Hair care

How useful therapeutic mud for hair?

Mud Mask for hair as a therapeutic and cosmetic products

Therapeutic mud sediments of water bodies is,peat bogs sediments, volcanic mud volcanoes and other natural formations, consisting of water, mineral and organic substances. With smooth and greasy consistency, it is actively used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

In particular, mud hair mask can bepurchased at the pharmacy and enjoy their quick, effective action. After the first procedure will be a noticeable difference in the condition of hair: how dull and they were distressed to mask and how shiny and elastic after it began.

This miraculous transformation takes place thanks to the unusual composition of healing mud.


  • 1 The effectiveness of mud masks
  • 2 Guide to the use of therapeutic mud masks
  • 3 Recipes home mud masks for hair

The efficacy of mud masks

Therapeutic mud is the result of years ofcomplex processes - climatic, geological, hydro-geological (geochemical), biological (chemical and biological), and other material for its formation -. This mineral particles, water, organic matter (plant and animal residues) colloidal particles of inorganic and organic composition.

The formation of the mud going through microbial activity. Their number could total 1 billion per 1 g of the dry mud, which is sold in pharmacies.

As a result of various biochemical processes,dirt enriched with biogenic components (carbon compounds, sulfur, nitrogen, iron, etc.), which exhibit a sufficiently high therapeutic and cosmetic active in recovery curls.

If you regularly access the Mud Maskrevival, resuscitation and treatment of their hair, you yourself will soon feel, what benefits carry these tools with unaesthetic mind.

Mud face masks: recipesThey:

  • save strands from falling out;
  • give them a shine;
  • accelerate their growth;
  • moisturize;
  • smooth: After hair mud masks are not just smooth and silky they finally cease to be confused and to electrify;
  • treat dandruff and seborrhea;
  • strengthen the roots, make them strong and powerful;
  • nourish the hair follicles;
  • relieve itching and irritation to the scalp, soften it;
  • protect against external aggression.

In addition to the therapeutic mud in the structure of such masks oftenincludes other useful components that are perfectly able to affect the hair. This may be vitamins (A, E, C, B5, D), minerals (calcium), algae oils (olive oil, carrot). All these ingredients have a positive effect on the health and appearance of hair, scalp.

Regular use of mud masks enrichescurls healing minerals, stimulates blood circulation, helps the scalp in the assimilation of nutrients, strengthening the roots, activating metabolic processes, preventing breakage and restores hair elasticity. If everything is done correctly, the results did not take long to wait.

Instructions for use of therapeutic mud masks

Mud Mask for hair good that is always accompanied by detailed instructions on the application, in which the steps prescribed the whole mechanism of hair mud.

Follow them religiously - and the mask will not disappoint you:

  1. If the purpose of the mask - only medicinal (alopecia, seborrhea, strong posechennymi), it is strongly recommended to take advice from a trichologist or balneoterapevta (a specialist in mud therapy).
  2. Make sure there are no contraindications towhich include idiosyncrasy ingredients mask and severe inflammatory scalp processes. During pregnancy and lactation women before use of such masks is best to consult with a physician observing her.
  3. If the mask is bought ready-made. Not opening the package (container), place it in the warm water of 60-70 ° C, soak it for 20 minutes: it is necessary to dirt the temperature reached 40-45 ° C.. All the same without opening the package, knead, mix the contents. Now you can cut the edge of the package. Allow to cool to dirt heated 38-42 ° C. If the packet number of curative mud exceeds the amount necessary for a single procedure, the package will have a mask open and warm without it.
  4. If a mask bought in powder. Dilute it with warm water so as to obtain a liquid slurry, which lie well to the hair and will not drain with them.
  5. The head should be pre-washed and lightly dried. Mud Mask will fall on wet hair.
  6. Squeeze the mud mask on the first roots, scalp massage, rubbing medicine. Then make a mud wrap the hair around the web, from head to tip.
  7. Top head wrap with plastic film, wear a warm hat, a handkerchief or scarf.
  8. The duration of mud hair is from 10 to 20 minutes.
  9. At the end of the session beauty wash away dirt with warm (preferably filtered) water. To it was washed off more quickly, the water rinsing can be added common salt (2 tablespoons per liter).
  10. Gently blot hair with a cotton towel.
  11. Allow the head to dry itself, without the help of a hair dryer.
  12. After the procedure, you need to lie down and relax for half an hour.
  13. Frequency mud treatments for hair careselected individually. If locks are in very poor condition, and requires a long lasting effect, you can make mud masks 2-3 times a week. If the purpose of the use of such funds - the prevention of problem states strands, rather than 1 time in 7-8 days.
  14. A full course of hair transformation is from 8 to 12 treatments. After 2-3 months to fix the resulting effect of mud treatment course for hair can be repeated.

Scheme hair mud usually appointedtrichologist or balneoterapevt. However, due to the fact that such funds operate largely cosmetic functions in pharmacies are sold without a prescription, and they can take advantage of every woman who dreams of a long, luxurious, beautiful, and most importantly - healthy hair.

Pharmacies sell ready-made masks, but they can always be supplemented with a variety of ingredients at their discretion according to their type of hair.

Recipes home masks for hair mud

Do you want to receive from mud masks for hair integrated, comprehensive result - use them in pure form. and so it is recommended for the first time.

If these natural natural remediesliked you, you already have the experience of using them, you can diversify your beauty sessions, adding masks different foods, oils and herbs. This will strengthen or weaken some specific property curative mud mask and ask a certain direction.

  1. Classic mask for all hair types.
    Powder therapeutic mud (2 table. Tablespoons) dissolve in warm filtered water to the desired consistency.
  2. Anti-dandruff.
    Powder therapeutic mud (1 tsp. L.) Mix with crushed dried flowers of chamomile (1 tsp. L.), Warm sea buckthorn oil (1 tsp. L.).
  3. Mask smoothness.
    Powder therapeutic mud (2 table. Tablespoons) mix with milk, heated to 40 degrees.
  4. Mask elasticity.
    Powder therapeutic mud (2 table. Tablespoons) Stir with a decoction of chamomile and peppermint (for 1 table. Spoonful).
  5. From dandruff.
    Powder therapeutic mud (2 table. Tablespoons) dissolve in warm filtered water to the desired consistency, add the softened propolis (a pea), stir again.
  6. For oily hair.
    Powder therapeutic mud (2 table. Tablespoons) mix with chamomile broth to the desired thickness.
  7. Protective face mask.
    Powder therapeutic mud (. 2 tablespoons) dissolve in warm filtered water to the desired consistency, add 4-5 drops of calming essential oils: chamomile, almond, jasmine, geranium, or orange.
  8. For dry hair.
    Powder therapeutic mud (2 table. Tablespoons) dissolve in warm filtered water to the desired consistency, add the olive oil unrefined (1 tsp. L.).

Affordable, easy to use, incrediblyeffective, mud hair mask allows you to look well-groomed and beautiful and without beauty salons. Few could believe that such a result is possible to achieve with such unsightly to look at dirt.