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Harmful if hair extensions? Pros and cons of building

harmful if hair extensionsWe want to find out whether the harmful build-uphair? Women are great fashionistas and constant self-care are for this reason. Visit the hairdressers is an integral part of their lives. As the saying goes: good to have a stylish hairstyle and beautiful hair color.

A much better to have a healthy, shiny andchic hair. In truth, these few can boast. Modern adverse environmental conditions, lack of proper care of hair, heredity and other factors do not allow us to have luxurious hair. So today is very popular to create the illusion of healthy hair, which can be achieved by means of their capacity.

It can be easily obtained by this procedure fromthin, faint, short and cross-section of the hair shiny, voluminous, long and most importantly - it is healthy hair. And, as a result, you will get attractive and seductive look.

Despite this, this method has been used forfor many years, and during this time, women are constantly concerned with the question: Do bad hair extensions? This article will try to understand how harmful is this or that technique.

Hair extensions harmThere are many ways how to increase hair. All of them are divided into groups of building technologies: hot and cold method.

The technique of hot hair extension

The point of this method lies in the fact that forfixing artificial strands used high temperature. The most common methods are considered to be Italian and English technique of hair extensions.

English building equipment

According to this technology hair extensionsheld at the temples or back of the head. For this it is necessary to stick to the artificial hair to natural hair by means of organic resin, using the glue gun. At gluing hair forms a small ball. This technique has a positive side and a negative. This ball is not strong enough and the hair will be combed from it. But this is offset by the fact that the hair is easy to adjust when the hair grow back enough. For this purpose, the strand is removed and transferred closer to natural hair roots.

Italian machinery

With hair extensions are applied in this way,use high quality locks with a pre-printed on them with resin. This resin is then softened with a special instrument, which is regulated by temperature, and then glued to the hair strand. In places gluing formed capsules which are durable, do not stand out against the background of natural hair and does not interfere with the normal comb. Hair extensions by this technology, should be corrected within three months after the procedure.

Big whether the harm from such a process capacityhair? If you look on the one hand, there is the harm, since a high temperature is used, which has a detrimental effect on their own health of the hair. But, on the other hand, if at the same time take into account the professionalism, we can safely say that the procedure, if there is a qualified hairdresser is harmless.

The technique of cold hair extensions

photo hair extensionsTo a cold method of hair extensions should beinclude tape method. To date, this is the most common method. As a "donor" should be used strands of different length natural hair as curly and straight. Fasten the strands by hand, using a special polymer. Adjustment of hair extensions need to be held in about two or three months. This special spray is used, by which the old is removed the polymer and then apply a new, but a little closer to the roots of the hair. If you constantly keep hair proper care, the "donor" locks can be used about five times in a row.

Is it harmful to increase hair ribbon method? Here the answer is simple - no! The fact is that during tape on the hair extension is not affected by the chemicals used, no fever, no special instrumentation.

Hair extensions: benefit or harm?

Available positive and negative sidesmethod of hair extensions differ in their properties: On the positive side, it is a visual and psychological factors, but the fact that a negative side - a physiological factor. In principle, this does not mean that you need to completely abandon this procedure, only need to be aware of the possible consequences.

Positive points:
1. You will be able to completely transform your hair in just a few hours;
2. Your hair will gain volume and density, and will bring you joy;
3. Long and thick hair is tempting to act on men.

For the majority of the fair half, these moments are not enough to make the final choice. But apart from this it is necessary to take into account some negative points:

bad hair extensions1. Most methods of increasing prohibit saunas, swimming in salt water, and many other pleasures of life;
2. The method of hair extension has a relatively high cost, and periodic correction also significantly affect your wallet;
3. Stackable hair requires constant care, time and care;
4. Cheap ways to build immediately apparent. This is especially noticeable when have the short hair. Dear stackable hair have more natural look, but after the hair is removed, native hair look very bad, and restore the hair after such capacity is problematic;

Damage from hair extensions noticeable immediately, heIt detected after artificial hair removed. If this fact is not much you can spend scares hair extensions. If you luxuriant locks of hair are needed only in case of a celebration, it is possible to completely dispense hair barrette.

We answer the question of whether to increase the hair is bad, you have only to decide ...