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Keratin hair straightening - regeneration of damaged hair with keratin

Keratin Hair vypremlenieKeratin (Brazilian) hair straightening - itprocedure, the purpose of which is to restore the structure of hair, their intensive nutrition and smoothing. Keratin - the hair is a natural building material responsible for their beautiful and healthy appearance. Keratin treatment is an alternative for different ploek or chemical straightening care products.

Keratinovoya procedure, also known asBrazilian hair smoothing method, - a rectification method, and regeneration power deficit filling via structure of hair keratin, that is a protein that is a component of natural hair material construction. Formula procedure was developed in Brazil for women who want to renew and heal damaged by the sun the hair, curly and unruly.

Keratin hair straightening, is used for straightening unruly curls, as well as to protect them from the sun action, wind and frost.

Audience keratin hair straightening treatment?

Hair straightening

Keratin hair smoothing is designed towomen who are daily struggling with unruly hair that is difficult to lay, over dried hair. The procedure is also designed for colored, damaged hair.

What are the keratin preparations?

Keratin drugs used duringprocedures include not only keratin that regenerates damaged hair, but also antioxidants, plant extracts and vitamins, which are strongly moisturize the hair and provide them with the necessary nutrients. In particular, the fatty acids that create the hair invisible protective barrier against harmful external factors.

What's happening

How is the process of keratin hair straightening?

This procedure is "penetration" in thekeratin hair an appropriate amount of the drug using heated to 230 degrees ceramic hairdressing ironing (curling). Under heat, the shell discloses hair and keratin building material penetrates into the structure. After that, the hair sheath closed, absorb nutrients, and their structure is reconstructed. As used in this way the drug is keratin in the hair for about 30 minutes.

The final step in the procedure is a hair-drying using the dryer, set on the high temperature until they are completely dry.

Keratin therapy is thereforealternative for ironing and special ploek or artificial, chemical straightening preparations, for example, straightening creams which vitiate the hair and do not provide a natural effect as keratin.

Effects of keratin hair straightening treatments

The process of straightening hair

After the procedure the hair lookssmooth, moisturized, shiny, elastic, easily in any installation. Hair after keratin treatment are becoming more resistant to the harmful effects of the environment. Effects after the procedure held for 5 months - it depends on the type and density of hair. After this procedure is not recommended to wash your hair for 3 days. During the first few days after the keratin treatment should not use shampoos with harmful components in their composition (better to replace natural grass). It is necessary to abandon the hair styling products, including in the alcohol because it dries out the hair.

Keratin straightening and hair coloring

Hair should not be painted 2 weeks after the keratin treatment.

Creatine hair straightening procedureIt is carried out exclusively in the professional hairdressing salons, professional stylists, with the help of professional hairdressers and special devices that are certified keratin products that are safe and for women during pregnancy.

Is it safe to keratin hair straightening treatment?

Keratin hair straightening

Trichologists and Estheticians investigated thatSome keratin preparations that are used for hair straightening is formic aldehyde, a powerful poison that causes tearing eyes and difficulty breathing during the procedure. Besides keratin preparations during the "implementation" in the very hairs secrete an unpleasant odor, so hairdressing salons that offer this type of service should be a very high-quality air-conditioning.

Still, barbers and sellers of keratin fundsstraightening, denied these allegations and does not agree that the keratin causes the above symptoms. Finally it found that the keratin does not guarantee 100% safety for health. Therefore, before performing the procedure, check whether the drug in the list of permitted substances, approved by the Ministry of Health, and also owns the whether a certificate issued by the European Union.

After these procedures, you must be sure to drink vitamin complex, and that's what let us learn from this articles.