Hair care

Honey hair mask: the forces of nature to guard female beauty

Honey - a versatile product that is nota nutrient, but most of all - healing. Its ingestion can get rid of many diseases and to become an excellent prevention. External use as a cosmetic product also is in the nature of a multilateral treatment. With the help of the honey masks for hair can provide them with good nutrition, effective hydration, quick recovery, strengthening quality, and most importantly - the treatment of dandruff, any form of seborrhea, baldness and other scalp diseases. The magic power of such means does not leave a chance to the problems associated with hair health.


  • 1 Useful properties
  • 2 application rules
  • 3 Recipes honey masks

Beneficial features

Honey has such a beneficial effect on thehair, thanks to its unique chemical composition, which is a storehouse of nutrients. All of the complex, are activated together at the cellular level and spend there a variety of restoration work:

  • fructose restores the damaged tissue, regenerates cells have stood in development;
  • glucose It gives the hair smooth and silky;
  • riboflavin moisturizes, controls the operation of the sebaceous glands;
  • niacin acid It provides a rich, natural color, prevents the appearance of gray hair;
  • pantoten strengthens the roots, adds shine;
  • pyridoxine has moisturizing properties, fights dandruff;
  • folic acid activates hair growth;
  • askorbinka It strengthens, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, prevents hair loss;
  • potassium moisturizes;
  • iron promotes increased growth of hair.

The effectiveness of honey hair mask checkedyears of laboratory research. Even in ancient times, honey was used not only as food but also as a cosmetic means for any type of curls care. Today, in the presence of a large number of stores, some agents do not particularly like to do such a mask for the hair due to their sticky, viscous consistency, which stick together the strands, making them sweet and not always qualitatively washed off. All this is due to ignorance of the elementary rules for their application.

application rules

To Honey Hair Mask brought maximumgood, much is required. Simple but important advice on its use to help turn home improvement procedure curls in a lot of pleasant sensations and avoid annoying disappointments.

  1. Using honey for cosmetic purposes, make sure that the product is not candied.
  2. Before mixing it with the remainingingredients, heat the honey up to 30-40 ° C, if a part of the masks are no eggs (they fold quickly at high temperatures) or essential oils (they lose their useful properties in contact with warm substances).
  3. All components are mixed in a blender better that the mixture has a uniform, without clumps.
  4. Test honey mask to avoid allergic reactions. This can be done in the area of ​​sensitive skin of the wrist, the inner fold of the elbow or behind the ear.
  5. The mask will be more effective if it applied to clean hair.
  6. Honey has a beneficial effect on the scalp, locks, tips, so do not leave any untreated plot.
  7. Accelerate masks using insulation plastic bag or plastic cap with a towel on top.
  8. Duration honey masks - an hour in the absence of corrosive components in them (cinnamon, mustard, brandy, pepper limit it to 15-20 minutes).
  9. Honey is washed off with shampoo agent.
  10. Frequency of use - once every three days, a full course - 10 masks.

Sticking to these rules under the force absolutelyeverything. The main thing - it would be the desire to achieve the final result: to become the owner of a beautiful, thick, luxurious hair. Assist in the numerous recipes of masks, each of which has special characteristics.

Recipes honey masks

In order not to get lost in a variety of honey masks, guided by something, what type of hair they fit and what kind of solve the problem. This will get them maximum benefit.

  • Nutritious

Mix two tablespoons of honey and olive oil, one raw egg.

  • Safety

Mix two tablespoons of heated water baths at different burdock oil and honey.

  • Brightening

Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon powder, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, add one tablespoon of warm honey.

  • For hair growth

Mix one teaspoon of honey, raw egg yolk, one tablespoon of brandy.

  • Moisturizing

Mix one tablespoon of honey and burdock oil, add raw egg yolk.

  • Firming

Mix two tablespoons of honey with the same amount of chopped onion.

  • For greasy hair

Mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil.

  • For hair growth

Mix one tablespoon of honey, a raw egg, three tablespoons of yogurt.

  • For hair growth

Mix one tablespoon of honey and mustard flour, water divorced previously added raw egg yolk.

  • For hair growth

Two tablespoons of dry yeast, diluted to the desired consistency of warm milk, mix with a tablespoon of honey and leave for half an hour.

  • For dry hair

Mix two tablespoons of honey and 100 ml of warm milk.

  • Anti-dandruff

Mix two tablespoons of honey and aloe juice.

  • For shine

Two tablespoons gelatin diluted with water, infused for 20 minutes, add one tablespoon of honey.

  • For hair growth

Mix two tablespoons of honey with a raw egg yolk and 50 ml dark beer.

Regular use of honey masks - is notjust a cosmetic hair care. The healing power of this product turns these procedures into a full treatment with natural agent that was given to people by nature. Nutrition, moisturizing, strengthening, strength, health, volume, beauty and power - that is obtained as a result of the curls of honey as a cosmetic.