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Pets mask for blonde hair

Despite the fact that about blondes lovetell funny stories, they remain the most attractive and charming women who maddening men and continue to compete with the burning brunette. To win this competition, blondes are not out of place to learn about a secret weapon, which certainly need to use it.

This homemade mask for blonde hair, learningcook that they can make their tresses more beautiful, radiant, shiny and even give them the necessary shade, getting rid of yellow. Recipes many application rules are simple - it is time to give his blond curls even more charm.


  • 1 On the composition of masks for blondes
  • 2 On the application of means for light hair
  • 3 About the recipes for masks blond beauties

On the composition of masks for blondes

The basic hair pigment is at blondespheomelanin. If it is to develop for some reason, slows down, blond hair fade, fade, become unpleasant yellowness. To restore their vitality and shine, you need to activate pheomelanin. To do this work on the strands to certain substances contained in certain foods and herbs. On this basis, blondes just have to make a mask for light hair. In addition to physical beauty, they will help to strengthen and internal health as a positive effect on the roots and scalp. To those products include:

  • chamomile It gives your hair a golden hue;
  • lemon capable of even dark curls make lighter, it is better to use for the care of greasy hair;
  • banana nourishes tired and lifeless strands, its nice to include a mask for light hair in the offseason, when they suffer from vitamin deficiency;
  • honey strengthens the roots, nourishes, prevents hair loss, makes the locks in shiny, soft, obedient hair, restores microdamages;
  • rhubarb blondes will acquire different shades: from straw yellow to almost white;
  • kefir emphasize the beauty and shine of blond hair, eliminates yellowing and reddishnesses accelerate growth, strengthen the roots;
  • green tea, Strongly brewed, gives a beautiful shade of blond curls, power, brilliance, energy;
  • glycerol - Champion eliminate straw yellow light hair, it can be purchased in the pharmacy;
  • cinnamon It used to lighten curls at homeconditions: it can turn light brown, dark-blonde beauty in this, but some strands can give reddishnesses effect, so it is necessary to be more careful.

Choosing a mask for the care of their light,blond hair, blonde should focus primarily on these products. They should become the main components, while others can only strengthen their action. Parallel to this, blondes should be afraid of those ingredients that make pheomelanin mutate and produce on light hair shades incomprehensible, not always successful color. This cocoa, coffee, oak bark, sage, black tea, soy sauce, walnuts. They need to brunettes, not blondes. Therefore, the recipe selection should be very careful, competent and thoughtful.

On the application of means for light hair

Preparation of domestic masks for light hair -not labor-intensive process that does not require a lot of time, nerves and money. However, some nuances blondes need to be taken into account to achieve the desired result and to revitalize its lackluster locks. At first, something can go wrong, but filled his hand, it is possible to bring this procedure to automatism and spend it only half an hour a week, and then enjoy a long, high-quality effect.

  1. Honey, yogurt, cosmetic oils bring to a warm state using a water bath-house. So you will strengthen the speed of the reactions, they are activated in the scalp. If together with them in the mask have eggs or essential oils, do not overheat the components, and the protein will roll differently, and esters useless.
  2. All the ingredients are desirable whipping blender to get a lot of the right consistency without any lumps. In the future this will facilitate the process of combing.
  3. Mask for blonde hair - it is almost always different hue. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid disappointmentcheck each one on a separate, hidden from prying eyes strands. Apply for a certain time, washes, dries and evaluate the results. At the same time it will be possible to compare the shade of the treated strands of hair with the rest of the mass and make sure how good mask. Either do not see anything and make a decision on the selection of another recipe.
  4. In parallel with the processing of individual strands Check the availability of funds for allergens. A small amount of prepared mixture put on the wrist. There were unpleasant sensations in the form of itching and burning - use a different structure.
  5. If you want a toned their yellownessblond hair, apply the mask directly to the strands themselves - and only. If you need to simultaneously strengthen the roots, treatment of dandruff, activate hair growth, be sure to rub the cooked mixture into the scalp. Many masks for light hair split ends perform the recovery function, so be sure to handle them as well.
  6. After applying the mask is worn on the head or a shower cap or plastic bag. Be sure to insulate towel.
  7. Blondes mask is recommended wash decoction of chamomile or strongly brewed green tea.
  8. After the procedure can not be applied to the hair-store means (balms and conditioners), preferably without a hair dryer to dry.
  9. masks holding time on the head - from 10 minutes (if the composition is, cinnamon, brandy, onion, mustard, and other irritating scalp ingredients) to 9 hours (so-called "night" mask).
  10. procedures repetition rate - as required.

Having mastered the technology of using home masksblond hair, in the near future you will be able to evaluate the first results. Will leave yellowness, curls will become a beautiful, natural shade will become shiny and strong. With these unique tools, you can get rid of dandruff, hair loss, split ends and other problems. Much will depend on what kind of mask you choose.

About the recipes for masks blond beauties

The main ingredient in masks for light hairIt aims to strengthen pheomelanin. The rest have different functions - restore damaged locks, curls accelerate growth, strengthens the roots, eliminates dandruff. Therefore, choosing a mask recipe, consider their further destiny.

  • Firming

Mix a few drops (2-3) esterylang-ylang, rosemary, chamomile. Separately mix cosmetic oils of macadamia, jojoba, avocado (one item. Lodges.), Brought to slightly warm conditions. Both mixtures are connected.

  • For hair growth

Mix warm liquid honey (half a cup) with air conditioning hair (bowl), cinnamon powder (four v. The lodges.).

  • Healing

Brew-quality green tea (one item. Lodges.) Boiling water (a glass). Leave to cool, then strain. The resulting liquid is mixed with any store-bought herbal balm (one item. Lodges.), Add lemon essential oil (6 drops).

  • Nutritious

In ordinary shampoo (two v. Lie.) To add baking soda (on the tip of a knife). Wash it with a solution of the head, promaknut hair with a towel. The heated water bath honey (half a cup) applied to the strands. It is a night mask.

  • Moisturizing

Dried chamomile blossoms (two v. Lie.) Pour boiling water (glass), cover and leave to brew for an hour, then strain. Chamomile swollen pulp to be mixed with lanolin (100 g), the whole mixture to warm up before use.

  • For split ends

Mix the crushed dried herb plantain,chamomile, nettle (one tsp. of boxes.), pour boiling water (glass), leave to brew for a few hours. In poluchivshymsya liquid soak rye bread (50 g).

  • To enhance shine

Mix milk (200 ml), chamomile broth (400 mL) apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon. Lies.).

  • For dry hair

Mix mashed banana (three v. The lodges.) With egg yolk.

  • Against hair loss

Mix mashed banana (three v. The lodges.) With yolk, sour cream (two v. The lodges.). In a water bath to heat the honey and burdock oil (two v. The lodges.). Connect the two mixtures.

  • Night

Mix yogurt (50 ml), eggs, brandy (two v. The lodges.), Herbal shampoo (one item. Lodges.) Fresh lemon juice (two v. The lodges.).

Recipes home masks for light hairenough: the choice is. The main thing - properly use them, not to be disappointed. They may be the secret weapon that blondes will fight all the spot. See for yourself after your blonde hair masks will exude such charm, radiance, brilliance, that no man can stand not in front of you.