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Hot hair mask at home

In the modern art of hairdressing appearedNEW - hot hair masks, which can be done either in the salon or buy a ready to use composition and independently at home. The technique is new, is far from all try, but, according to rumors, and reviews the existing network, it is very effective. Of course, that the adherents of natural products for hair care immediately tried to find a home salon treatment alternatives, and the store the mask - a natural counterpart. And they got it. Now you can safely do hot hair masks at home and enjoy the stunning results.


  • 1 What is the hottest hair mask?
  • 2 Instructions for Use
  • 3 Recipes Hot Hair masks

What is the hottest hair mask?

Oddly enough, but the hot hair mask insalons and on the shelves - they are two completely different things, and in its composition and in its effect on the locks. Accordingly, the home will have two alternatives, too.

  • Hot mask number 1

Cabin option. The essence of the procedure is as follows. The hair strands are distributed at uniform average size (usually obtained from 8 to 15 strands). They were treated with a warm cosmetic oil, which is selected according to the type of hair and of the problem to be solved. Then, each strand is wrapped in aluminum foil and handled in a few minutes hot dryer. After the release of shiny curls cocoon and washed, they shine just unreal brilliance, become crumbly, soft, elastic - in a word, the eye can not take. It seems that the hair treated with some wonderful chemical composition, although in fact the only component of a hot mask - cosmetic oil. Function procedures - to improve the appearance of hair, give them a shine and radiance. There are no contraindications (except for individual intolerance).

  • Hot mask number 2

Magazinny option. Today you can buy a large (200-250 mg) jars with masks, compresses industrial production, which will mean that they are "hot". The main producer - Russian company "Floresan", which offers a hot mask-compress "Agrimony", "Nettles and hops." As you can see, the oil in their composition are not included. What is the secret? It turns out that hot they are called because they are irritating to the skin, thereby activating blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. Their effect is that intoxicating compositions like "bake" the scalp. Judging by the reviews, a burning sensation after them is strong enough. Accordingly, domestic alternative to such means may be famous facials mustard powder, cinnamon, red pepper tincture, ginger and other spices and seasonings. They differ precisely such action on the hair. However, dry, very damaged hair, sensitive scalp so hot mask contraindicated.

Having understood that this hot hair mask,you are ready to cook it. Since the hot mask of the second type are known to many, particular attention should be paid to the oil body wrap at home, because they are available to all, do not have contra-indications and have a stunning effect on any type of curls.

Instructions for use

Scheme of hot hair maskshome quite simple, though different from the use of such means. You can select different options for masks, a lot of recipes, they allow you to show imagination and experiment, but the course of the procedure must be mastered by heart. This will enhance the efficiency of the applied mask and avoid side effects.

  1. Please rate the condition of your hair: they belong to what type? what problem you want to solve in the first place? In accordance with this pick cosmetic oils that will form the basis of your hot mask. This may be some one oil, in pure form, without any impurities. You can choose an integrated structure, which will include several oils.
  2. It is impossible to add to hot mask any other ingredients, except oil. Vegetable and essential resolved.
  3. Preheat the selected component in the deep enamel cup in a water bath-house in a sufficient amount. The optimal heating temperature - about 50-60 ° C.
  4. If more oil, they can all be heated in a container.
  5. Hair must be clean, dry and dirty: wash your hair before this procedure is not recommended.
  6. Divide hair into 8-15 individual strands.
  7. Promazhte each strand of warm oil, not touching the skin of the head, stepping back from the roots somewhere 3-4 centimeters. This can be done with a special brush for applying paint to the hair can be in his hands.
  8. Once the strand is processed, tightly wrap it several times a foil, it is possible even with several layers.
  9. So do alternately with all the hair.
  10. Hair dryer (higher quality than it is, the more effective will be the procedure) for 3-4 minutes each curl blow hot air in the foil on all sides. Be careful not perezhgite hair ends.
  11. For those who do not use a hairdryer (and entersvery wise), you can just make a color insulation (plastic bag or shower cap with a towel). It will also be a hot hair mask, however, is not as effective as using a hair dryer.
  12. After all of the pods to be processed foil, it is time to deploy, and to wash them under running tap water with a conventional shampoo.
  13. Last rinse for effect do with herbs - nettle and chamomile, for example.
  14. Wait until the hair is dry, and enjoy the result: they have become lush, soft, elastic, supple and very, very beautiful.

Do not you recognize yourself in the mirror after such unusualprocedure? No wonder: hot hair mask works wonders without exaggeration. However, often to treat them for help is impossible, as the hot air dryer can burn the ends. Therefore, we must know when to stop, and to resort to such means only in the most solemn and ceremonial occasions, before going out - a couple of times a month, no more. The recipe is adjusted for the type of your hair.

Recipes Hot Hair masks

Hot hair masks are good because hereYou can experiment to replace one oil to another quite fearlessly. The main thing - to pick up that part which would be most effective for your specific hair type.

  • for elasticity

Mix 3 tablespoons of burdock oil with castor and coconut (1 tablespoon), add the grape seed oil (1 teaspoon).

  • For shine

Mix 3 tablespoons of castor oil with sea buckthorn and almond (1 tablespoon), add olive oil (1 teaspoon).

  • Against split ends

Mix 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with burdock and peach (1 tablespoon), add 2 drops of essential oil of geranium.

  • For volume

Mix 3 tablespoons of argan oil with linseed (1 tablespoon) and jojoba oil (1 tablespoon), add the sunflower oil (1 teaspoon).

  • For shine

Mix 3 tablespoons peach and macadamia oil with ylang ylang (1 tablespoon), add 3 drops of essential oil of blue chamomile.

  • For humidification

Mix equal proportions of the following oils: macadamia, jojoba oil, castor oil, grape seed, wheat germ. Add to it 2 drops of cedar and juniper esters.

  • For density

Mix 1 tablespoon of castor oil and jojoba oil, add 1 teaspoon of olive.

Be sure to try for your hair hotmask that moisturizes strands, give them a shine and luster back to life, making voluminous and thick. It is a real salvation for those who urgently need to get together for a party or an important meeting, and the hairstyle is not in order. In just one hour you can cope with this procedure and do not think about the beauty of their hair: they will look so stunning.