Hair care

How to wash your hair

Of the various treatments for hair washing theirIt is a very important component. For good, beautiful and healthy hair, proper cleaning procedure is sufficient. Shampoo - the first step to beautiful, brilliant, magnificent and light hair. The choice of shampoo plays an important role.

How to wash your hair

The frequency of washing hair is individual. Wash your hair with the frequency that you need.

- Before washing, how to comb hair. It relaxes the particles of dirt and residues of drugs for stacking.
- Rinse hair with warm water. This can save you a shampoo.
- Shampoo applied to the head immediately, but first rub it in your hands. Wash hair can be combined with a scalp massage.
- Very important: after washing the hair should be thoroughly rinsed, because the shampoo residues may impair the hair shine and lightness.
- Then the hair should gently squeeze lightly wipe. Wiping the hair, avoid sudden and strong movements.
- With wet hair very carefully and contactcarefully combing and untangling them, it is desirable to use only a gap-toothed comb. Combing wet hair with a brush in no case be, otherwise you can damage them.

Of great importance is the water that you use. Ordinary tap water is quite hard because of the large amount of salt, so it's best to use boiled water.

It is also important after washing: untangling hair, start from the ends and gradually moving higher, once again not to pull or tear them. If the hair is not to comb - this is a sure sign that they are already damaged.

Shampoo must be suitable for the type of hair you. What you and I have tried shampoos to find the coveted that we somehow satisfied.

The choice of shampoo

For normal hair.
Shampoo for normal hair should be responsible only to the requirement that it should be soft and gentle.

For fine hair.
These shampoos are often called "bulk". They contain, in addition to detergents, substances that strengthen the hair a bit (for example, keratin, silk protein and herbal extracts). These substances give hair extra rigidity, resulting in hair seems airier and more luxuriant.

For oily hair.
These shampoos contain detergents, sparing inprimarily scalp. The additives may be only antibacterial elements and herbal extracts, which give hair "tease" roughness. They are designed to normalize the release of fat and skin to prevent hair soon after washing stick together again.

For dry hair.
These shampoos are added lanolin or lecithin,Synthetic cementing substance that "repair" the hair. They are "repairing" small gaps in the scales. When thin hair or oily at the roots, but split at the ends of these shampoos can not be selected. Nutritional supplements can be very heavy hair and glue it.

Shampoos - conditioners.
Additives are nutrients andrinse (conditioner) These shampoos are a great thing for those who can not, for lack of time to devote time to your hair. Hair perfectly shiny and easy to comb. But long-term use of these shampoos can cause problems. Silicones are deposited on the surface of the hair and its aggravating circumstances, make dull and lifeless. And if this happens, you need some time to wash your hair with shampoo for normal hair, as long as you do not feel that all the silicon precipitates already peel off.

Anti-dandruff shampoo.
They contain substances that relieve scalp of dead skin particles, and inhibit the formation of new dandruff.

Shampoos for polishing.
Shampoos for polishing the hair from settled themcare products. Especially these shampoos come in handy if you are going to do a perm or hair coloring. Since silicone additives may badly affect the chemical processes that must go with these procedures.