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How to make hair thick? Recipes and Tips

how to make hair thickerEach representative of the fairer sex wantsknow how to make hair thick. For thick hair added attraction and seductiveness to representatives. In addition, the luxurious and lush head of hair is an indication of excellent health of its owner.

However, nature is not awarded each such wealth, and many are trying to use all sorts of means to make thick hair throughout life.

Sometimes girls, without knowing it, spoilwrong hair care, frequent use of various electrical appliances for drying and styling, using cosmetics poor quality, and so on. Options worsen the condition of hair - a great many, but then again the ways to make them thicker and more beautiful too much. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to make the density and volume of hair.

Tips on how to make your hair thick

One of the most important factors in hair condition,It considered shampooing all the rules: it is so we will not only cleanse the hair and skin from pollution, but also contribute to an increase in the density and volume of hair.

1. You do not need too often or too rarely wash my hair. She needs it only to the extent of contamination. If your hair is long, "not seen" water and shampoo, they will become dull, greasy and lifeless. This is not only bad for their state, but also looks very unaesthetic.

2. The procedure for washing the hair and the hair must also be careful. Firstly, you can not use to wash very hot water. This will facilitate their rapid contamination. Generally, rinse your hair boiled water better and better to add baking soda (a small spoon per liter of pure water).

Thick hair3. On the question of how to make hair thick, very much influenced by the correct choice and application of shampoo. On the shelves of us meets a gorgeous range of detergents for the head, but should choose those that are designed to make hair stronger, thicker and more beautiful.

Apply shampoo to properly: pouring means does not need the head, and at first hand, and only then, massage, to distribute it on the surface of the hair. The procedure is performed twice, as per all the dirt from head does not wash off. After rinsing the shampoo is necessary to put the balm, which will give your hair shine and thickness, as well as protect them from breakage and split ends.

4. It is very useful for the health of the hair rinse decoction of herbs: burdock root, nettle, chamomile or sage. For shine and density of hair, add the lemon juice into the water or vinegar.

5. Another important factor affecting the density of hair - a head massage. Hold it stands before washing the head or directly during application of shampoo or other means. It improves blood circulation, and it will affect the health and density of hair. Massage is performed using the fingertips, gently press down and in a circular motion.

It is very good to use for a variety of massageessential and vegetable oils to make hair thick. For example, cedar oil well influences hair, making them thick and soft. It needs to be a little warm up and rub into the skin and hair roots. After the massage, wrap head with polyethylene or oilcloth and hold for about 10 minutes so Upon the expiry of the mask is washed off the oil is not just water, and warm water, it is better boiled.

To strengthen the hair will help massage with lemon juice andcastor oil. This recipe is good for thin hair: he will give them the desired volume and density. Each spoon oils mixed with each other and a pair of spoons lemon juice and warmed gently applied to all of the hair. After a few minutes, washed off means.

6. Also, to make the hair thick and contribute to their rapid growth, can be purchased at the pharmacy vitamin complex, and drink their course. We should also use medical cosmetics for hair, which is also sold in pharmacies.

All these recommendations are tested and really work.

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How to quickly make hair thick?

Many of the ladies concerned this question becausemany do not have enough time and patience to grow hair for a long time or spend lengthy procedures. Just note that in any case, to make thin hair for a week lush, like Rapunzel, unlikely, but wait for the hair themselves become thick, it is not necessary.

As mentioned earlier, you should start "treating"inside. In spring and autumn due to vitamin deficiency hair loose and the pomp and splendor and power, and so you should drink a complex of vitamins, especially groups A, B, E and C and to revise your diet to include, for example, boiled beef . After that, you will immediately see the result, and the question of how to quickly make hair thick, will disappear by itself.

Good help make hair thicker specialshampoos for increasing hair volume. Already after the first application, you can see that the hair became more elaborate. In addition, many traditional recipes have a positive effect on the condition of the hair. If the hair is still intact, then there can not do without medical creams, lotions and serums.

A good alternative considered hair extensionsor overhead strands. This is a very quick way to make your hair thick, for example, to an important event: a wedding, anniversary or graduation. Sometimes it helps to damp hair dryer drying hair using special gels or foams, then the hair will become lush and visually very dense. But the abuse in this way is not necessary, so as not to spoil the hair.

How to visually make the hair thicker?

Perm. This method is quite radical, and apply it should be a very rare case. In addition, many such hair just will not do.

  • Thick hairThe right haircut and styling. Sometimes even the most "liquid" hair can be gorgeous and lush, thanks to well-chosen haircut. Experienced master, seeing the shape of the face and condition of the hair, can make them beautiful and thick. Properly clipped bangs will only strengthen the desired effect.
  • Sometimes beautiful hairstyle will also help to makevisually luxuriant hair. Especially, this effect is beautifully curled curls or fleece. Very often, a bride with problem hair choose exactly this type of hair to hair to look luxurious.
  • When placing the hair, use the mousse, notcontaining alcohol, and professional gels, then even the most thin and lifeless hair will appear thicker and more beautiful. Generally, all of the professional hair products, whether cosmetic or electrical can solve such a problem with the hair.

All of these recipes just answer the question: how to visually make the hair thicker. Just remember that it is better to use long-lasting effect, and the only help in this integrated approach.

Traditional recipes to make hair thick

These funds are suitable for long useconsidered safe, but do not tolerate haste and hurry. The easiest way, which gives the hair volume - is a colorless henna. After 4 applications you do not know your hair: they become shiny, thick and strong.

Instead, use a good shampoo speciala mixture of: a spoonful of dry mustard diluted in water. The alternative will be a mixture of egg yolks, which was used in the last century. Well, there is no escape from the use of home-made masks. Oh, they do exactly help the hair to achieve the desired effect.

1. Mask of burdock oil.
Mix together 3 chicken yolk, large spoonmayonnaise and of burdock oil. After all ingredients become homogeneous mass, apply them to the entire surface of the hair. It is better to do it with a brush. Then just wrap the head with oilcloth and wrap a towel on top. Half an hour later washed off the mask with regular shampoo.

2. yolk mask to make hair thick
Juice of half a bulb connected to the yolk anda spoonful of honey. Whisk the ingredients until puree state and begin to rub gently massage the head and the entire length of hair. After 15-20 minutes, when the mask is "give" all necessary and useful, wash it with shampoo.

3. Kefir mask with cocoa.
Mix a couple of small spoons of cocoa powder, coupleeggs and a cup of yogurt, better do it yourself. Divide the blended mass into 4 equal parts: the first put on the head and the hair roots and leave to dry. The other three in turn put on a dried-up means. After 20 minutes, the hair Nestle something warm: a handkerchief or towel, and then wash your hair baby shampoo. Doing so kefir mask only 1 time per week for a few months, you will see excellent results: thick and strong hair.

Of course, it is impossible to list all the traditional recipes to make hair thicker. Their set. Some of them are given to us from grandmothers, and some have come up with ourselves.

All these funds will be essential instruggle for density, shine and strength of hair. Hopefully, we will fully answer your question about how to make thick hair, and if you implement all the recommendations regularly, your hair will delight you with its ideal state. Be beautiful!