dye your hair, it is best to do this before using the keratin straightening. If you want to do it later - be sure to wait two weeks.

Keratin hair straightening: reviews, photos before and after

What is the opinion of this procedure for those who are onMe tried this popular tool. Comments, as always, are very different, sometimes - directly opposite. The whole range of emotions, from excitement to disappointment. Most have tried this method with confidence say that straight and smooth hair remain only until the first shampooing. General view of the hair is getting better, they are not like before pushing and unruly. However, the rectification effect, which was promised after the procedure, is possible only after the rectification via ironing.

Most negative reviews express women with thin hair.

What else can you learn from women who have experienced the procedure of keratin straightening? Impressions really ambiguous.


1. After the first treatment, it has been 2 months of beautiful straight hair! First slightly curly locks began to appear after 2 months. When the effect began to descend, appeared curly waves. Hair has become more difficult to style. But the very hairs not worse!

2. The effect of the striking! Hair became like women in advertising! Soft, easy to style, the color is more saturated, shine! Such soft, healthy and more dense. And most importantly - direct!

3. That's horrible! This is explained by the fact that the master to fake and burned my hair. It did not understand, and a month later noticed that his hair began to gather in the mats, lifeless, confused! And fall! Loss strong, when I spend on hair pieces 20 remains in the hand!

4. I regret that I did it! Hair like straw, are cut, break off, there is no volume.

I do not want to argue that keratin straightening - this one only evil, no. But, precisely, after the state of my hair has deteriorated.

5. Advantages: kick-ass beauty. Especially during the first month. Smooth, streaming, do not react to humidity.

Disadvantages: It does not keep long. If your hair is curly, you should not expect that you can forget about the styling. By the way: forget about volume. If bushy hair had never been, then strongly consider before doing so.

Effect hair lamination can also be achieved by making gelatine mask. How to read this here.