Hair care

Secrets of bright and rich hair color

How to maintain hair color after dyeing for a long time

Hair coloring allows women to change theirway, always be well-groomed and unusual. Each time, performing this procedure, all secretly hope that this time the color is bright and saturated for a long time. But after a certain period, and the paint is gradually washed off: locks are washed-out, dull, and the desired color is no longer looks so fascinating and brilliant.

Is it possible to extend this pleasure? It turns out that this factor depends on how well the coloration produced directly by itself as well as how well was carried out hair care long before the procedure.

So the sooner you stop to think about the measures tosalvation of their new color, the longer will be able to enjoy a delightful, bright and vivid results. Learn a few simple, but important secrets, how to maintain hair color after dyeing for a long time.


  • 1 Hair Care to staining
  • 2 staining Rules
  • 3 Save the color after the procedure
    • 3.1 Washing head
    • 3.2 Authorized agents
    • 3.3 Prohibited means
    • 3.4 sauna and swimming pool
    • 3.5 Humidification
    • 3.6 Special means
    • 3.7 Thermal

Caring for the hair coloring to

The most common error of almost all women, for which they then have to pay the new color of her hair - it is too belated desire to prolong the life of your color.

Shortly before the maximum of the procedure, whatI think most women - the choice of paint, interior, master, just color. The question is how to keep it longer, comes a few weeks after staining, when to do something is, frankly, too late.

That's when you have yet to plan the event, two weeks before staining, and you should already start to prepare your hair for a change in the original pigment.

Masks for hair shine: the best recipesThe measures are simple, but require a certain amount of time and care:

  1. Two weeks before staining pass rateprocedures, revitalizing and restoring hair. It may be medical masks, which actively affect the deepest layers of the structure of the hair and scalp. Suffice it works effectively restore keratin, which today can be virtually any hairdresser. During this procedure, the strands are treated with a special compound, enriched with protein components. They carefully envelop each hair, his smooth scales, which makes them less porous. All of these will facilitate the microprocesses further color staining after preservation for a long enough time.
  2. During the two weeks prior to staining secure thetheir hair from all sorts of invasive procedures: there can be no question of a chemical wave, set aside at this time in the direction of hair dryers, curling, curling irons, hair curlers - all this goes curls obviously not good, weaken them, and they as a result will not be able to keep the color .
  3. During the same period (two weeks) is recommendedevery effort to strengthen the home hair care: do a hydrating mask and rinse herbs, use balms, use cosmetics and essential oils - everything should be the maximum, but within a reasonable used for two or even three weeks before the dyeing process.
  4. And the last point. Heed to the choice of paint. This must be done with the help of a specialist to study about it all the information, see the comments of those who have used it previously. Particular attention should be paid to contraindications. Remember: ammonia dye used for coloring gray hair, while bezammiachnoy recommended for previously painted, damaged, dull and dry locks.

By following these guidelines, you will longprior to staining to do everything that depends on you, so that the color you selected, kept on the hair for a long time, it remains bright and saturated. The results will also depend directly from the dyeing process.

staining Rules

To ensure long and reliable savehair color, you need to competently The performed procedure. In it there are some nuances, from which in the future will depend on the brightness and color saturation of your strands.

The easiest way to give this matter under the control of the masterand contact the salon to staining produced a professional. He knows all the details of his case (referring to a good hairdresser) and will do everything so that the curls were playing beautiful color for a long time after staining.

If we turn to the salon is not possible, or you can entrust such a serious matter only, in this case, take care of the following points in the home coloring:

  1. The application of paint on the hair should bethe most uniform, so use a special brush or ask someone to help you in this not quite a light case and paint those strands that you can not see yourself.
  2. Be sure to purchase together with paintcolor fixative that is specifically designed to extend the life of the newly acquired hair color. It comes in the form of shampoos, sprays, air conditioners.
  3. It is impossible to rinse hair after dyeingordinary tap water. There are too many impurities that can come in a variety of chemical reactions with a fresh dye. Most often, this leads to a rapid washout dyes from hair. Therefore it is necessary to prepare in advance a basin of filtered or mineral water for rinsing after dyeing tresses.

Can you take care of these nuances - bright, rich, vibrant hair color after dyeing is not one week please you and those around her coloring.

And if you support them, and additional high-gradeleaving more and after this process, no one would believe that this color on your hair - artificial: so naturally and harmoniously, he will look for many weeks.

Saving color after the procedure

How to make a beautiful hairIf you are thinking about how to preserve the colorcolored hair, too late, ie. e. after the procedure, properly resolve this situation is unlikely. After 2-3 weeks strands still will gradually fade and lose its charm svezhepriobretёnny recently.

If the two preliminary stages of Conservationhair color (described above) were you passed, extra care for colored strands after the procedure will fix the resulting effect and will delight you with the results of many more days in a row.

This requires a regular basis to perform certain actions that will not take much of your time and effort.

Washing head

During the 2-days after dyeing can not wash your hair and use a variety of means for stacking.

48 hours - that is how much time you need color pigments to gain a foothold inside the hair.

Authorized agents

Review the line of cleaning products for hair,that you enjoyed before. Now I have to use special shampoos, conditioners and air conditioning, which is marked with a "for colored hair." In the usual shampoo, for example, necessarily contained sulfates, which penetrate into the hair structure and engaged in a thorough sweep there.

Naturally, with such exposure, each timeIt will be washed away more and more of the coloring pigment. Result - dull, dull hair. Means for colored hair are very different: they close the scales, which are covered with hair.

Accordingly, the coloring particles will notdisappear. In addition, they often include polymers, proteins, sunscreens, actively protect colored hair from ultraviolet radiation, seawater, rain and other aggressive factors.

Prohibited means

Some, wanting to help move the colored hair stress as easily as possible, start using powerful reducing shoplifting and nutritional agents.

Doing this is not necessary, since they contain many harsh chemicals that can and will help in some way to recover the strands, but the color is hopeless ruin.

Sauna and swimming pool

Within a month after the staining it is not recommended to use the sauna or swimming pool.

Bleach, steam, high temperatures - all this does not give color to gain a foothold on the curls.


Hair coloring - a procedure that takes away from the strands of precious moisture, so it is necessary to mitigate the effect of the drying.

To this end, actively use the light and unobtrusive homemade mask conditioners, conditioners with moisturizing effect.

special funds

The selected shade of hair has turned you outblonde a brunette, brown-haired out in the fair-haired beauty. Do not forget about your new status and now all means replace, in accordance with his new hair color.

There are shampoos for brown-haired women, masksBlondes, brunettes balms - they will support the new of color to your hair in good shape and help you not to lose it too soon. In addition, these funds blondes will save the trouble of yellow, brown-haired women - from rusty tinge, brunettes will give additional natural shine.


Going to the resort and even just going out tostreet, use the pre-half hour before thermal protection means - sprays, oils, creams. They envelop the strand invisible protective film, not giving a chance to harmful external influences aggressively affect the new color.

It turns out that you need to plan for hair coloringlong before it started to be able to save the new color on their strands lively, saturated, bright. A certain set of useful and timely measures at every stage of this process will help to resolve the issue in a positive way.

Now that you know how to maintain hair color after dyeing as long as possible, and always be able to enjoy a rich and vivid COLOR day by day.