Hair care

As starch can help your hair?

Starch hair shampoo as a dry composition and masks

For hair care products use the most beautifuldifferent products, sometimes - totally unexpected. We all know the starch - white granular powder without taste and smell, which is used by housewives for thickening thickening dishes prepared dressings, jellies, sauces.

It is time to look at it from a different angle: it turns out, can be used for hair starch as an excellent dry shampoo, or in the various masks.


  • 1 Secret starch acts on hair
  • 2 Tips for using starch
  • 3 Recipes starch of hair
    • 3.1 Dry shampoo for oily hair
    • 3.2 Tomato-starch hair mask volume
    • 3.3 Creamy starch mask against dandruff
    • Cabbage 3.4-starch mask against hair loss

Secret starch acts on hair

Starch is a carbohydrate, its chemical compositionrelatively poor, but that does not stop in its composition substances react with other elements in the various reactions. As a result, the formation of new substances, which turn out to be beneficial for the scalp.

Masks of pink clay for unruly hairThe mechanism of action of the starch in the health and beauty of hair is the following:

  • mixed with the fat on the hair, which is isolatedsebaceous glands, starch forms glucose, which is a valuable nutrient for root: they become stronger, longer drop out, the curls start to shine and grow faster;
  • part of the glucose is not pushed into the roots, under the influenceof the same oil on the hair is oxidized to form carbon dioxide and water: the first promotes thorough cleansing strand from contamination, the second moisturizes;
  • in the process of oxidation released enough energy, which is necessary for a beautiful, healthy, natural glow and shine;
  • In addition, the starch is presenta small amount of niacin - vitamin that plays an important role in the health of the hair: it prevents hair loss, promotes the growth of the strands, and most importantly - prevents early graying;
  • more mineral elements in thestarch (calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium), being active participants in many metabolic processes, normalizes the subcutaneous blood and lymph circulation, promote the normal operation of the sebaceous glands control the level of moisture in the cells.

These beneficial properties for hair starchallow it to actively use the dry cleaning greasy strands, when the time before an important event remains quite a bit and wash my hair once. Compared with dry shampoos stores in starch has one distinct advantage: it is cheap.

On the effectiveness of it, he is not inferior. Negative reviews that starch is converted during the procedure in lumps and then not washed away and not vychёsyvaetsya of strands, dictated largely inept handling of this product as a cosmetic for hair. Here you need to know a few tricks of the trade.

Tips for the use of starch

Starch - no ordinary productpreparation of cosmetic products for hair care. This is not a meal and honey, which is enough to add to any mask, and they will give it the right consistency and a lot of useful properties.

Effect of starch only be achievedwhen to use it wisely, carefully and gently enough so you do not tear the annoyance his hair in clumps because starch lumps did not want at the roots vychёsyvatsya:

  1. Indications: greasy hair type.
  2. Contraindications: over-dried, posechёnnye, brittle hair.
  3. For beauty treatments is best to choose a potato or corn starch.
  4. Starch - not a harmless product. Like any natural product of vegetable origin, it can cause allergies, so before using starch as a cosmetic for hair care is required to make a small home test for the presence of allergens in it for your skin. Sprinkle powder wrist of your hand for 10 minutes, then whisk starch and make sure their feelings for one hour. If there is not the slightest hint of itching, burning, redness, rash, the product can be safely used for its intended purpose.
  5. Since the main function of starch - cleansing of the hair from pollution of various kinds, it is necessary to use a dirty mind.
  6. When applied to the hair starch Trackso that they were not wet, otherwise the vehicle, but disappointment, nothing good will not do: by water starch rolled in sticky, viscous lumps which are then removed from the hair will be very difficult, even with the shampoo.
  7. Starch - not the means by which you canto use on a daily basis, as it is too intense effect on the sebaceous glands. Try to use it only when necessary, when the state of oily hair is poor, and other means are at the same time powerless. Try to refer to starch for help in such cases, not more than 2 times a week - this is the maximum.

Taking into account these few simpletips you can use starch for the benefit of his hair. He possesses not only detergent properties: with regular use of this tool oily hair cease to shine, and will become dirty much less than before.

They will look more attractive, willbrighter cease to fall, begin to grow faster. The only positive results - that's what can be achieved with regular use of starch for the recovery and putting in order his unruly hair and problematic.

Recipes starch of hair

Essential cinnamon oil for hair growthThe most common hair starch is used as a dry shampoo, a classic recipe is simple and uncomplicated.

Much more time will take preparing masks for hair with starch, but it is justified by the remarkable effect that they have on the strand.

Dry shampoo for oily hair

Sprinkle the roots of their hair a small amount of starch, several times throwing the parting. Remove the powder from the strands can be in 5-10 minutes.

To do this, drop your head down and whisk starchwith fingers hair: Part powder osypetsya after this manipulation. Then comb strands of sparse comb. You can use a hair dryer, pointing to the hair roots stream of cold (in any case not hot) air.

Tomato-starch hair mask volume

Large enough, the most important thing - a ripe,juicy tomato dip in boiling water, take off his carefully peel, remove seeds, mash to a state of mashed potatoes, mixed with two tablespoon of potato starch, then add a tablespoon of unrefined olive oil, which is desirable to pre-heat water bath.

Thoroughly mix it all until a homogeneous mixture, apply to the entire length of the strands evenly for 30-40 minutes, then wash off the mask using shampoo.

Creamy starch mask against dandruff

Mix 1 spoon of tea leaves crushed raspberry and blackcurrant, 2 tablespoon of starch. Dilute it all 2 tablespoon of cream.

Time of action - not more than half an hour, you can makeinsulation of cellophane and a towel. Washed off the mask medicated shampoo for dandruff. Two of these powerful tools (home mask and shops shampoo) together give great results.

Cabbage-starch mask against hair loss

Mix 4 tablespoons tablespoons chopped cookedcabbage leaves with 2 tablespoon of starch, add 1 tablespoon of unrefined, pre-warmed in a water bath of olive oil. Sustain color hour, wash with normal shampoo.

Starch as a food product is greatly appreciatedhostesses, so he has almost every kitchen. It costs nothing to raise his rank and make a better tool for the care of greasy hair, which are always a problem for their owner.

With regular use of masks and starchshampoo for curls, they flourish, become more beautiful, well-groomed and stronger. Say "goodbye" to hair loss and dandruff: starch will make sure that you remember them now much less.