Hair care

Harmful if often wash your hair

If the hair does not cause any trouble andreally easy to be called healthy, they can safely be washed every day. Modern shampoos are so soft, healthy hair that can easily withstand washing volosezhednevnoe washing. By the way, and oily hair too. The studies clearly refuted the view that in the skin due to frequent washing increases zhirootdelenie. It is assumed that the preparations used do not dry the skin.

Harmful if often wash your hair

If the hair is long and whipped, shouldthoroughly consider whether they need a daily wash. As for excessive dry scalp, itching which may occur from everyday washing. Any washing even the most gentle shampoo still does not pass in vain for the structure of hair and skin. And prichёsyvanie to wet hair and a serious injury. Both are better not to do for sensitive hair, especially on a daily basis. And to add to the hair a little more health, use the following tips:

1. Do not apply shampoo directly on the hair. First, pour a little money on your hands and rub them. So, you distribute the shampoo evenly and gently warm up it, thereby activating the beneficial ingredients.

2. Before applying conditioner slightly dry the hair. Otherwise, mixed with water, air conditioning will not have the desired effect.

3. Keep the dryer at a distance of 30 cm of hair, not to hurt them and not dry up.

4. Do not spray the paint directly on to the hair, it is better apply it directly on the comb or brush and run it through his hair - from roots to ends.

5. Regular exercise and enough sleep will positively affect the condition of your hair.