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Homemade Hair lamination: tricks of the trade

Not so long ago offered a hairdressing salonsto clients qualitatively new and unusual technology, and the results of the procedure - lamination. Despite the high prices and not always successful result, the service has become extremely popular among ladies of all ages. After processing certain composition curls they receive reliable and consistent protection against aggressive external factors become voluminous and thicker due to the thickening of each hair, started just unreal shine beautifully shimmering in the light.

However, high prices and sometimes unsuccessful resultsforced women to seek this procedure more accessible and safer analogues, which were very soon found. Today, all available pet hair lamination using gelatin, which is worth a penny, and often exceeds the effectiveness of salon treatments.


  • Gelatin 1 as laminating means
  • 2 "plus" laminating home
  • 3 "minus" lamination home
  • 4 Instructions for the implementation of domestic laminating

Gelatin as a laminating means

The most efficient and effective isgelatin lamination hair at home, and this is no accident. This foodstuff only two active substances, but they transform tresses most wonderful way:

  • protein Gelatin is an essential component asit is produced by the industry of the connective tissue of animals, the building blocks of protein which is just: he becomes a source of strong, healthy, resistant to external aggressions curls;
  • protein restores damaged hair structure, smoothes them, gives shine and luster.

Gelatin forms around each hairinvisible, durable protective film, curls necessary at any time of the year. This powerful barrier against drying up weather conditions can create only home laminating gelatin hair, if it is done correctly.

So it is worth to try to transform such an unusual hairstyle, but a seductive way. However, it is desirable to pre-weigh the "pros" and "cons" of this process.

"Pros" laminating home

Before the procedure, the hair salon laminating home remedies is preferred because it has a number of advantages:

  • creates a more durable and long lasting protection from harmful household and atmospheric factors;
  • protein composed of gelatin quickly and reliably restores split ends;
  • regenerates damaged tissues, causing a variety of micro-traumas are healed and the hair is smooth, flat, without cuts and roughness;
  • procedure does not devastate your wallet, asstandard packet of gelatin (10 g) is in the range of 20 rubles, while the lamination salon will cost you from 3 000 rubles for short hair (and a minimum).

After these there is a compelling reasona logical question, but is it worth spending so much money in the cabin if you can personally do laminating hair at home? The fact is that in deciding on a separate experiment, there is a risk to fail the operation and did not get the desired results, as along with "plus" there are significant "cons."

"Cons" home laminating

To gelatin lamination did not disappoint, carefully read the disadvantages of this procedure at home:

  • for the dismal results, all responsibility will rest entirely on your shoulders: no one to blame for the curves of the hands or incompetence;
  • gelatin lamination - is not uniqueprocedures and approaches, it is not all: it can hurt too hard, very dry, badly damaged hair, the condition of which may only get worse;
  • gelatin causes allergic reactions, so the test without checking on the wrist can not perform this procedure;
  • owners of long hair will need an assistant, because one would be difficult to carry out all the nuances of the lamination equipment in the home;
  • one of the unpleasant side effects of this procedure is fairly quick and severe pollution of the head;
  • The second trouble after lamination home - over-dried tips in case of violation or non-compliance with the prescription dose.

Despite these disadvantages to homelamination of hair today used by many women and not disappointed in the results. This procedure, if performed correctly, very effectively solves the problem of damaged, dull, lifeless, lost hair volume.

In order to enjoy the results, you need to know how to make homemade hair lamination, according to all the rules and guidelines. And this we will tell you the following:

Instructions for performing lamination home

Properly cooked homemade maskLamination of hair - that guarantee the success of the procedure. If something would go wrong, try again and again, in any case first need to get the hand, and then be satisfied with the results.

1. Ingredients (for short hair)

  • gelatin powder (one tablespoon);
  • balm or hair mask (one teaspoon);
  • hot water 80-90 ° C (three tablespoons).

2. The cooking process

  1. Pour the gelatin powder in a glass bowl.
  2. Pouring water into it a thin stream, stirring constantly and intensively in order to avoid the formation of lumps.
  3. Beat the mixture as a raw egg - whisk can be special.
  4. If lumps still formed, put the mixture in the microwave for 15 seconds or in a water bath for 10 minutes, then whisk again.
  5. Cover with something dense (cover).
  6. Leave on for half an hour.
  7. Add balm.
  8. Again the whip.

3. Preparation of Hair

  1. Rinse your head with shampoo and balm-rinse.
  2. Lightly dab your hair with a towel they need to stay moist.
  3. Comb is not necessary.

4. Application

  1. Apply the mixture on the locks, departing from the roots of a couple of centimeters.
  2. Hands dipped in gelatin and fluff the hair mask with a thin layer.
  3. Neraznoshennuyu Wear a shower cap with a tight rubber band, out of which will not be processed strands stand out.
  4. Within 5-7 minutes through the cap to dry the hair dryer.
  5. Wrap the head of a large towel.
  6. Take a break from everyday worries 40-45 minutes.

5. Rinsing

  1. Remove the towel and cap.
  2. Rinse your hair under running warm tap water.
  3. Rinse them a decoction of oak bark, burdock root, nettle, chamomile and birch.
  4. Do not use at this stage means no shops.
  5. Leave the hair to dry naturally.

Recipes home lamination of hair a lot, but this scheme is applicable to all. The main thing - to avoid lumps when mixing gelatin mass and apply it evenly on the strands.

The basic recipe given in this circuit, may be diluted with additional ingredients to enhance the action of gelatin mask lamination.

  • Vitaminnoe lamination

Gelatin (one table. Lodges.) Dissolved in water (three desks. Lodges.), Add vitamin A (one vial), essential lavender oil (2 or 3 drops), lemon juice (one teaspoon. Lies.).

  • Lamination with milk

Gelatin (one table. Lodges.) Dissolved in fresh milk (table three. Boxes.), Add balm (one tsp. Of boxes.).

  • lemon lamination

Gelatin (one table. Lodges.) Dissolved in lemon juice (table three. Boxes.) With blond hair with dark or carrot.

See for yourself what the homelamination of hair with gelatin - a proven way to protect and strengthen their locks. After the first successful experiment, they become shiny, obedient, elastic. With regular repetition of the procedure (not more than once per week) hair get the desired volume and become very beautiful.