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How to learn to massage your head?

Head massage

On the scalp and hair are constantly arisingsome problems: it starts to roll in dandruff on the shoulders of white flakes, the strands remain intact tufts on his shoulders, it does not work to create additional volume hairstyle.

It does not even work surprisinglymost advertised means - no expensive shampoos, masks or brand, nor powerful hairdryers. Deplorable situation in which so much I tried, but the problem remains unsolved and.

At the same time women are not even aware how easy it is to get out of this impasse: a head massage at home, which can be done independently, can master all.

A lot of time it will not take you, but will improvecondition of the hair, give a feeling of lightness, and will present a therapeutic effect on the scalp and roots. Learn the simple techniques it - and get rid of unnecessary complexes.


  • 1 Indications and contraindications
  • 2 Massage equipment for head
    • 2.1 Cosmetic massage equipment for head
    • 2.2 Comb
    • 2.3 Massager
  • 3 Technique self-massage

Indications and contraindications

To head massage at home rarelyresorts, considering it a very daunting task, either absolutely useless procedure. Ideally, it is necessary to do all, since it effectively improves the cellular processes in the scalp.

Even with a healthy and beautiful hair, self-massage can be an excellent prevention of dandruff, brittle, alopecia, dullness, lifelessness, slow or even stop hair growth.

However, if a preventive measure can notto do this procedure in certain cases it is necessary, especially when the scalp and the hair does not respond for some reason other health and beauty treatments and facilities.

Experts call the specific indications for the course of self-massage of the head, when the procedure is almost the only way out of the problem situation.

Fast Hair MaskThese statements and must adhere to all who planned to learn such a good cause:

  • hair ceased to respond to beautymeans: for example, dry strands after the application of a moisturizing shampoo remain fragile, istonchёnnymi and dry; or greasy ringlets all just can not get rid of greasy luster even after special masks;
  • vitamin deficiency, lack of nutrients (particularly common phenomenon observed in the off-season);
  • stilled follicles: this procedure activates them well, so it is believed that the massage head for hair growth - one of the most effective and efficient procedures;
  • seborrhea under its various forms, and as a consequence - profuse dandruff;
  • disruption of subcutaneous sebaceous glands, due to which hair or covered with an oily luster or overdried;
  • alopecia (slow and intense alopecia): often at home head massage is almost the only means of bad hair loss;
  • In addition, this procedure is recommended for under various disease conditions: hypertension, muscle and headaches, stress, hangover.

Of course, professional massage of the head, made specialist, is more effective and targeted at solving some specific problems mentioned above.

If possible, preferably at leasttwice a year to go to such a procedure in the beauty salon. Not bad, and it was in self-development self-massage head technology to consult a professional - trichologist. This is due to the fact that some situations are contraindications for it.

Masks for hair shine: the best recipesIt can be:

  • fever;
  • hypertension;
  • infection;
  • Stock head sutures after surgery or implants.

All data is required contraindicationsbe kept in mind in deciding on the scalp with the help of self-massage treatment. After approval and detailed consultation with trichologist can purchase special massage facilities and develop performance techniques.

Massage equipment for head

Home scalp massage involvesthe use of various improvised additional funds, which will help to strengthen the effectiveness of the procedure. There are not many, they do not devastate your wallet at a staggering amount (excluding massager, but you can do without it, if the financial issue is too badly).

Massage means actively affect the blood circulation and scalp, which allows a short time to stop hair loss and accelerate their growth.

Beauty Massage equipment for head

Nobody forbids to do self-massage dry: in this case, the procedure will wear not only therapeutic, as a cosmetically-preventive effect.

If, however, you inflict to massage the scalpwarmed cosmetic or vegetable oil (any can be selected specifically according to the solved problem or type of hair), will increase the effectiveness of the procedure several times. Especially recommended to do this, if you suffer from excessively dry strands.


It is not always self-massage is done with your fingers. You can buy a special brush with firm, elastic teeth. They do not bend and do not injure the scalp.

Regular brushing strands of such a tool in just a few (3-4) minutes well stimulate blood circulation, thereby contributing to nutritious food, skin cells.


It will be great if you will gain specialmassager designed for the head. It is worth it in different ways, but in any case it is perfectly acupressure on the most weakened areas of the scalp and perfectly solves a variety of problems.

If you bought everything you need for thismiraculous and such a useful procedure, left to figure out how to do head massage: technique of its implementation is simple and accessible to everyone. Especially that the network can find a lot of instructional videos.

Technique of self-massage

Home self-massage has many advantages,but it is not do without drawbacks. Before the start of its implementation you will be helpful to know what to do with it will have to throw back her hands to perform the necessary manipulations.

This leads to a strong enough voltagemuscles, especially at first. Hence - the muscle and even headaches after the massage. By that just need to be ready. The rest of competent, regular self-massage has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the hair.

Technique of its performance should be exactly the same rules as set out by specialists:

  1. Wash hands, preferably - with anti-bacterial soap.
  2. Wash your head before massage is not recommended.
  3. But before that comb the curls should be very careful to facilitate holding of the massage.
  4. Apply basic cosmetic oil, preheated in a water bath.
  5. Stroke himself on the head, calm down, run your fingers through his hair.
  6. Schedule for themselves an imaginary trajectory from the center of the forehead to the back of the head - the direction of your movements within the massage should be determined by that line.
  7. Large fingers should act as a support, while others do most of the work in a half-bent position, make all the necessary manipulations.
  8. The first movement should be easy and unobtrusive. Pressing, rubbing and stroking need most to warm and relax the skin.
  9. Gradually increase the pressure on the skin with fingertips.
  10. Stroking me on tap, but try to be careful and avoid the discomfort and painful blows.
  11. massage time chosen individually: it can last from 3 to 20 minutes.
  12. After the session is strongly recommended to stay at rest (lie down, just relax) 30 minutes.
  13. During the 2-week to do a head massage at home every day, and then come back to it it will be possible only when necessary.

Already after 5-6 sessions, you make surehow effective massage for head of hair: they begin to be transformed - dandruff disappears, the separated strands become smaller, the tips are no longer cut by themselves curls acquire liveliness, brilliance and pleasant shade.

And you definitely will appreciate the fact that theseresults - not just a veneer, dictated to sealing the outer scales of the hair. This is the beauty due to domestic health, coming from the most hair roots.

Correct and regular massage of the head produced in the home affects many internal processes that occur at the cellular level. This leads to such a reliable, pleasing results.