Hair care

As dimexide help hair growth?


Dimexidum (dimethyl sulfoxide) - a colorless fluid viscous consistency c characteristic odor, which is sold freely available in pharmacies as a medicine.

With a pronounced local anesthetic,anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial activity, it can be used for the treatment of scalp (if any injury, wound, superimposed stitches recently, seborrhea).


  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 Efficiency Dimexidum
  • 3 Instructions for use
  • 4 Recipes masks Dimexidum
    • 4.1 Firming
    • 4.2 For oily hair
    • 4.3 For Hair Growth

What is it?

It is also used for the treatment of hair (if there are brittle, dry, malfunction of the sebaceous glands, posechennymi, alopecia, intense precipitation, stopped the growth).

Finder actively used in cosmetology,dimexide hair - is a drug that has been not only a "cosmetic repair" the appearance of curls, and a full treatment from the inside.

Efficiency Dimexidum

If you view the responses of those who have already experiencedDimexidum action on their own hair, you can run into conflicting descriptions of its effectiveness. Someone talks about the furry and soft curls after dimeksidnyh masks, and someone abuses the drug for the obnoxious odor and the absence of any effect.

Dimexidum unusual in that it can not bedecompose into acids, fats, minerals and vitamins, since it is a synthetic product, which is produced by a chemical laboratory.

Therefore, from the point of view of science everything that we have, - the description of the pharmacological preparation, requiring it to:

  • penetrate deeply into the cells through any barriers, transporting them in other nutrients, which contains a mask;
  • since the absorption of useful trace elementsimproves hair is getting all that they need for normal growth and beauty: as a result of stop loss process is accelerated growth, a thickening and strengthening of each hair - curls are voluminous and thick;
  • normalizing blood circulation, dimeksidnye hair masks prescribed for alopecia, preventing complete baldness;
  • stimulating the vital functions of the follicle root, dimexide used for hair growth;
  • Being analgesic dimexide eliminates itchy scalp with seborrhea, and other fungal infections;
  • trichologists are anti-inflammatory properties of this drug and prescribe it in the course of treatment for dandruff.

It turns out that as Dimexidumcosmetic products for hair - has two main functions: transportation of other nutrients into the cells (ie potentiation of any of the home of masks) and treatment of dandruff / seborrhea.

About the harmfulness of the drug may not be out of the question,if the accuracy of the statement is executed on its application, which is attached to the pharmacy facility. If you combine it with the recommendations on the use of masks dimeksidnyh hair, all damage is excluded.

Instructions for use

Daring to use the beneficial propertiesDimexidum for beauty and health of hair, keep in mind that it is - a potent drug treatment which eliminates all kinds of experiments with dosages and masks composition.

  1. For a start it is necessary to get acquainted withinstructions embedded in the pharmaceutical preparation, and to pay special attention to contraindications. Masks with Dimexidum hair can not make those who suffer from cardiovascular failure, atherosclerosis, angina, impaired liver and kidney function, as well as stroke, lactation, coma, pregnancy, cataract and glaucoma, are hypersensitive. It is undesirable to use them after the age of 50-55 years.
  2. Do not use dimexide in its pure form, as you can get burned. For the recovery of hair beauty and it can only be used in diluted form and only in masks.
  3. Dimexidum may vary in its concentration. Therefore, we must know how to properly diluted with water: 10% - in the proportion of 1 to 9, 20% - 2 to 8, 30% - 3 to 7.
  4. Given the concentration of the means of its potent and synthetic origin, all steps of the application dimeksidnyh hair masks must be done in single-use gloves.
  5. First mix all the components of the mask and dimexide already diluted at this point water is added last.
  6. Before applying the mixture should be carefully shaken because dimexide settles to the bottom.
  7. Prepared means you can not store or even leave for 10 minutes. The composition is applied to the head immediately after cooking, as it is an unstable compound.
  8. Pre would be very wise to test the reaction of the skin to dimexide, brushing cooked mask the delicate skin behind the ear.
  9. Do not apply the mixture on dimeksidnye dirty hair: all harmful substances deposited on the strands together with Dimexidum will be under the skin. Therefore, you need to wash and dry them before the procedure.
  10. Themselves locks are not processed: means applied only to the scalp.
  11. Heat wrap a plastic cap and towels are needed to accelerate the processes at the cellular level.
  12. Duration dimeksidnoy hair mask - for about an hour.
  13. Frequency - 1 time per week as a preventive agent, 2 times - as a medicament.
  14. A complete treatment - 10 masks. Repeat recommended after 1 month.

In the treatment of hair by this method must be understood,it is not a simple cosmetic procedure that is available to all and permissible. Using dimexide, necessary caution and extreme accuracy in compliance with contraindications. Even better, if dimeksidnye mask assigned to a specialist - trichologist who will determine the dosage and frequency of their use. The composition of the masks can be very different.

Recipes masks Dimexidum

Restrictions for Dimexidum compatibility with any food oils and virtually non-existent.

This drug is quickly and easily transports all the necessary substances to the skin and strengthen the effect of any mask.


Mix 1 tbsp. l. castor oil with burdock oil, add 1 ampoule liquid vitamins A, E and the B6, interferes with raw egg yolk.

Then it poured already 1 hour. L. Dimexidum divorced.

For greasy hair

Mix 2 h. L. lemon juice, 1 ampoule liquid vitamins A and E and 2 h. L. Dimexidum.

For hair growth

Warm up for a couple of sea buckthorn oil in the amount of 3 tbsp. l. mixed with 1 tbsp. l. Dimexidum.

Very often curls simply do not respond tothe usual cosmetics, and so want to quickly return them to the full, radiant beauty of life, that it is time to seek help to Dimexidum. Its high medicinal properties help in a short time to transform your hair in the most wonderful way and make them simply irresistible.