Hair care

Effective treatment of hair at home: tips and the best recipes of folk remedies

The richness and beauty of a woman at any age -hair, but they do not always withstand the tests we subjected. Do not eat? You do not observe the day mode? Do you smoke? Regularly curl and color their tresses?

After a rich shampoo bed, washed in a hurry,Take the time to put balm on them, conditioner, mousse, spray and serum with unknown components, consisting of long chemical formulas? It turns out that after all this hair starts to come out in batches, split, break, thinning, dandruff on the shoulders pours handfuls, itchy scalp and cheshetsya.Ponimaete that it would be necessary to go to the trichologist, but time and money on this campaign are sorely lacking . It's time to apply a homemade hair treatment folk remedies to help restore microdamages at the cellular level and eliminate the disease in the bud.


  • 1 Some preliminary advice
  • 2 Folk remedies for hair loss
  • 3 Dandruff Home Treatment
  • 4 split ends - the same disease

Some preliminary advice

Before starting the treatment of hair at homeconditions, to undertake immediately the recipe, try to reconsider their own attitude to life. The causes of most hair and scalp diseases lies in the wrong lifestyle and lack of care for their own locks. If you can not eliminate the root causes, treatment of hair by any, even the most effective folk remedies would be futile.

  1. As hard as it was not necessary to reconsider your diet and every day to shell out for such usefulproducts, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, juices (preferably homemade), fish, meat, nuts, milk. Consumption of fast foods, carbonated drinks, too oily and spicy foods at the same time you want to restrict to a minimum.
  2. Reshapes your daily routine if you do not get enough sleep. We need to sleep for at least 6 hours a day, Go to bed and wake up at the same time is desirable. This is the most positive impact on the state of the whole organism, and therefore - and the hair too.
  3. Medical examEven if you are afraid of doctors and diagnoses. The enemy needs to know in person: that's after this bold step, you'll know that your health is not so, and how it should be correct. Hair - one of the most sensitive catalysts, which reacts immediately to any failure within the body. Steel strands to fall out - look for the cause in the internal diseases. By identifying them, are treated.
  4. Bad habits - it is slow rightpoisoning the whole body with nicotine, alcohol and other toxic substances that have the ability to accumulate in the hair tips. Here is the fragility, and visited. You want to have a thick and beautiful hair - give up bad habits.
  5. Take good care of your hair: Hair dryers, irons, mousses, gels, varnishes - it is a terrible stress for them and for the scalp. Will you continue to use them unchecked - no effective means of national treatment will not save.

Begin to change anything right now, not yetlate, so as not to lose precious curls and thunder to hospital with already more serious diagnoses (alopecia, for example). In parallel with these measures can be carried out and a popular hair treatment by various means, which are always at hand.

Folk remedies for hair loss

Main, to which all the folk remedies are aimedtreatment of hair loss - is to strengthen the follicle root, which weakened and any mechanical impact leave the nest. Nature gave women a lot of products that do an excellent job for this purpose.

  • Kefir night mask

Fresh yogurt at room temperatureprocessed whole head: the skin, roots, strand ends. Everything is hidden under insulated wrap in cellophane and a towel and left in this form for the rest of the night.

  • Henna with honey and cognac

colorless henna powder (two tablespoons)brandy diluted (one tablespoon). Natural floral honey (one tablespoon) to warm up on a water bath. Mix these ingredients, add the yeast (10 grams) and any essential oil (2-3 drops) for odor.

  • herbs

Grind the dried hop cones (15 g), flowerscalendula (10 grams), burdock root (20 g). Fill all this boiling water (2 cups). Leave for 3-4 hours, strain and use as a rinse at least three times a week for 1-2 months.

  • Honey with burdock oil and onions

Heat the honey in a water bath with burdockbutter (one teaspoon). Onion mince, squeeze out of it juice through cheesecloth. Mix all ingredients, add liquid soap for hair (one tablespoon). To get rid of the smell of onions, add the water to rinse the vinegar, lemon juice and a few drops of any essential oil.

Home hair loss treatment - the processrather long and requires patience. There is no need to expect instant results, but with regular use of the above funds on your pillow will be less and less the number of lost hair.

Dandruff Home Treatment

Effective treatment of dandruff in the homepossible, but, as practice shows, after the termination of the use of these funds problem comes back again. The reason - a fungus that can be masked when subjected to a powerful natural remedies. Against him should be carried out a course of treatment appointed Trichology: Think about it.

  • Lemon olive oil

Manual squeeze of lemon juice to happentwo tablespoons. Olive oil (two tablespoons) warm up on a water bath. Connect these two ingredients, diluted with filtered water (two tablespoons). Apply on the scalp for 20 minutes. Rescues from itching and irritation of the scalp.

  • Castor oil with cinchona

Warm on a steam bath castor oil (twotablespoons), add Quinic cake (10 g), essential rose oil (2-3 drops) and diluted wine all this alcohol (100 g). For 10 days, every day the infusion should be rubbed into the roots of the hair from dandruff will be over.

  • Herbs with castor oil

Young nettles (100 g), calendula flowers (100 g), pour boiling water (250 mL), cool, strain, add a warm castor oil (4 tablespoons).

We remind you again that the treatment of dandruff and itchy scalp at home will not be as effective as medical therapy. So think: maybe you should see a specialist?

Split ends - the same disease

Many are worried about split ends: treatment of this scourge must be combined with their constant trimming (once a month), and it is desirable - hot method. Otherwise, even folk remedies can not restore a deep gash on the ends of your hair.

  • Sour cream with olive oil

Sour cream with a high fat content (3 tablespoons) mixed with warm olive natural oil (one tablespoon). Apply it is possible not only on the damaged ends, but also on the entire head.

  • Peach

Ripe, juicy peach cleaned of seeds and peel, puree in turn, treat them to the ends of hair.

  • Colorless henna

Henna powder is colorless brew with hot water to a creamy consistency and apply on the hair, abundant processing ends.

Home hair treatment folk remedies - islong-tested, proven recipes, of which the great mass of reviews has a positive focus. Therefore, use of health and the benefit of their precious locks, do not let them get sick and to be ill: it depends on them, so - and your beauty.