Hair care

How to comb your hair?

Proper brushing the hair of any type and the mostdifferent length is important in self-care. Trivial, but very difficult question of how to comb hair correctly, for many people is very relevant and even painful. Someone after this procedure can not in any way to scrape the whole comb strands dangling her scraps. Some of the most retard time unraveling curls representing the "crow's nest", but not a beautiful and well-groomed hairstyle. To these problems have ceased to be painful, you just need to learn how to comb hair. This requires a well-chosen tools and the knowledge of a few simple but very important rules.


  • 1 Tools for combing hair
  • 2 Rules combing hair

Tools for combing hair

An employee can not be good without a propertool. Similarly, hair combing: what to do this procedure? Modern beauty industry offers a wide selection of different combs, combs and brushes. First, it is necessary to note - it is the material from which they are manufactured.

  • Wood

Today, wood asnatural material for combs - one of the best and the best options for every type of hair. Yes, to care for wooden comb difficult, but compared with the metal it is very pleasant to the skin, and in contrast to the plastic locks are not electrifying. His main drawback - the difficulty in maintaining a perfectly clean and sometimes too intense absorption of moisture makes the comb unfit for its continued operation.

  • Horn

Another good, high-quality, naturalmaterial for combs, which is worth paying attention to - it's horn. It also compares favorably with plastic brushes that reduces static electricity in curls. But the most important advantage of the horn as a material for combs that he is the most similar in chemical composition to biological material that makes up our hair. He also has the disadvantage that also should take into account when choosing such a tool for combing: with vigorous and frequent washing of hair with hot or warm water at the horn combs appear jagged holes and stripes, which damage the scalp and strands themselves by scratching.

  • Steel

Steel tools for hair is very popular,since available and inexpensive. Experts recommend before combing the hair metal brushes lightly heating them (this can be done by putting them on a pre-pack or a hot kettle lid, pots). This advice relates to the fact that the warm metal gives slightly different (more pleasant) feeling than a cold. Still, most of the professionals of hairdressing and Trichology oppose metal combs due to the rigidity of the teeth and their substandard treatment.

  • Plastic

The most common tools forcombing hair are plastic. Love for them is dictated by sufficient strength, hygienic, easy to maintain. However, a drawback is also very essential: with the material you will be constantly electrify hair.
Thus, the material chosen for the comb. Now is the time to pay attention to their teeth from which will also depend on the correct process of brushing the most intricate strands:

  • sharp and rigid teeth excluded: they hurt the scalp and lead to various diseases;
  • Ideally the tips of the teeth on the comb should be rounded, not sharp;
  • for often confused and curly hair need to choose a comb with a few teeth;
  • if you want to comb dandruff, take frequent teeth.

Choosing the right comb - a guaranteeand that the procedure is most confusing even combing the hair gently and painlessly pass. However, there are still some very important nuances that need to be kept in mind for proper combing curls.

Rules combing hair

In order not to lose their hair intact strands and not to givethey go awry, you just need to be able to comb them properly. It's enough to stick to simple and unpretentious rules. With strict adherence to them, and every day you feel like your tresses are filled with vitality, no longer confused and do not fall.

  1. It is mandatory to comb her hair three timesa day: in the morning, immediately after waking; day, after work; in the evening, before bedtime. However, this is not the limit: in ancient times, according to the old guidelines, the girl was combing her hair ten times throughout the day, with each of the combing to make 10 movements smoothing hair comb from top to bottom. From the point of view of Trichology everything quite right: these daily manipulation help to improve blood circulation, release of fat by the sebaceous glands, its uniform distribution along the strand.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to comb wet or even damp curls. For a start they need to dry (best - naturally).
  3. To properly comb your hair, you need to headtilt. This is possible in several positions: go to his head hanging down over the edge of the sofa; sit on a chair and tilted his head between his knees; do it standing (though in this situation many may be tired of the spin). The slope of the need for enhanced blood flow to the skin. However, there is one very important contraindication: stay long in these positions can not be those who have problems with blood pressure.
  4. Begin to comb hair from the nape of the neck should beuniformly, smoothly and slowly in all directions. If you do everything correctly, after about 3 minutes you will feel the heat. This is a sign that the circulation began to work in the strong pace: the roots reaches the maximum amount of nutrients, locks stronger, gaining strength, begin to grow better.
  5. When combing comb alternate motion(Brush) with the other hand stroking the curls (free) hand. One movement make a comb, the other - hand. Curls stroking hands for a few minutes is recommended even after brushing. This helps distribute the sebum around the hair canvas more evenly, making them shiny, strong, elastic.
  6. No sudden movements during the procedure to make it is impossible: they have to be smooth and soft.

This - the basis of a correct combing hair, compliance with which is to preserve the beauty and health of your curls will save them from many diseases and afflictions, do fantastically compelling and beautiful.