Hair care

How to grow hair fast?

How to grow hair fast 1Ever since a few centuries ago and longwell-groomed hair is a real pride of every woman, so the question of how to grow hair quickly became very relevant! Trends fashion haircuts and hairstyles change every year, and what changes did not bring a well-known stylists, long hair will always be the pride of every woman.

But unfortunately not all of the fairer sex are fortunate to have long and healthy hair.

Frequent stress and depression, a lack of specificvitamins in the human body, regular hair blow-drying, hair coloring and perming strongly deplete our hair, making them very brittle and dry, as a result of this further slows down hair growth.

How is the growth of our hair?

The growth of our hair depends on many different factors: such as skin and hair health, heredity, lifestyle, and other factors. If you do not eat, are nervous about everything, and your hair loses essential minerals and vitamins inside, do not expect that your hair will help the most expensive cosmetics, as a pharmacy and cosmetic.

Our hair grows from follicles small andchemical equilibrium, which occurs within them depends on their immediate growth and appearance. All hairs have three periods of growth, once the hair will grow actively for five years, after which the hair growth stops, it is this last condition for four months, after which the hair falls out, that instead they started to grow new ones. The process of hair loss in each person there is a different, and this is particularly dependent on the person's age.

Proper hair care, so that they grow quickly

How to quickly grow hair-2During the selection of suitable cosmetic productsin the store, be guided by the type of your hair. Now in stores a huge selection a variety of cosmetic products, which are designed specifically for hair. Shampoos and conditioners for hair, choose only one brand, and it is desirable that the composition of these cosmetic products, were natural products.

If you want your hair started quicklygrow, you have to learn how to properly care for them. If you want to have a healthy and long hair, then give up coloring. Do not use special curling irons and ironing, not dry the hair dryer often do not make chemical zavivok as a result of all of this over time slowly breaks down the hair structure, making them dry and lifeless, as a result of the accelerated phase of the withering away of the hair.

To wash the hair of the hair usepreferably warm water of about 37 degrees. To wash your hair, use a pre-zakipyachennuyu water, not water from the tap. In the bitter cold on the street wearing only a warm hat. It will be quite enough to wear a knitted cap, but from fur hats desirable at all to refuse, because they create a greenhouse effect and strongly pressed hair. If from time to time to cut the hair ends a few millimeters (about once every few months) so that you remove all posechennye hair ends.

Hair comb only need specialbrushes. This may be wooden massage brushes or combs, brushes or those which are made of coarse bristles. It is important to learn how to comb their hair. Comb, you need starting with the tips slowly rising to the very roots. Comb their hair is not less than a hundred times, as it contributes to a greater stimulation of hair growth.

Healthy nutrition for hair growth

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to grow longhair, if you are a fan of all sorts of diets. Poor and unbalanced diet affects our skin, hair and nails. The absence in the body elements such as selenium, calcium, iron and magnesium, and vitamins A and a bad influence on hair growth and general condition. As a result, every hair loses its shine and elasticity and greatly thinned.

Note that it is included in yourdaily diet. If for any reason you can not eat full, then you will come to the aid of ready-made vitamin complexes. In addition you need to follow to ensure that your diet includes nuts, dairy products, different varieties of sea fish, eggs, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

How to grow hair fast? Head massage

In addition to the massage head with a specialmassage brush, you can massage your head with your arms. This is no big deal, his fingertips slowly make their way to the skin of your head, which is located directly under the hair, do it on your hair growth lines deep.

Slightly pushing hands, with light circularmovements work your way to the very top. When he reached the very top of a little lift your hair up. Head massage should be done for ten minutes several times a day. With this massage increases blood circulation in each hair follicle, resulting in enhanced metabolic processes them.

How to quickly grow hair-3

The popular beauty recipes for hair growth


fresh onion juice increases blood flow to the skinour head, saturating the hair with minerals, vitamins and all essential trace elements. Take fresh onions and a good grind them in a meat grinder or blender, then strain through a pulp need several layers of gauze, so as a result you only have juice left.

The resulting juice from the onions need a little rubfingertips into the hair roots, then your head must be well wrap the package and put on a top dressing. After a while, you need to wash your hair with any shampoo, which is available in your presence. To make your hair began to grow faster, it is necessary to do this procedure only once a week for a month.

But this onion mask has only one drawback -it is not very pleasant and persistent smell of onions, which are very difficult to get rid. That is why such a mask is desirable to afford to do on the weekend, when the next day you do not need to go to work.

Burdock oil for hair growth

Unfortunately, burdock oil is very rareis used for growth and strengthen the hair. The thing is that after application it is very difficult to wash off with her hair. You have to wash your hair more than four times to stop your hair stick together. But, despite this shortcoming, though burdock oil is considered the best remedy for hair growth.

You can simply rub a burdock oil clean the skinhead and shook her head wrap, and then a towel. After a few hours you need to rinse your hair with water. If every day to repeat this procedure, then very soon your hair grow back very fast. Moreover few grams burdock oil can be added to a shampoo or hair mask. And when you wash your head, the oil will effectively work on the scalp.

Tar Hair Mask

Pine and birch tar fewcenturies ago, regularly used for hair growth. To prepare the composition, you'll need a few spoonfuls of pine or birch tar, one spoon of cognac, 30 grams Dimexidum and half spoon of camphor spirit. This mask is very effective, but it has a very strong smell, which is quite a long time to stay in your home.

Herbal tinctures

Decoction of chamomile, juniper,birch leaves, burdock and nettle - is another effective way otraschivaniya long hair. All of the above ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions, pour hot water, cool and at night and leave in the refrigerator. Use this liquid for rinsing hair.

How to grow hair? mustard mask

Mustard powder fine splits fat. Not long ago, the hostess used the mustard powder for washing dishes. But mustard has other properties, it can help to grow hair. To prepare the masks need to mix a few spoonfuls of mustard powder, ten grams of castor oil and one fresh yolk. Mustard mask put on hair, and after about 25 minutes, wash your hair with any shampoo.

Cognac for hair growth

A few spoonfuls of brandy mixed with three spoonsonion juice, two tablespoons of broth burdock roots. Mix all ingredients until smooth and slowly rub into the roots of his hair. After a couple of hours, the mask can be washed away with water and any shampoo.