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How to get rid of electrified hair effect

With the onset of cold weather hair stopsobey the strands stick together, electrified, and even beat shock! Why is this happening? Constant temperature swings, central heating, a pile of clothes, hats and scarves ... As a result, airflow is disrupted, skin fat is distributed evenly through the hair, and the hair begins to electrify. How to get rid of static electricity, and transform unruly hair into luxurious curls and shiny?

How to get rid of electrified hair effect

Change your shampoo and conditioner

Be sure to use tools of its typehair. Some shampoos are so effectively cleanse the hair of dirt, which removed most of the necessary hair fat, which leads to the generation of static electricity. It is best to solve the problem of hair electrified moisturizing shampoos and conditioners for dry and damaged hair, which contain oil. That hair is less electrostatically charged, refuse means & ldquo; 2 in 1 & rdquo ;, be sure to use a good conditioner or balm after the shampoo. Just make nourishing and moisturizing hair mask weekly. And do not wash your hair too hot water. And wash the balm, conditioner or mask, rinse your hair with cool water.

Do not skimp on the comb

Use a comb without sharp teeth - theyscratch the scalp and cause split ends. Get along well with the hair brush with natural bristles, wooden combs, combs carbon or hard rubber. There are also special anti-static comb from plastic or silicone, which well help when electrifiable hair. Do not forget to take care of the comb. Be sure to wash it with shampoo and treatment agent, antistatic agent before you comb the hair.

Dry hair cool air

If you use a hair dryer, do withouthot air. Dry hair is cool or warm air in the direction of hair growth, while smoothing the locks by hand. It is also well prevents electrification hair dryer with ionization function.

Use styling products

The composition of virtually all styling toolsantistatic components include a hair. If you need to flee to the meeting, and the head is similar to the dandelion, take a little mousse or gel on the palm and spread over the unruly strands. Apply the product need only to the hair and not the scalp, otherwise they will look dirty. Perfectly removes static spray for hair. Apply a small amount on your comb or brush and comb the hair over the entire length.

Make Hair laminating

In addition to the therapeutic properties of this procedure is veryuseful for unruly hair. Each hair is covered with an invisible protective film that protects against dryness and makes the hair smoother. The effect of lamination lasts from 1 to 3 months - just enough to survive the winter.

Use oil

Excellent antistatic agents are oil. For example, pink, lavender, eucalyptus, olive, castor and linseed oil. In addition, using natural oils, you combine business with pleasure. Before doing hair, apply a few drops of oil on your palm, rub thoroughly and gently & ldquo; walk & rdquo; hair. Do not worry, the hair so you do not get dirty, but get rid of the static electricity likely. And to forget about the problems for a long time, just a week before washing hair do head massage using the same oils.

Watch out for humidity

Low humidity leads to hair drying,that provokes increased electrification. Now very popular special humidifiers, but if you can not afford, simply add water in several jars and put next to a radiator.

Do not forget the folk remedies

The most simple - a strong black tea. Apply it on washed hair and rinse after a few minutes. You can also rinse hair decoction of chamomile. In addition, you can try hair vitamins or vitamin complex, which is composed of zinc and biotin.

Wear the right hat

Hats made of artificial materials muchelectric charges attract. Therefore, give preference to hats made of natural wool, cotton or fur. After washing, rinse the cap can be in antistatic fluid. When the cap is dry, sprinkle it with the wrong side of hairspray. Then the hair will not be & ldquo; pushitsya & rdquo; after you remove the cap.

Use thermal or mineral water

Moisture will reduce the electrification and staticgluing strands. Spray on dry hair a bit of thermal water. Or moisten the usual mineral water a comb, shake off excess drops it and walk a little hair.

Avoid static electricity to help the simple rules
- Carefully and gently brush your hair, so that
s not to damage the hair follicles and not electrify tips.
- Try not to use or to minimize the use of forceps and ironing. If without these devices do not use tools that protect your hair from heat exposure.
- Do not wear tight hats and synthetic items.
- The clothes of the unnatural tissue is treated with the wrong side of the antistatic agent. Be sure to remove the cap coming into the room. Even if you come just for a moment.
- Do not make too & ldquo; difficult & rdquo; hairstyles. Try not to pull hair clips and rubber bands.