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Oil hit a hair: recipes firming masks

amazing grows in tropical countriesBay Tree, referring to the family of myrtle. Because of its leaves by steam distillation produces a unique essential oil, which is a tree the same name. His warm, sweet scent is recommended for the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, dystonia.

It is useful as an essential oil for BeyHair: it has a lot of mineral, nutrients, strengthens the roots. If you make it a rule to add this unique broadcast in hair masks, shampoos and other products for curls care can significantly improve their appearance and improve their health.


  • 1 The action of ether on the hair
  • 2 Rules of Bey hair oil
  • 3 Recipes funds from oil hit

Action ether hair

Oatmeal Mask for hair: efficiency, application tips, recipes With proper, regular use of essential oil has hit on the hair and skin of the head positive, stimulating effect:

  • strengthens roots and hair structure;
  • tightens them, making stronger and stronger;
  • stop loss;
  • activates growth;
  • It is doing curls with thick, elastic, long;
  • nourishing nutrients hair bulb, promotes supplementary feeding strands over their entire length;
  • It has a calming effect on the scalp;
  • prevents fungal disease character (seborrhea);
  • repairs split ends;
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.

Like any other broadcast, Bay requires careful handling, otherwise it may cause damage to the hair and disappoint those who choose to take advantage of its beneficial properties.

Terms of use of oil for hair Bay

Essential Oil Bay - very concentratedsubstance which if not properly applied to the scalp can cause chemical burns, damage to hair, to provoke an allergic reaction. Therefore, in deciding on recovery of hair in this way, you first need to understand the basics of aromatherapy hair.

The challenges should not be, but after proper use Bey oil for hair, you can forget about many problems of their appearance-related haircut.

  1. Essential oil of Bay need to buy a specialized salon. You must be absolutely sure that the purchased fresh and certified product.
  2. Make sure that you have nocontraindications for the use of ether as a cosmetic for hair care. This can be an individual intolerance, allergy, blood pressure problems. To test the effect of oil hit the body, light aroma lamp with his participation. In the absence of dizziness and nausea after 5-10 minutes of tool can be used for other purposes. For greater certainty can be diluted with a drop of water in the Bay and lubricate the skin near the ear lobe with this solution. It will show whether the oil will provoke allergic reactions.
  3. Due to the high of concentration of air hit dosed extremely drops. About any tea and even more tablespoons of the question can not be.
  4. Including oil mask Bay in pets, take care not toreheated in a water bath and cosmetic oils and honey. There is a risk of overheating too, which is why air could lose their healing power of hair. If you are already used to do it and you can not refuse "warm mask", make sure that their temperature does not exceed at least 35 ° C: this is the maximum.
  5. Means of oil hit applied to the whole scalp: rubbed into the skin, produced a uniform wrapping strands are processed ends.
  6. You can make a warming of food, cellophane, plastic film and something or even terry wool (towel or handkerchief).
  7. Actions The Mask for hair with essential oilsBey determined by the total composition. In the absence of spices, citrus alcohols and their color can be kept to 2-3 hours. The average duration of the procedure is about 20-40 minutes.
  8. Rinse with normal tap water (good to filter) using shampoo.
  9. It is useful to make the rinse hair with essential oil Bey. To do this, just add air to the water for washing.
  10. Suit and pleasant aromaraschёsyvaniya.
  11. Select any certain methodrecovery of hair with the help of essential oils Bey. It can be enriched store products (shampoo, for example), the preparation of homemade masks, rinsing or aromaraschёsyvanie. Use multiple methods is not recommended because of the high of concentration of the ether.
  12. Essential oil of Bay strengthen its useful properties,if we combine it with such esters as Bigard, cypress, rosewood, juniper, bergamot, verbena, limett, citronella, lavender, lemon, rosemary, anise, sweet or blood orange, hyssop, neroli.

Start your acquaintance with the essential oil hit small: just add liquid droplets in the healing water to rinse your hair after washing.

Appeared shiny and silky strands willthe best a clear example of how it works in the recovery of the hair and improve their appearance. Home Beauty is ready to offer you a variety of recipes with this unique air.

Recipes funds from oil hit

Decide what kind of procedure involving oilBey will bring maximum benefit to your hair: aromaraschёsyvaniya, mask, rinsing, compresses or conventional means, it is slightly enriched. Then you can select the recipe according to your decision.

  1. Rinse for hair shine.
    In advance of the last rinse, prepare 1-2 liters of warm (or room temperature) of filtered water. Dilute essential oils in her beat. On 1 liter of water - oil 8-10 drops of the extract.
  2. Night compress against hair loss.
    In the 4 tablespoons of burdock oil, add 2 drops Bay esters, lavender and cypress. Put on your head for the night.
  3. Massage remedy for hair growth.
    Melt almond oil cosmetic (1dining room l.), cool to 25-30 ° C.. Add the 1 drop Bey. With slow, circular motion rub the oil into the hair roots. The duration of the massage - 5-7 minutes. Washes are required.
  4. Aromaraschёsyvanie to strengthen the roots.
    On a clean comb (preferably wooden) apply3-4 drops of oil hit. Carefully comb the strands from root to tip up until the ether from greasy sheen on the hair will be over (it's about 4-5 minutes). Aromaraschёsyvaniya can be done if desired several times a day (2-3).
  5. Enrichment of shampoo for hair shine.
    During his shampoo bottle (volume 500 mL), add 10 drops of essential oil Bey. Use the tool for its intended purpose - to wash it - as often as you need it.
  6. Nourishing Mask.
    Mix honey, sour cream, olive oil (2 tablespoons l.), Add 4 drops hit and 1 drop of essential oils of sweet orange and juniper.
  7. The mask for dry hair.
    Mix 2 egg yolks with the cream fat (2 tbsp. Tablespoons), add 2 drops Bay.
  8. Mask for oily hair.
    Mix lemon juice (1 table. L.) With low-fat cottage cheese (2 tbsp. Tablespoons), add 2 drops of ether Bay.

Essential Oil Bay - ideal for thin,lifeless, dull, damaged hair. It perfectly stimulates cell metabolism, improves blood circulation between the hair follicles and scalp regenerate their germination zone.

Trichologists and aromatherapists recommend regularlyBey use with hair loss and severe forms of seborrhea. Hair after a full course of treatment with essential oil Bey grow more healthy, thick, strong and thick.