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How to remove hair from yellowing?

Go to the side of the beautiful blonde at least oncedreams in life almost every woman. If the nature of the granted black, red and even dark brown hair color, one way - discoloration. How, then, is a bitter disappointment when instead of blond curls as a result of the staining obtained yellowish straw-color strands! It looks ugly, vulgar, yellowing hair catches the eye, leaving no doubt about the fact that it is unnatural hue, the resulting low-quality, poor staining.

It is not surprising that women after an unsuccessful procedure, looking for any ways to remove the yellowing hair and still become a blonde. Do not despair: there is a way out, and not even one.


  • 1 Why does hair turn yellow?
  • 2 How to get rid of the yellow hair?
  • 3 What kind of mask against yellowing hair choose?

Why yellow hair?

To begin with the analysis of the situation: find out the reasons why, after bleaching the strands become yellow instead of being white. This will help to avoid the same mistakes in the future and in subsequent staining receive a beautiful, lasting hair color without the yellow, which does not suit anyone. The reasons for this phenomenon may be a few.

  • Improperly manufactured hair coloring. The yellowness of the strands may occur due toUse of low-quality, expired, cheap paint. This could happen as a result of violation of the order of dyeing stages. Failure to comply with the rules of a responsible process, too often leads to a sad result (usually this occurs because of too long holding paint color). Conclusion: Discoloration should produce a master professional who knows all the nuances of the procedure and would not allow the appearance of annoying yellowness.
  • Improper rinsing hair after dyeing. Just completely bleached hairdefenseless and open to all negative influences from the outside. If ordinary ink wash in running water, it contains salts of iron rust and immediately penetrate into the open scales of the hair, but the result will be an unnatural yellowness. Conclusion: Wash your head only purified water.
  • Discoloration of black hair. If the original color to black staining wasor any other dark, yellowish color is a natural phenomenon, because the natural pigment will try to regain its superiority. We'll have to become discolored again and again to achieve natural whiteness of strands, but here there is another danger: damage curls permanent staining procedures. Conclusion: Before the procedure is better to consult with the master, do not you do this discoloration, so you do not regret the outcome.

consider: any of the above factors, accompanied by your transformation into a blonde. Find out the cause of his yellowing strands never repeat those mistakes if they are dependent on you. If it still happened and the reasons for this phenomenon - not in your hands, there are many ways to get rid of yellow hair at home.

How to get rid of the yellow hair?

Use any of the available remedies against you yellow hair to get rid of this hateful, vulgar tone. They are not too small, just not all of them know and can apply them.

  1. Use for washing of hair "Silver" shampoo, Which is now very much on offer. They contain in its composition is bright, active violet pigment that permanently neutralizes yellow shade and gives a long-awaited white strands. But do not overdo it on the hair, as they may become ashen or pale lilac.
  2. An excellent remedy for yellow hair are all possible coloring shampoos balms or pearl, platinum, pearl, silver shades. Their mechanism of action is exactly the same as in the above-described means.
  3. rinsing hair after washing must be done exclusivelyfiltered water, non-carbonated mineral or even to settle. More would be better, if you add it to a liter - a couple of glasses of the infusion of rhubarb, which is famous for its bleaching properties. The second recipe rinse - per liter of water to let the cup of lemon juice. But chamomile gives hair just a yellowish tint, so it pays to stay away from her in this matter.

No need to rush immediately to his experiencepoor hair all of the above means. This has a negative impact on, and so weakened after bleaching curls. Carefully try out, first one way, if for some reason he will not work, only then can no earlier than 2-3 days, to experience another. Of all the known means, effectively fighting the yellowing of bleached hair, the best are the usual natural masks, home-cooked improvised. The result of regular use will become white hair, without yellowing.

What mask against yellowing hair choose?

Unnatural yellowness of hair after clarificationmay lose it after exposure to active natural components contained in conventional foods and herbs. If you regularly do on the basis of their homemade mask for bleached hair, yellowing leaves, and curls shine natural, beautiful white, and at the same time gradually restored after the harmful coloring process. As with other anti-yellowing hair, masks should not be abused: two times a week should be sufficient. Make them for 30-40 minutes, so that the active components have time to soak into the hair structure and displacing the yellow pigment.

  • Honey mask

Melted in a water bath-house with natural honeyWe need to infiltrate each strand of yellowed. Be sure to make the insulation of a cellophane bag of food and a warm towel. This mask against yellowing hair can keep the color for up to three hours.

  • Mask of rhubarb

Grind dried rhubarb root, pour 1 tablespoonlodges. the resulting powder white wine (500 ml), put over medium heat, wait until the volume of liquid decreasing exactly in half, to filter, to sue.

  • kefir mask

Mix 50 ml of fresh yogurt, 2 tablespoons lodges. vodka, 1 teaspoon lodges. ordinary shampoo, 2 tablespoons lodges. lemon juice and beaten raw egg.

  • Mask of rhubarb and glycerol

Pour 150 grams of crushed rhubarb boiling water (no more than a glass), add 60 grams of glycerol, leave the mixture for half an hour infusion.

Now you know how to remove the yellowing hair afterlightening in the home, and can do it on their own, without the help of hairdressers. The next time the bleaching take care and do not let annoying bugs, which may lead to an undesirable effect of straw hair, which then will have to get rid of a long time.