Hair care

Pets mask hair loss

If your hair is brittle and fall not only in the spring,then it is necessary to think about their natural strengthening. It is best to cope with this task a variety of masks for hair homemade. You know what a mask against hair loss at home to help? We know the recipe any means which will help to make hair fluffy, healthy and luxurious.

Before embarking on a description of recipes that are lower already flaunt in this article, it is useful to know, from which the hair falls out. The reason is, of course, may be different. Someone loss laid at the genetic level, someone is malnourished, or experiencing constant stress. But regardless of the exact cause, you can correct the situation. Moreover, it should be done necessarily.

Recipes home masks against hair loss

With garlic and onions

This active natural components thatThey help a person in many situations. But the onion and garlic, not only strengthen the immune system, they are able to activate the growth of hair. To make a mask of this kind will have to take 30 ml of fresh bitch onions and garlic (the best way to get the juice, grate the product on a fine grater, then squeeze through gauze).

These components is mixed and appliedon hair. Only need to be applied carefully. In order not to burn your scalp. Enough to keep the mixture on the hair for an hour, then rinse under running water.

From vodka and yolk

It is popular Mask against hair loss hair at home with egg. For the preparation we use two egg yolks (the egg is better to take home) and 40 ml of vodka. Connect the components and blend, rubbing, apply on the scalp and distribute through hair. Keep no more than 30 minutes, wash off in the usual way.

Gelatine mask the effect of strengthening

To prepare this mixture strengthens homeYou will need to buy in the store a conventional gelatin. It is best to take the instant product. Now mix the gelatin with egg chicken and leave for five minutes. Then apply on the hair. not only the effect of strengthening, but also additional meals will be provided.

bread mask

To make a mask for this recipe, you need towill buy natural rye bread. If this bread is hard to find, you can cook it yourself. From pulp to make porridge, dilute it with hot water. Leave for an hour, then an hour to put on the scalp and hair. This type of mask is particularly suitable for oily roots and dry ends.

Carrot and cream

It should be taken in equal proportions of fresh juicecarrots (squeeze yourself, do not take the purchased products) and fat cream (it is best to take the sour cream). Apply on hair for half an hour. The procedure can be done to strengthen this way every week.

With yogurt and onions

Once again, the already familiar component for strengtheningHair - the usual onions. But, in this situation, we will mix it with yogurt. Onions grate and mix with yogurt, turned to mush. No need to fear a persistent smell of onion because of its fermented milk product neutralises successful.

Burdock (beaver) Mask

You can take burdock or castor oil,which perfectly strengthens the hair. Apply on the entire length of hair, as well as careful massaging rub into the scalp. Quite simply preparing mask against hair loss at home with castor oil: just rub the product itself. Although, to enhance the effect, the oil can be mixed with egg yolk.


It is very easy to mask against hair lossat home with mustard. Take the pack of dry mustard and diluted with warm water to the state of slurry. Gruel is applied to the hair and rubbed into the scalp. It is known that mustard has an amazing effect on the activation of the growth of hair follicles.

With essential oils

If you take any vegetable oil (preferablyolive oil or grape seed oil), and add to it some kind of essential oils, it also received an excellent mask for strengthening hair. As an essential oil can be considered, for example, rosemary oil, cedar. By the composition of the welcome addition of honey and eggs if these products are not allergic.

Now you know the full list masks against hair loss at home. Be sure to try different options for combinations of products, and you will find a marvelous mask to help. Remember that hair can be addictive. If some kind of mask stopped working, then you need to re-start the experiments.