Hair care

How to make a beautiful hair

Hairstyle plays an important role in modelingfemale image. For its creation needs thick, strong, beautiful hair. In practice, we have to deal with thin, split, dull, often dry or too greasy strands. About any chic hairstyle in such cases and can be no question. Therefore, it is often women of all ages are wondering how to make beautiful hair, so they gave the charm and beauty, and do not require constant treatment and gave one problem after another.

Some of the answer goes to beauty salons, someone -in the shops of professional cosmetics. At the same time spend a lot of money, and the result in the end and so remains deplorable. In fact, here a set of measures is required, such are not too difficult to make curls truly beautiful and luxurious.


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Rule number 1

This may seem strange, but it should starta revision of the food, because the beauty of hair depends on what products enrich the blood of various substances. If it's fast foods, soda, energy, alcohol, fat and marinades, the condition of the hair will be each time getting worse and worse, no matter how effective lines of cosmetics you picked for them. Include in your diet fresh vegetables, nuts, berries, fruits, juices, dairy products, fish and meat - And within a week you will feel that the hair has become much more beautiful: brightened natural luster, no longer split, started to grow faster.

Rule number 2

Again beauties have to wonder: one of the first rules of how to make your hair beautiful, reads as follows: treated. Even if you feel well, full ofvitality and energy, on a regular basis (at least once a year) to undergo a medical examination in order to identify at any hidden disease. After all, they are often the cause of split, falling, not rising quite hair. You do with them will not be able to do, is not addressed to the doctor, do not tap the disease and will not pass a full course of treatment.

Rule number 3

To properly care for your hair and make them beautiful, you definitely you need to determine the type of your hair. There are only four: dry, oily, normal and combination. For this strand, not washed for 2-3 days, you will get wet paper towel on the tips, in the middle and at the roots. If it remain dandruff and hair particles themselves (broken off, split), you have dry hair type. If it will remain wet or shiny spots (they may be very small, not pronounced), is a type of fat. If the tips of the cloth will be dry, and then the roots of our litmus test will show the presence of oily consistency, it is a mixed type. If everything is clear, you - happy owner of a normal hair. Their choice depends on the type of virtually all of cosmetic products. Keep in mind that they change over time.

Rule number 4

Wash your hair with water at room temperature. Hot disclose hair scales, resultingwhich they will appear raspushёnnymi will electrify and adhere to all synthetic, lose a lot of moisture, will become even more dry, increase the number of split ends. To make your hair beautiful, smooth, smooth and silky, almost tёplenkaya need water, at room temperature or even slightly cool. It will make all the scales close and allow the curls to be more obedient.

Rule number 5

Correctly select the means to wash your hair. First, they must all be of the sameproducer and one series. Second, choose them according to the type of your hair and the problem to be solved:.. For volume, to strengthen, to recover, and so it is desirable to change to locks do not have time to get used to it two months later, the line: if this happens, they not respond to them. Third, do not forget to closely study the composition of the acquired assets. If the shampoo has Ammonium lauryl sulfate, keep looking. At least, Sodium lauryl sulfate is less aggressive.

Rule number 6

The sixth rule applies to the three prohibitions, that can not be done with wet hairWhich are easily damaged. Firstly, they absolutely can not rub a towel, as do almost all. Just get wet, otherwise it leads to further hair loss. Secondly, it is not recommended to dry their hair dryer, as this procedure makes them brittle and split. Let it dry itself, naturally. If you still had to use a hairdryer or utjuzhkom, use the special thermal protection. Third, you can not go to bed with wet hair: they are confused and are not combed.

Rule number 7

Make regular nourishing hair mask - Preferably homemade, made from natural products. Each of them has a specific function: for example, egg and honey can feed any type of hair, protein and lemon - very fat, egg yolk and vegetables - dry. There are folk remedies for increasing the volume of hair styles, locks for growth, dandruff and hair loss. If you do them a couple of times a week (but at least one), you can make a beautiful hair in a very short period of time.

Rule number 8

Despite the fact that the composition of many hair conditioners replete with all sorts of chemicals, not despise themCaring for curls. Their ability to "seal" the scales of each hair makes curls very smooth, incredibly silky, and most importantly - save from their permanent electrification. With this tool locks are well protected from the most harmful aggressive factors, so - from the numerous injuries that can prevent them from becoming the most beautiful.

Rule number 9

Everything that comes into contact with your hair, should be made made of natural materials. Therefore, not only to revise all of itshats and bedding, but also the comb should be appropriate. In addition, sterility, purity - that's the key strands of any beauty. If the pillowcase on the pillow does not change for 2-3 weeks (or it is not at all) if you go all winter in a cap, without erasing it, about any chic hairstyle and speech can not be. Needless to say, the hair is always greasy and dirty.

Rule number 10

If you feel that any problem you are not able to cope on their own, be sure to Seek professional help - to trichologist. If the time has not come to him for help whenhair loss - they may lose all. If dandruff strews your shoulders all the more abundant and no funds do not help, a fungal disease can affect the entire scalp. If pet hair restoration is useless without consultation with trichologist get a beautiful, luxurious hair will not succeed. Professionals know their job, find out the cause of your misfortunes and help to get rid of it forever.

Now that you know how to make your hair beautiful,healthy, shiny and luxurious: they simply provide full and regular care, nourish, moisturize - do everything that they blossomed. Then there is no need to spend money on expensive beauty products and treatments. Own house also easily be converted into a beauty salon for the revitalization and improvement of their curls.