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How to lighten your hair folk remedies without harm?

how to lighten your hair folk remediesSome women have very negativeThey relate to their appearance, which is why they regularly change their image, even radically changing hair color. In recent years, a huge popular natural hair color, so the girls often want to know how to lighten your hair folk remedies without any harm to them, in order to return to his tone.

Of course, you, as the other girls did not want to as a result of dyeing your hair to look like a regular sponge. That is why many women are looking for ways to lighten your hair without harm.

If you want your hair has become morelight, then you simply can not do without the use of synthetic drugs, which are strongly destroy the structure of hair, but if you just want to lighten your hair a bit, then use natural and folk brighteners.

How to lighten your hair folk remedies at home?

Any chemical hair dyesproduced by the conventional peroxide or ammonia which severely desiccate them and disturb the hair structure. As a result loosened cuticle and lipid are washed out, the ink composition penetrates each hair. There are also other dyes which are more superficial, causing no such great harm to the hair, but the effect of such coloring dyes are not distinguished by its resistance.

lightening hair at home

If suddenly you have suffered a great disappointmentthe use of chemical dyes, or you just do not want to risk the health of their hair, but at the same time you want to lighten your hair a bit. In this case, you could not be better suited natural remedies! What is the best natural remedies to make clarification, and what kind of tools we offer Mother Nature?

With the right mix of folk remedies, yousimply can not lighten the hair without damage, but at the same time improve their structure. Even our great-grandmother had a close relationship with the forces of nature, they have accumulated vast experience, we gathered a collection of a variety of techniques to change the hair color with the help of natural ingredients.

Lightening hair with lemon house

hairQuite often in the natural maskclarification added fresh lemon juice. Lemon juice clarifying property can be explained by the destruction of the pigment citric acid. A direct sunlight will further enhance this effect.

It is not advisable to apply pure lemon juice onthe surface of the hair, as the end result does not cause you any joy, but you can put it on the individual strands. Using this folk remedy, try not to burn the skin of the head.

The acid contained in the lemon juice,It has keratolytic properties, which is why dandruff can occur after use. Lemon juice is better to use the girls with oily scalp.

How to lighten hair with lemon juice?

1. If you are using to lighten lemon juice without additives, then try to make sure that he did not get on the scalp, at the end of the procedure is better to use any hair conditioner.

2. Lemon juice should be diluted with water. To juice a lemon, you can add the olive oil, broth chamomile similar structure will be slightly mitigate the irritating properties of citric acid to the hair and the scalp and lighten hair without harm. Keep this mask on your hair no more than two hours.

3. The mask of lemon to lighten, you can add a little honey, because it will further nourish your hair, besides it also has clarifying properties.

4. To be effective, wait with this mask in the sun!

to lighten hair Chamomile

lighten hair folk waysChamomile flowers are the most useful andsafe means for clarification. This plant will give your hair a warm summer shades at the same time a little to lighten them. Also prepared a decoction of chamomile will help you cope with the dryness of the scalp, and even dandruff. This method is best suited to girls with blond hair.

The first recipe clarification Chamomile

Prepare a saturated broth chamomile, thisyou need to take no more than 250 milligrams of water, add a few tablespoons of chamomile flowers and add 50 mg of glycerin, and apply cool cooked composition to all your hair from the top you can wear a plastic cap. Allow your hair to no more than two hours. This mask is great for damaged and brittle hair. Glycerol contained in this mask will envelop each hair, in addition, he will seal the pigments chamomile as if prolonging its effect.

The second recipe chamomile lightening at home

We need to take a couple of tablespoons of prepared flowerschamomile and fill them with 500 milligrams of water, start to warm up on a water bath for no more than 15 minutes. Give broth brew well and rinse them with their hair after washing their hair.

Of course, this method does not give you strongclarification of hair, you can achieve a light golden hue of her hair. But at the same time you will see how to improve skin condition of your scalp, as well as the structure of your hair. To get a brighter shade of your hair, you can reduce the amount of water, or vice versa to increase the number of daisies.

Lightening hair with the help of kefir mask

You can use the most common yogurt. Incidentally, it is desirable to use the present kefir, since it contains more acids.

How to make kefir mask to lighten

Egg yolk,
160 milligrams of yogurt,
2 tablespoons vodka
A small amount of shampoo,
Lemon juice,

All of these components must beStir with a spoon until smooth, spread the mixture on all your hair, wear a top hat made of polyethylene, and then wrap your head with a towel. This mask is desirable to do for the whole night and the next morning thoroughly wash your hair with any shampoo.

You can not cook complicated compositions, andused for lightening hair kefir only one, but in this case the effect of lightening will not be so noticeable. You can lighten hair as painted and natural using the above recipe as washing hair.

Such methods lighten hair folk remedies without harm can help you get rid of the unattractive color!