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Homemade masks for hair roots: strengthening effective

The root (follicle) of the hair - the body thatdefines the appearance and internal health curls. Due to the fact how well it operates depends on the state of strands. The sebaceous glands, located next to it, determine the degree of fat curls, blood vessels - the amount of oxygen and nutrients entering the stem of each hair. If roots are weakened, they can not be held in their sockets, which leads to loss of strands. If you do not work sebaceous glands, we are dealing with dry or fat curls, seborrhea and insufficient protected from external aggressions. If the follicle is exhausted, haircut will not have the pomp and volume. To avoid such unfavorable developments, it is possible from time to time to make a mask for the hair roots that nourish and strengthen them.


  • 1 The effectiveness of masks for the hair roots
  • 2 Rules applying to the hair roots masks
  • 3 Recipes for roots of hair masks

The effectiveness of masks for the hair roots

About masks for hair roots to think in the same time,When on a bed and the bathroom was too much to be separated strands when the dandruff more often showering white flakes off your shoulders, base of the hair became dirty and too quickly made greasy. All this - the signs of the disease of the hair follicles. They either do not have enough nutrients, or they respond to some internal disease, or a place to be impaired circulation. To resolve all these adversities and tidy her hair, just and useful masks for the roots, the effectiveness of which you will be able to evaluate as soon as possible:

  • as the food is getting better root hair is saturated with useful elements, vitamins, - respectively, become smooth, silky, shiny, obedient;
  • It improves blood circulation, which leads to the accelerated growth of the hair, so that such masks actually grow long tresses for a limited amount of time;
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands, is limited or, conversely, increases production of subcutaneous fat, which leads to improvement of fatty or dry hair;
  • with the normalization of the glands and related protective function: oily film on the hair can reflect the chemical and atmospheric attack (in the form of ultraviolet light, for example);
  • there are special masks for the increase in volume at the roots, resulting in a density of locks and the possibility nicely put them in a magnificent hairstyle.

Such efficiency masks for the hair rootsIt is caused by a set of ingredients from which they are prepared. This conventional foods, cosmetics and essential oils, herbal teas and herbal infusions. Natural - the best guarantee of the effectiveness of these funds. Furthermore, the application needs to know such masks technology that differs from the use of other similar means.

Rules applying to the hair roots masks

Homemade masks for hair roots vary fromconventional in that they are not applied to fabric hair themselves. Their composition is carefully rubbed into the scalp - and only. Related massage increases their effectiveness as excellent effect on circulation. Knowing some of the nuances of the substrate such masks transform this procedure in real pleasure.

  1. Do not think that all the masks for the hair rootsare the same: one aimed solely at strengthening them, others create additional volume, others focused specifically on control over the work of the sebaceous glands. Please consider this when choosing a prescription, which must be specified features of a mask.
  2. Choose those recipes, which includeonly products known to you. You must be sure that they will not cause you allergies. If some of them you are not sure, be sure to make a screening test on the inside of your wrist to make sure that this tool is safe for you. This is especially true for the basal masks that come into direct contact with the scalp and easily can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Some products such masks must beheated to a certain temperature in a water bath. This honey, yogurt and cosmetic oils. That they are not provoked folding eggs as part of masks, stick a maximum of 35-40 ° C. This is a requirement to masks for the roots, because the heat increases the conductivity of the nutrients through the skin at the cellular level.
  4. Rub mixture is massaged with fingertips into the scalp slowly and carefully. In themselves do not distribute the hair mask.
  5. Be sure to make insulation: wrap your head with a plastic bag and a towel.
  6. Longer hold the mask, if there are no spices: about an hour or even two.
  7. Thoroughly rinse hair after the mask that no pieces of the scalp and the roots remained. You can use shampoo.
  8. Since almost all the masks for the hair roots have a greater therapeutic than cosmetic effect, it can be done more often than usual: Two days later.
  9. A month later, you need to objectively assess the results and either continue to do the mask or change the composition, if it was not quite effective.

If radical masks were made for allrules, they quickly have a positive impact on many cellular processes that influence the health and appearance of hair. In no shortage of recipes, a wide selection provides an opportunity to pick up a good mask is a solution to your problem.

Recipes for the roots of the hair masks

If you need a volume from the roots, and you willuse a mask for strengthening them, the procedure may not bring the desired results. Be sure to keep in mind the purpose for which you intend to apply it. Dosages are approximate, the average length of curls (shoulder length), so they need to be adjusted according to your individual characteristics.

  • 1. To strengthen the roots

Raw egg whisk, mix with 20 grams of beepollen. Separately, make a decoction of the series (a tablespoon of raw material to a glass of hot water, boil for 10 minutes), in the form of heat to mix it with the egg and pollen mixture. Add 25 ml of avocado oil, preheated in a water bath. Alternate can replace the root of burdock, lovage or nettles.

  • 2. Against hair loss

At different water baths to warm burdock oil and homemade yogurt average fat content. In 100 ml of warm yogurt dissolve one tablespoon of salt, add 100 ml of warm burdock oil.

  • 3. Against fatty roots

Raw egg yolk mixed with a tablespoon of brandy, and the same amount of water. Cognac can be replaced with vodka or alcohol.

  • 4. Against fatty roots

Mix 50 ml of the heated water bath castor oil with 50 ml of tincture of calendula.

  • 5. To power the roots

At different water baths to warm up with 50 ml of burdock oil and honey. Thereafter, mix them, add 2 raw yolk and 50 ml of brandy.

  • 6. For the circulation of the scalp

Mix the mustard powder (1 tablespoon) withsugar (1 teaspoon), diluted with boiling water (50 ml). Separately, combine almond oil (2 tablespoons) with raw egg yolk and homemade yogurt (3 tablespoons), stir thoroughly. Combine all ingredients in a mixture.

  • 7. Scrub with purifying action

In 50 ml of warm almond oil to dissolve a tablespoon of salt, add a raw egg yolk.

  • 8. For the volume at the roots

Mix 100 ml of warm milk and 100 ml of vodka.

Now you know all the secrets of choice andthe use of domestic masks for hair roots, from which depends the condition of your tresses. If there are any problems with the skin of the head, be sure to use these recipes: they are educated decision, you are guaranteed in the shortest possible time.