Hair care

Homemade Shampoo: a useful tool for the beauty of your curls

Shampoo - one of the main tools for the care ofhair, which is used by all women for cleanliness and health of their curls. However, the modern beauty industry in the pursuit of efficiency, which generates income, included in the composition of these wonderful tubes of various parabens and sodium lauryl sulfates, which are not the most favorable impact on the already exhausted strands.

That has in my grandmother's long-forgottenrecipes to find suitable folk remedies and prepare homemade shampoo from the fact that there are at hand - from natural products. And the result is, it must be said, usually exceeds all expectations.


  • 1 Home Shampoo: rules of
  • 2 Recipes home shampoos for hair

Homemade shampoo: rules of

The structure of the home include shampoo for hairherbs, cosmetics and essential oils, conventional foods that have cleansing properties, destroying dirt molecules. In addition, they all have some additional properties: strengthen the roots, treat alopecia and seborrhea, promote growth, heal posechennymi etc. So, having prepared his own shampoo at home, you get a medical-cosmetic complex, and not.. a detergent. To make it "worked" on the conscience and did not disappoint the results, it should be able to properly prepare and apply. From this will depend on the effectiveness of shampoo.

  1. First, check for the presence of allergens shampoo for your skin: Lather it on your wrist, wash and watch for an hour for results. No side effects - permission to use the shampoo.
  2. Choosing an egg shampoo or use onlyyolk, separating it from the pre-protein mass, or wash his head barely warm water, because the action of hot protein turns into flakes, which are combed out of the strands will be very problematic.
  3. All the ingredients in a blender whipping better. We get a lot of suitable consistency without lumps.
  4. Apply homemade shampoo the same way as a normal, first foamed at the roots, then washed the whole length of the hair.
  5. we recommend leaving the shampoo for greater effectiveness on the hair for five minutesTo all active substances had to perform their functions.
  6. Rinse with warm water, as usual. For the final rinse can be used grass (ideal for blondes is a daisy, for brunettes and brown-haired women - nettle), acetic or citric solution.
  7. You can then apply your favorite conditioner, avoiding the roots.
  8. Dry the hair dryer without the need, naturally. Comb only when they are completely dry - from the roots to the tips.
  9. Most of the pet shampoo contains components with a not very pleasant smell. To get rid of it when combing comb drip on essential oils - rosemary or lemon, for example.
  10. Frequency of use - with every hair wash.
  11. After a month of active use of domestic shampoo is recommended to change the recipes.
  12. Some shampoos are advised to keep pets inthe refrigerator for 2-3 days, but it is not necessary to do this: prepare as much as you can use at one time. Fresh means - a guarantee of quality and lack of side effects.

Now that you know how to make homemade shampoohair properly, according to lessons learned and the recommendations of experts. Stick to these simple rules, and then be able to enjoy the performance of this, natural homemade shampoo. Make no mistake in choosing a prescription from him, and the results will depend in many respects.

Recipes home shampoos for hair

Sometimes it seems that to make shampoo at homeenvironment is much easier than to choose the right recipe for your hair type. The range of the rich, but not every mixture is suitable to some curls. No need to be disappointed once and go to the store for another expensive moisturizers. Pick recipes homemade shampoo in accordance with the issues on which you would like to get rid of with the help of this detergent. Hair type will also be important.

  • Homemade shampoo for normal hair

Pour the gelatin powder (one table. Lodges.) Water (100 ml), whip, leave for 40 minutes. Add to gelatin weight one egg yolk, stir, as it should.

  • For greasy hair

Stir in brandy (50 mL) with egg.

  • For dry hair

Mix castor oil (two table. Lodges.) With an egg whisk thoroughly.

  • Homemade shampoo for hair growth

Mustard powder (1 table. Lodges.) Diluted strong black tea (two table. Lodges.), Add egg yolk. Any shampoo home with the addition of mustard great effect on subcutaneous blood circulation, thus contributing to increased growth of hair.

  • From hair loss

Powder white cosmetic clay (50 g) diluted with warm water (100 ml). Kaolin - the perfect tonic for the hair, which will prevent them from falling.

  • dandruff

Two Beat yolks. Sage essential oil (4 drops) and Rose (1 drop) were dissolved in ethanol (20 ml) and mixed with egg yolks. Instead of alcohol, vodka can be taken. Homemade shampoo for dandruff with regular use will help to cope with any form of seborrhea.

  • Revitalizing Shampoo home

Trim crusts on rye bread, crumbled flesh(100 g), pour fresh yogurt (100 g), leave at room temperature for a few hours. Before using the whip in a blender. This shampoo restores the damaged ends and prevents hair breakage.

  • Gelatinous

Dried chamomile flowers pharmacy (two table. Lodges.) Pour boiling water (glass), leave for 15 minutes to brew, then send to cool in the refrigerator. Pour the gelatin powder (one table. Lodges.) In a glass bowl, cover with cold chamomile infusion. Thoroughly whisk the mixture and leave for 40-45 minutes. If there are lumps, the cup will have to be heated in the microwave (15 seconds) after this time. The Romashkovo-cooled gelatin solution add domestic herbal shampoo (two table. Lies.). This shampoo gives the hair volume, silky soft and extra shine.

  • Egg

Two or three egg yolks in a blender to whip, dissolve warmwater to the desired consistency lather on the hair. It is very nutritious and healthy hair shampoo. If the contact with hot water during shampooing is not expected, it is possible to use whole eggs.

  • Of mustard

Mustard powder (two table. Lodges.) Diluted in 500 ml of warm water, stir thoroughly and all of this solution to rinse hair abundantly. Mustard shampoo will help those who want to grow long braid in record time. However, it is a home remedy often cause allergies, so be careful with it and rinse the shampoo thoroughly.

Here are some useful recipes for homemade shampooHair can be used in practice and their own hands to prepare a natural cleanser. Regularly applying it, it can be a good idea to save (store shampoos will cost you much more in a large amount), as well as to improve the health of their curls and do not fear for the harmfulness of used tools.