Hair care

Hard hair: causes and basic rules of care

Those with hard hair, knows how difficult it is tothem cope when laying in my hair, and when washing in the process of other conventional procedures. These thicker, but the dry and brittle in structure. Laying coarse hair really is quite a complicated process, as the curls can behave very unpredictably, stubbornly unwilling to take the desired shape hairstyles.

Very often, these strands then arewavy and even curly, but it makes them more skittish. But do not panic: even for hard whimsical curls have methods of restraint: proper, timely care can quickly turn them into an object of admiration and universal envy. For a start it is desirable to ascertain the reasons for such a hardness to see if you can solve the problem of their elimination.


  • 1 Causes of hair rigidity
  • 2 Rules of care
  • 3 Recipes for coarse hair masks

Causes of hair rigidity

The owner of the hair is hard to warn at once: often this trait is genetically laidAnd have to put up with him all his life. On the one hand, thick, strong structure makes the curls follicles healthy, stronger, they are not as susceptible to the harmful effects of the environment, rarely fall as a result of stress. But all these advantages are lost in the shadow of drawbacks: dry and unruly. If the cause of stiffness - the hereditary factor, competent care and homemade mask will help soften the curls. But sometimes it causes may be quite different factors:

  • a lot of stress, depression, nervosa can lead to uneven distribution of hair sebaceous secretion, resulting in curls are dry, hard, rebellious;
  • Hairdressing abuse of such procedures as perming and dyeing;
  • unfavorable ecological situation;
  • improper care: frequent use of varnishes and mousses, hair dryers and irons.

As a result of all these factorsthe hair becomes stiff, unruly, dull, stubborn, brittle, dry. However, proper care and limitation of the data underlying causes of action are able to correct the situation and return strands gloss, flexibility, and ease the process of laying.

care Regulations

To soften hard hair, stick to the basic rules of care for them - problems with stacking will be much less.

  1. Pick quality shampoo hair of this type. It is better to give preference to organic means with moisturizing ingredients (eg oils such as wheat germ, coconut, shea). These follicles will help retain moisture and protect it from dryness and brittleness.
  2. Do not wash your hair too often: It is only inflict harm them, adding their structure stiffness and dryness. Maximum - a couple of times a week.
  3. Use air conditioningDesirable - not washable.
  4. Less use the hair dryer for drying and styling the hair stiff. Hot air is damaging their structure, drains, making them even more unruly, minimizes all made before the results of proper home care for this type of locks. If you can not imagine life without the dryer, use a diffuser nozzle at least, or purchase the device with the function of the directed cold air. Drying of this phenomenon is not inflict so much damage to the hair stiff as hot.
  5. Choose more responsibly products for hair care hard: In their composition should not be listed alcohol, which dry up and worsen their condition.
  6. Despite the fact that the rigid hair hairstyle fit into only under the influence of various gels, lacquers, moussesFrom them also have to give if you want togive your tresses soft. The fact that the structure of the hair is incredibly hard to quickly absorb all the chemical ingredients such funds themselves, causing them irreparable harm.

Many prohibitions - the basis of home carehard hair. But if hair gels and mousse for styling banned, how to lay recalcitrant curls in a beautiful, smooth hairstyle? Here you need to be patient and regularly turn to homemade mask for coarse hair, which are able to mitigate effectively and quickly thickened their structure.

Recipes for coarse hair masks

Pets mask for coarse hair are good thatthey contain only natural ingredients. Recipes lot, choose those masks, which you will find familiar foods that you used earlier as a cosmetic for which your skin does not react to an allergy. In any case, by preparing the composition of the new mask, be sure to test it on the skin of the wrist. Masks for coarse hair can be done twice in the week before the hook or head.

  • Burdock oil + egg yolk + honey

Melt in water bath 2 table. lodges. burdock oil, add the warm liquid honey in the same amount, 1 raw egg yolk. Instead of burdock can use other oils: linseed, castor, olive, sunflower, even. Duration - 40 minutes.

  • Burdock oil + lemon + cosmetic clay

2 table. lodges. green or blue cosmetic clay dilute with water until creamy, add 2 table. lodges. warm burdock oil, 1 tsp. lodges. fresh lemon juice. Half an hour - Lasts.

  • Castor oil

At night, twice a week to do healingmoisturizing castor oil packs. For their preparation is enough to warm castor oil in a water bath and liberally applied to the roots of the hairs themselves. Wear a shower cap, and on top - a woolen scarf.

  • Gelatin yolk + + + honey apple cider vinegar

20 g gelatin diluted with water (4 table. Boxes), leave 40 minutes added to it prior to application to the hair raw egg yolk, 2 table. lodges. warm honey, 1 tsp. lodges. apple cider vinegar.

By providing a rigid hair proper care,regularly making homemade mask, and care for your tresses, you can significantly improve their condition: soften and moisturize so that they are calm and peaceful fit any hairstyle, no matter what you choose. Forget the rigidity of their hair - enjoy the action miraculous masks.