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How to paint the tips of the hair in the home quickly and beautifully

tips of hair coloringHow to paint the tips of the hair at home,Learn about it at All manufacturers of persistent professional paints give an absolute guarantee that even dyed the tips of the hair for a long time will be juicy. But this is not the case, many women want to have their hair natural color, and the color originality was preserved.

Hair coloring tips on technique balayazh

Enormous popularity in recent yearswhile hair coloring in shades of bright only the hair ends. Experts call this technique balayazh. The whole essence of this interesting technique consists in the fact that the tip of each hair is painted in a color that should differ significantly from the principal. Due to such staining can emphasize your individuality and personal style.

To know how to dye hair at home tipsbalayazh technique, first you need to trim the ends of her hair, and to have everything worked out, it is desirable to do so, you turn to the hairdresser. To dye your hair ends in some other shade you need to be in possession of a special brush for painting, foil, comb, cellophane or rubber gloves.

tips of hair coloring

How to paint the tips of the hair in the home of different lengths

If your hair has a short length, thenbefore staining procedure you have to comb them well, so they stuck up. Put the prepared paint on the surface of the foil, and then gently flip it painted side down, and immediately spend it on the tips of her hair. Or you can put on hand gloves, dip a few finger paint and "pinched" tips of the hair so that the curls was enough to dye.

To allow you to highlight your hair fringingcontrasting shade of paint, lift the hands of the hair, you will not be painted and carefully secure them. To create razmyvchatye border to better select the hair strands and make the parting "star." After that hair coloring should be put on the foil surface, apply the dye on them and carefully wrapped foil.

If you have an extra long cut, then dividetheir hair into small squares. Then gather your hair in bunches, each ponytail at the roots wrap foil. Then put on the ends of hair dye is prepared and carefully wrap them with foil. All dyed locks of hair should stick "hedgehog."

how to paint the tips of the hair in the home

For thin geometrical linesyou must enclose locks of hair directly under the foil and cause the coloring composition with a brush perfectly straight line. Of course, this procedure is quite complicated, but the end result is more vivid.

How to paint the tips of the hair at home,if you have long hair? Girls with long hair have to do "edging". And under those ends of hair that you're going to paint, it is necessary to put the foil. After that, the hair strands cause the paint.

The end result after stainingthe tips and roots of the hair in various shades is simply colossal. More effectively this type of coloring would look for long hair. To you could get such a result, you can use a similar combination of colors: for example, you can paint the roots of her hair in a shade Sandra and ends of hair dye in the color of pearls, or roots can be painted in a shade of eggplant and tips in the shade Burgundy.

The dye composition is applied to the tips byseparation of all locks on the individual squares. After that, it is already possible to carry out the tips of the hair coloring. After the procedure, all hair must be well rinsed. Then the whole hair colorant is applied to a conventional manner.

How to paint the tips of the hair at home with the help of the dye? When you apply the dye on your hair, try not to leave a space between the color of the roots and tips.

how to dye the hair tips

That is, the ink composition should be applied in such aa way that between the different shades could see a clear distinction between color transitions. After about fifteen minutes, distribute the coloring composition over the entire length of your hair, do it with a comb. To give the effect a smooth transition to distribute the boundaries so that each strand was his.

At the end of twenty minutes to wash allhair under a small stream of water. And to give your hair a healthy appearance and consolidation of new color put on your hair balm. After rinsing the dye from the hair should be completely refresh the entire hairstyle. It is necessary to apply a different color dye on the hair at the roots, and then using a comb to distribute over the entire length. Put on your tips of the main paint color. But after about twenty-five minutes, rinse your hair with paint.

Enormous popularity in recent yearstime locks staining Ombre style that involves staining under a curl of the same color, and the border at the same time becomes blurred. Thus, one color slowly changes the other.

how to paint the tips of the hair at home

For coloring curls style Ombre most commonly used light coffee, coffee, beige, light brown, honey, hazelnut, amber and wheat colored.

The essence of this technique lies in the fact that the rootsHair dyed in dark shades of paint, and the tips in the light Thus, how to paint the tips of the hair at home the problem is not so terrible, the most important thing to follow the right advice.