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How to give volume to thin hair

How to give volume to thin hair

Well-groomed and thick hair help a womanfeel more confident, from lush hair of any length man can not look away, his heart skips a beat with excitement! But what to do if the nature of your hair, alas, thin? Do not get upset! Cosmetics plus our tips will help visually give your hair a great extent, and, importantly, it will look natural.

The wash

Shampoos, conditioners, serums. It listed funds will be your first and indispensable helpers. Especially if you study their composition before purchasing beautifully packaged bottles.

For those who dream of fashionable hairstyles volume,the best choice will be the cosmetics, which includes panthenol. This drug is not only prevents dry hair as it can retain the proper amount of moisture, but also each individual hair increases in diameter.

Besides reducing panthenol hasproperties and serves hair from unfavorable environmental protection. Manufacturers are actively included in the composition of cosmetics extract has long been used to strengthen the hair plant: jojoba, rosemary, henna.

Since the hair is washed every day, it is very important notharm them, so manufacturing companies ensure that the pH of the balance-neutral. Nevertheless, hair conditioner is also necessary, because it does not allow the hair tangle-free and considerably facilitates combing.

Serum many women unjustly neglected hair. This tool is specifically designed for hair flowed like silk.

Serum can be used on a daily basis, and filters included in its composition, will protect your hair from harmful UV sunlight.

Easy styling

Styling should be selected on the basis ofhair length. For owners of short and medium length hair suit mousses or creams. Those who have long hair, you should use lotions or balms. Sales consultants willing to pick up the vehicle, which is due to entering into its structure various extracts will make your hair shiny.

How to style

Volume styling requires not so much time, but in order to learn to do it yourself, once is enough to visit the hairdresser.

The easiest way to owners of short cuts, theyit is necessary to give a volume of only the occipital part. On the roots of freshly washed hair apply a little spray, then dry hair dryer, twirling their special brush for hair - brushing.

In the same way do the bulk stacking are those women who have medium length hair. Greater effect can be achieved if you first apply to the entire length of the hair a special serum.

Long-haired beauty, usinglarge curlers, adorn themselves timeless curls. Regardless of the length of hair, do not forget the finish spray. In fact, he successfully replaces the usual hairspray. But unlike the varnish, it is not gluing hair holding hair in perfect condition for a long time.

You can recall the fleece, but not for thosethat were in vogue in the last century. Nowadays, tease the hair at the root only, then gently smooth brush. It is desirable that the bristles on it would have been natural.