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Indian hair mask

India - a country of ancient and enigmatic, mysteriousand inviting their most unusual traditions and rich culture. On it, we all know firsthand of the once famous films with dramatic stories, songs and long beautiful woman with luxurious hair. Looking at the screen, I'm sure many sighed with envy, dreaming of the same luxurious curls - always a long, voluminous, shiny. Today, the boundaries between countries have become more transparent and the life and traditions of other peoples are researched and studied by many steel lifts the veil on the unearthly beauty of hair of Indian women. The matter was not in professional shampoos and lacquers, and in ancient recipes of funds for their care. Today, you can easily cook at home Indian hair mask: natural cosmetics, which will allow you to get closer to the ideal.


  • 1 Features of the Indian hair masks
  • 2 Recipes masks with henna
  • 3 Recipe mask basmoj for brunettes
  • 4 Recipes with spices masks
  • 5 compresses Recipes with oils

Features of Indian masks for hair

Homemade Indian hair masks are different from all other similar cosmetic products in its composition. They use ingredients that are common in everyday life the inhabitants of India:

  • henna - dried leaves of paint lawsonite traditionally used in India as a cosmetic;
  • Basma - a powder of dried leaves of indigo, which is popular among Indian women paint;
  • spices: cinnamon, ginger, adzhvan, cloves, fennel, chilli, cardamom, coriander, cumin, curry, saffron, turmeric, etc .;
  • oils: jojoba, ylang-ylang, coconut, almond, amla and others.

On the one hand, all the ingredients are familiar. On the other hand, it is not usual as cosmetic products for hair care. Everyone knows the coloring properties of henna and Basma,therefore they have to be extremely careful, either use only brunettes, or apply only to colorless grade henna. Spices to be even more cautious, as they have a powerful stimulating effect on the scalp. Maximum exposure masks with Indian spices - no more than 20 minutes, or even less Only oils (cosmetics and essential) gently, carefully and safely at any time ready to bring your hair in order.

Recipes masks with henna

To avoid staining steps, use henna to prepare the home of Indian masks colorless henna.

  • Henna + lemon juice + cheese + egg yolk

Sachet colorless henna (25 grams) sugarconcentrated lemon juice (5 tablespoons), add the maximum fat cottage cheese (above 10%), pre-whipped 1 raw egg yolk. All that you need to carefully knead and apply to the entire length of the hair without touching the scalp and roots. Duration - about 40 minutes. When flushing, use baby shampoo without any additives and moisturizing conditioner: without locks after a mask with Indian henna may be too rigid.

  • Henna tobacco + + + cocoa yolk + olive oil + vitamins

Stir together colorless henna powder (4tablespoons), crisp cocoa (2 tablespoons), dry tobacco (1 teaspoon). Pour all of this unusual mixture of boiling water (150 ml), leave the lid to infuse 40 minutes Thereafter, the mask is added to the whipped 1 raw egg yolk and warm olive oil (2 tablespoons). Before applying pouring into the overall composition of the oil, vitamins retinol and tocopherol (1 teaspoonful). This multicomponent Indian mask can be rubbed into the scalp and apply on the hair itself. Duration - about 2 hours, although the Indian with such masks are used to going to bed. Washed off the vehicle without any problems using the shampoo. To curls did not smell of tobacco, the last rinse use the essential oil of rosemary.
Henna gives the hair a very beautiful naturallights, saturates color curls, even if they are painted, strengthens the roots, thus preventing hair loss. Very comprehensive and effective action is rendered colorless henna on the entire structure of the hair, starting from the root and finishing tips.

Recipe mask basmoj for brunettes

Basma is not only able to paint the hair inblue-black shades: in addition, it makes them stronger, thicker, thicker and voluminous. Lucky brunettes who can regularly use homemade masks with Indian basmoj not only for the freshness and brightness of the color of their hair styles, but also for the full care for their hair.

  • Basma henna + + egg + olive oil

Mix together bags Basma and colorlessHenna (25 g), pour hot water (100 mL), cool, add 1 beaten raw egg in advance and warm olive oil (2 tablespoons). Indian masks basmoj applied to the scalp and the hair itself. Time of action - one and a half hours. It washes off easily with shampoo.
The result of such a mask is not long to wait: the elastic, resilient curls saturated colors will not help to engage the views of others. Wait for the compliments!

Recipes with spices masks

Masks with spices in India are the most popular, but with them you have to be extremely careful. Firstly, do not forget to test them for the presence of allergens to your skin. Second, the time of their actions should be limited to not more than 20 minutes. At the first burning sensation of the skin of the head mask is recommended wash immediately and it will no longer return.

  • Honey + Cinnamon + pepper + Clove + almond oil

Honey (100 ml), slightly warmed in a water bath. The powder of cinnamon, ground cloves and pepper (in half a teaspoon of each spice) filled with warm honey, almond oil cosmetic (2 tablespoons). This Indian mask rubbed into the scalp only, as it acts directly only on the roots. Mask wash off with shampoo, it is allowed to use air conditioning when necessary.

  • Ginger + banana + yogurt + lemon + Coconut Oil

Mix yogurt maximum fat (3 tablespoonsSpoon), chopped into powder ginger root (2 tablespoons), lemon juice (1 tablespoon), warm coconut oil (1 tablespoon), turned into a mashed banana pulp 1 medium size. All slurry is heated gently in a water bath and is applied only on the hair roots. Washed off with shampoo and balm-conditioner (it is necessary to clean up the strands of banana slices, which can get stuck there).
The purpose of the masks with spices - hair growth and terminationtheir loss. Both of these features Indian mask with spices operate at 100%: when used regularly for 1 month to grow a real scythe more than 4-5 cm in the absence of contraindications.

Recipes compresses with essential oils

The most favorite among the Indian girls aremasks with cosmetic oils. They are safe to use and very effective. After them, the hair becomes soft, soft, silky and smooth. The most effective home remedy that came to us from India, considered the oil wrap night.

  • oils

It starts one of the cosmetic oils, popularIndia: jojoba oil, ylang-ylang, coconut, almond or amla. 100 ml would be sufficient. Heat it in a water bath to a warm state (can be up to 50 degrees), they treat the roots, scalp, hair, tips, tightly close the plastic bag, the top tied a warm scarf or handkerchief and quietly go to sleep. Rinse off in the morning with shampoo.
Want to have your hair shone and shone sothe same as that of Indian mysterious beauties of Bollywood films? Now you know what you need to do: henna, Basma, oil and spices - with a set of ingredients is easy to cook authentic Indian hair mask. Long, luxurious, three-dimensional, they invariably will please you with its appearance and good health. With these unique cosmetics, you can forget about many problems with the scalp.